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Commander Obi-Wan

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no Mass Effect 2? This is blasphemy! This is madness! That's probably because it won't be out till the Q2. I'm so stoked for Mass Effect 2. I'm also waiting for BioShock 2 and Pokemon SoulSilver to come out too. :p But those most likely won't be ti...  [Read More]
Posted in: Favorite Vidya Music
 Commander Obi-Wan
05-25-2009, 3:55 AM
#24 Anything from the Gears of War OST. I also like the opening theme for the new UFC Undisputed 2009 game. Though, it's more of a song.  [Read More]
Posted in: Mass Effect 2 [thread contains spoilers]
 Commander Obi-Wan
03-03-2010, 12:56 AM
My femshep is far an ice-cold lesbian paragon type way Nothing wrong with a striptease from Kelly :p Unforunately, I think that's as far as you can go with her. :(...  [Read More]
Glad to see this thread never dies. :p...  [Read More]
I wanted to see them with Slayer and Testament here in Toronto, but the show got canceled because of Tom Araya's back surgery. :( Weak. Megadeth and Slayer were here less than a year ago, but I didn't go. I wish I did, but it should still be ****ing...  [Read More]
It's been awhile.... Got tickets to see these guys. As well as KoRn, Five Finger Death Punch, A Day to Remember and August Burns Red.  [Read More]
The emo and hardcore-people of Trondheim by far outweighed the metalheads, starting a moshpit at the first song. Who the hell starts a moshpit at a black metal concert? :confused: Word. I've been to a few emo-hardcore concerts and the moshpits ****...  [Read More]
Also a good thing: Seeing Gorgoroth tonight. :) How many times have you seen them? I swear I've read this many times before. :p I saw Slipknot last night. All I can say that it was ****ing sick. Next week, I'm going to see All That Remains with Lac...  [Read More] Kudos to Pie for introducing them to me. Nothing like some Pirate metal!...  [Read More]
Oh yeah. They also have another shirt for their new live CD/DVD, Gallop Meets The Earth ( It's yellow, and pretty much looks like the album cover. Unforunately, the pre-order to get the shirt with...  [Read More]
I've got tickets to see these mother****ers in October with Deftones. On Tuesday, I went to see Killswitch Engage, In Flames, and Protest The Hero. ****ing awesome....  [Read More]
Better seats, though usually you can hear them from every seat in the house. :) Nice pictures too, I never have gotten a camera along with me, usually I don't want to keep track of one during the concert. :) Most of the people I talked to the next...  [Read More]
Posted in: Very good things! *keep it clean* (big images)
 Commander Obi-Wan
08-29-2009, 12:28 PM
Yea, they put on an unbelievable show. They have the best concerts of anyone I've been to, easily; though at my last show I was a bit closer to the stage than you were... :p Haven't seen them this tour, last time I saw them was 2000, but I doubt they...  [Read More]
Saw AC/DC live to other night. All I got to say that was probably the best concert I've seen. There were over 60 000 people and all you could once it was dark, was thousands upon thousands of AC/DC horns flashing. Definitely worth the price of the ti...  [Read More]
Bought it on release day since it was fairly cheap. As well as Seasons 1 & 2 of Entourage  [Read More]
Bought tickets to see these guys. Killswitch Engage In Flames Protest The Hero http://cons...  [Read More]
I won a contest for selling the most PS3 consoles in my district as opposed to last year. I won a copy of Killzone 2, MLB: The Show 09, and a dual shock 3 controller. I already had Killzone 2, which I love, so I gave that away to my third key. Going...  [Read More]
I bought this masterpiece. As well as.. and  [Read More]
AC/DC. Live. In concert. God DAMN yes. Single greatest experience of my life. Can't ****ing wait to see them in August....  [Read More]
Posted in: Very good things! *keep it clean* (big images)
 Commander Obi-Wan
06-12-2009, 12:07 AM
That's one sick piece of paraphernalia you got there, Pie. I'm jealous. I've seen the lightsaber pipes, but they are a bit too pricey. If I ever see this, I'll definitely have to buy it....  [Read More]
...I'm saying they suck. IMO, no offense Obi. None taken. When I first heard of them, I thought they were ****. About a few months later, a friend was playing it in his car and it sounded pretty good. I found out it happened to be Hollywood Undead....  [Read More] Got tickets to see these guys at the end of June. Friggin' stoked. It should hold me up till AC/DC. :D...  [Read More]
That GSP, pride of Canada? Haha, yeah. He is the cover athlete for the Canadian games....  [Read More] Traded in a bunch of games I don't play anymore for it....  [Read More]
Age of consent in Pennsylvania, USA is 16 too :) _EW_ Same in Canada. They changed it from 14 to 16 not too long ago. :p...  [Read More]