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O/T but information.. My time has come to an end.

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10-02-2006, 8:17 PM
After almost 7 years of my life on the Lucasforums, the time has come for me to move on into other areas of the world wide web.

Once Forces of Corruption has been released and probably in November, I will officially be standing down from the network. Some of you already know and this goes out to those who email me and chat to me on xfire.

I would like to thank you all for supporting the network and the site - its the biggest and best one out there and everyone here works hard to bring all the news, chats and screens. A special thanks to all the Moderators here who help keep the place in check.

I certainly hope you all continue to support Petroglyph as they really are decent folks who want to make games that we ALL want to play over and over.

It's been a blast and I've just one major update for the site coming soon (Tybers unit info and planets) and i'm outta here.....

10-02-2006, 8:20 PM
We'll miss you DMUK!

especially on the LSW forums..
10-02-2006, 8:21 PM
well even though I don't know you and haven't chatted with you or anything, I hate it when people leaves, so I'll miss you man.
10-03-2006, 1:49 AM
Farewell DMUK, and Godspeed.
 Darth Anarch
10-03-2006, 10:47 AM
I haven't been around here that long, but you seem like a decent sort. I'll be sorry to see you go, but good luck in whatever endeavours you pursue.
10-03-2006, 11:45 AM
I haven't been here that long either, but from what I've seen, you a upstanding dude. The Network won't be the same with out ya.
God's Speed DMUK, and May the Force be with you.
 Crezzer Fett
10-03-2006, 11:54 AM
Will see you later man, and have a good future :)
 Lord hobo
10-03-2006, 12:30 PM
I haven't been here that long either, but from what I've seen, you a upstanding dude. The Network won't be the same with out ya.
God's Speed DMUK, and May the Force be with you.

me to

and may the force be with you allways
10-03-2006, 2:58 PM
Talk to you later George
10-03-2006, 8:53 PM

Live long and prosper.
 Darth Windu
10-04-2006, 12:00 AM
Cya later DMUK, you know you'll miss me. :)
10-04-2006, 8:45 AM
Too bad we used to play in old Galactic battlegrounds days! :D
fare well!!
10-04-2006, 2:56 PM
Tot ziens,au revoir,auf wiedersien,bye... And may the force be with you !
10-04-2006, 3:39 PM
The community wont be the same without you Darth. Good luck and farewell.

PS: Where are the moderators/site admin? This off-topic post needs to be moved! lol
10-04-2006, 7:03 PM
I haven't been to these forums it what seems forever, but I remember you. Thanks for all you have done. :)
 Darth Andrew
10-07-2006, 12:57 AM
Aww. :( See ya, DMUK; you were always one of my favorite admins.
10-09-2006, 5:45 AM
Don't Go! i'll come down to wherever you live, and tape you to your computer chair!

nah, seriously, have fun mate. I hear that theres a couple of new bongo sites starting, maybe they would require your skillz ;)

have a good time.
10-09-2006, 8:13 AM
Have fun m8. Your legacy remains!
10-09-2006, 9:54 AM
well, all the things have an end, goodbye and may the dark side guide your path
10-09-2006, 5:10 PM
Geez. This ain't cool. I remember A few years ago stumbling on your EaW site when EaW was long away from being completed. I must admit, I think I'm one of the first people to use your EaW site, and it's really unfortunate to see someone who's so resourceful and applies their skills leave your haunts.

In closing, I wish you luck, what will happen to, and where are ya headed? Saying adieu is less depressing when you know they're headed somewhere good. =)
10-10-2006, 6:01 AM
Are you still going to be playing EAW? I might get the game for the hell of it now :xp:
 Diego Varen
10-10-2006, 12:34 PM
Bye Darth. Hope your future is good for you.
 Char Ell
10-10-2006, 10:27 PM
Fare thee well, DMUK!

Does LF have an administrator emeritus status? :p
10-18-2006, 6:04 AM
May the Force be with you man. I've never really met you here at LF but you've really done a dang great job with the site. Hope the future bodes well for you.
10-18-2006, 1:50 PM
I think he's forgotten this thread, now he's gone to.."other sites"...
*deep thought*
Wait, there are more websites than this? :|
10-19-2006, 11:19 PM
I know I'm late but late is better than never. I've been here for some time now but I've never had the chance to really get to know you. What I do know is that under your guidance, this website became the prime site for all things Empire At War for me. Thanks and good luck wherever your life takes you next.
10-21-2006, 5:21 AM
Ah, all good things must come to an end!

Goodbye, DMUK and Godspeed! We shalt thoroughly miss thee!
10-23-2006, 2:58 PM
No no, he's still here for a few days. Re-read the first post. He said probably in November. We're still in October. He also mentions updating the Tyber's units section which hasn't been updated yet.

DMUK is still here :)
10-24-2006, 11:18 PM
It looks like maintaining a few websites and being a super mod does take some time, after all :p It's also sad to see an old face leave.

You will be missed, DMUK. Hope you come back a few times to drop a post :)
11-03-2006, 1:45 AM
I thought id wait till your just about to go; I ope I haventmissed you! So long Champ. Hope your new ventures work out for you and thanks a squillion for all your help, advice and dedication.
11-03-2006, 3:31 AM
Good luck Darth and may the Force be with u :)
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