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Posted in: MGS2 Model Updates!
05-14-2004, 7:50 PM
Omg dude, you are such a nerd :P...  [Read More]
Posted in: MGS2 Model Updates!
04-14-2004, 12:43 AM
DUDE YOU're going to release them now, right?!GRR...  [Read More]
Posted in: MGS2 Model Updates!
03-19-2004, 2:25 AM
Dude, bad news, someone said your models sucked! :o I think we should riot and burn his house down man :( I'm liking the prisoner and battle warn skins, the MGS classic is pretty cool, would you mind if I put a little more detail into the skin when I...  [Read More]
Posted in: The Official Merged JK4 Speculation Thread!
04-11-2004, 9:28 PM
If they make a new JK game, I just hope it doesn't SUCK! Personally, I think they ruined JA, it could have been so much better :(...  [Read More]
Posted in: PS2 cant connect to games?
09-21-2004, 7:21 PM
Yeah, it sucks....but SP is still fun.........  [Read More]
Posted in: Whose going to dress up for..III
04-26-2004, 8:46 PM
A little early in the year for this, But, is anyone going to dress up for Episode III? My friend and I are going the first day it comes out, hopfully to the sneak preview before that, and we're dressing up as Our Star Wars Characters, I've already pu...  [Read More]
Posted in: The clone wars
04-25-2004, 5:15 AM
Destination,Ilum. The Strike force rounded up by General Windu, packs up their last rations, and weapons, as they set foot on their first journy. Mission discription is, A Failed Secretive place over-whelmed by the droid armies. "Sir, We're re...  [Read More]
Posted in: The clone wars
04-19-2004, 8:11 PM
Originally posted by LukeKatarn (I do not like it talking for m y char is like takeing over my char) (RPD snake jedi are not allowed to be maryed and you even told mace yhe weere maryed bad idea [spoiler]the only reason aniken got maryed was becaus...  [Read More]
Posted in: The clone wars
04-19-2004, 4:26 AM
Oh Damn, I hope I'm not too late. Name:Matrix Berreta Allignment: Jedi/Republic Sex:Yes please ;) Male. Rank:Clone General Personal SHip: A Black Jedi Starfighter. Flag ship:Guh..>_> Story- Three Days into the Clone Wars, The desolate...  [Read More]
Posted in: Uuum... Reborn
04-06-2004, 5:23 AM
The reborn look the same. But there are new ones who kind of look like ninja....  [Read More]
Posted in: Kamino? Clone Makers!
04-07-2004, 6:15 AM
Battlefront will have ENORMOUS(Sp?) Maps, so you can count on ships, well, I think those big *** bird things to fly around during the battles outside, and theres a goal to meet on the inside..perhaps....  [Read More]
Posted in: Lightsabre Combat =Moves.
04-06-2004, 4:05 AM
That's so gay. Thanks, But, JA just doesn't suit me, it's full of retards and stupid..everything :P You're never on your JA server? Where do you go? I havn't seen you in like forever....  [Read More]
Posted in: Lightsabre Combat =Moves.
04-05-2004, 10:59 PM
Could somebody, who knows how to do all the combat moves, type the keys in order to make them happen? I know some, well, most, but what I'm interested in is that force pull stab, how do you dothat ? Just force pull and attack or what?...  [Read More]
*Get's slapped in the face by a glove* I...;_; I'M TWELLWING! RED RED HE HURT ME, WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA...  [Read More]
I knew it was an april fools joke ^o^..But if you were serious I would have killed you -_-...  [Read More]
Ok, say this is so and the week comes to an end. Wouldn't the RPG forum die? I mean, 90 percent of it isn't Star Wars, and most of them got, and came around nicely..[language excised - Redwing] [See above - Redwing], why would you go hardcore on th...  [Read More]
Posted in: New anim Show Case
04-01-2004, 1:14 AM
Sick, if I could get my pistols in game, it would rule for the Dante model :D These are the animations I was looking for :D...  [Read More]
Posted in: help, quick!!!!!!!!!!
03-29-2004, 1:47 AM
deep Pink! Maybe teal ;) xD...  [Read More]
Posted in: What a cool name for the GAT...
04-05-2004, 5:19 AM
I'm sidiing with the Girls are tasty >_>...  [Read More]
Tee-hee ( Hella' tight ( Tee-hee again ( Yup...  [Read More]
whaaaaaat? WHY WASN'T I INFORMED?! I find that was released like 2 months after Episode 1...there were pic's everywhere, lmao, and a struggle video to hide them when the paperazzi came by, but she found it hysterical, and couldn't stop laug...  [Read More]
It wasn't like I had anything to do with it =Walks out of the thread whisltling with a smile on his face=...  [Read More]
Lol, that guy really pissed me off, I have like 30 more things to post on how he's a lying little Female dog :@, but I won't post em, lol....  [Read More]
there's no real proof that there's a god either. I've posted on LF, havn't I? What, Do I need to send you my underwear in the mail too? Or ruin your life even more than it has already been? ---->I never got my say in all of this, but that's ok,...  [Read More]
Posted in: Knights Of The Force TC new Screenshots
03-18-2004, 11:59 PM
Mongo just shut up and getback to topic, You have no idea what you're doing and you should have quit while you were ahead. Thrawn is done talking smack, now let this crap alone, and get back to what's important, the progress of the mod. ------------...  [Read More]