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Star Wars Battlefront III - Supah Thread! [Retired]

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07-09-2006, 5:30 PM
i think they need to fix the landing before they do anything else to it, as sometimes no matter how hard im hitting the button, the ships just wont land in hangars and i'll end up scraping the thing across the hangar walls getting out.

That happens to me a lot.

Btw, I think that some urban maps would be awsome. Also, they should have building interiors. Not like Mos Eisley which only had like one.
07-09-2006, 9:42 PM
I think that running people over in tanks should be more effective so its not like when you plow them into a wall, they just jump on you and drop a mine and they dont loose any health
 Tango Feet
07-10-2006, 7:47 PM
Another feature I think I'd like to see, is artillery or Orbital Strikes. Kinda like in SWBF1 how snipers could use their droids to order Orbital Strikes.
Maybe also, the Republic could have the SPHA-T as an artillery emplacement?
07-11-2006, 8:41 AM
Also, the overall look and feel to the game should be grittier, like RC. Mygeeto kind of captured this feel.
07-11-2006, 1:24 PM
i would deffinetly want 2-3 different maps on a planet because i would have more choice to choose from. not a very good reason but thats all i could think of.
07-11-2006, 8:48 PM
I liked the feature of battlefront 1s GC where each planet had a bonous instead of buying bonuses although I do like buying fleets and space battles in it
07-15-2006, 11:27 AM
I don't want anyone saying there so not be one. There is going to be one.
Say want you want to be in the game. I want new planets and levels be in space, near ground flying, and on ground fighting at the same time. So you could first just shoot units on ground, then up in a ship and blast some tanks and last flying into a huge orbital battle in the battle. You could have heros in space and have conquest space battles and the battles that explained earlier. Now give all your ideas on new maps and more. And here's one more new thing in space you could in the enemy ships and you can fight in ships too.
07-15-2006, 12:21 PM
- maps from BF1 (like Rhen Var, Bespin on PC version)
- new conflict sides (Yuuzhan Vong vs New Republic or something from old times - maybe Mandalorian War)
- voice comunication
- ships on more planets (gunships on Geonosis and Utapau)
- better assault mode (You have got one most forward CP and your army must destroy enemy hangars or transporters)
- no CTF!
- more Clone Wars battles (not only from movies, but some from EU)
- battle about 2nd DS
- out maps like Polis Massa
- out fighting Vader from Endor or Boba Fett on Utapau
- more players avaliable on battlefield (64players + 128AI)
- better AI
- space battles with many capital ships (with battles between them) and much many fighters
- new engine with amazing graphics

and some other updates...
07-15-2006, 12:35 PM
LucasArts should not make SWB3 unless:

- They make it for XBox 360 and PS3
- More ragdoll physics like the first SWB
- More heroes like Qui Gonn, Asajj Ventress, Plo Koon, Quinlan Voz should come standard and not in a special patch.
- Bring back EVERY SINGLE MAP from both SWB1 and SWB2
- Smarter AI, actually, less focussed AI; I've discovered that enemy AI take preference of you over your other teammates (enemy AI try to kill you first before other AI)
- Ragdoll physics with vehicle fire, it used to be that if you fired near an enemy, they fly like ten feet; in SWB2 you have to fire at the body of your enemy.
- You should be able to pick and drop weapons like Halo, or atleast have one unit be able to do that (like the regular trooper).
- Close combat melee, like hitting enemy AI with the butt of your gun or your fist.
- They should have seven different characters, one of which you can customize for each faction.
- More movie oriented battles: like Death Star throne room, entire interior of a space cruiser.
- Option of two heroes per faction: like Anakin and Obi Wan for the CIS ship, Jango and Dooku for Geonosis.
07-15-2006, 12:48 PM
I agree with many of your points.
07-15-2006, 12:56 PM
I'd love if you could pick up weapons, but they haven't done that in the previous BF's. Maybe if they can think up some different weapons, this would work. They really only have like 10 different guns, with some changes in appearance.
07-15-2006, 1:23 PM
I already stated my reasons but here they are:

PRIMARILY: The game should be on XBox 360 and PS3, so that LucasArts can cram all this stuff that you guys think is goin go to be in the game.


- Yes, they should have heroes in space and hero ships as well, like the M.Falcon
- One user should be able to fly the cruiser, but it would be very slow, and the navigation system should be capable of being destroyed be the enemy.
- Yes, cruisers should be able to collide with one another, but it should take avery long time to get them into position so we don't have like 30 second battles.
- Space dogfighting was too slow in my opinion, looked like a puppeteer was flying all the ships from above.
- They should have some sort of combine battlefield and space fighting; like you can fight some guys on a battlefield and then fly up into space to destroy the main cruiser.


- Hero assault matches should be on more maps and should come standard (not a downloaded patch)
- More heroes should be inserted
- Heroes should not have attack cycles, it should allow you to slash the saber each time you press the button.
- Force pull should be eliminated completely, or atleast limited. Or maybe, they should have you use force pull and push only once every time you have a full stamina bar.
- Objects should be available for jedi to throw at each other, and you whould be able to have manauvers to dodge the objects
- Force should be blockable.

Now, no one has the right to say that these statements are wrong. They are a personal reflection of my opinion. So technically, you can't prove an opinion wrong, its impossible.

Anyway, the thing about it being on 306 or PS3 is an obvious matter. I haven't seen too many people say that. If there will be a SWB3, it would probably take a couple years.

First of all, Lucasfilm Ltd. is rumored to be working on Indiana Jones 4, which LucasArts might make a game for, that's two years down.

Second, LucasArts is also working on a Darth Vader saga game due this winter or later. That's one more year gone.

Third, god knows how many more Star Wars Galaxies sequels are due out.

Lucas himself is looking to improve digital quality of movie theaters and digital movie projectors (which have already been realeased to theaters).

That's about 4 - 5 years before LucasArts even thinks about SWB3. By the way, I haven't anyone whining about a Mercenaries sequel yet. Someone has or probably will cry about it. That'll be a useless sequel.

I still don't know, and there is still the rumor by SuperShadow and his cronies about Lucas starting Episode 7 in 2014. Which I doubt is true.

This was quite off-topic I know, sorry :(
07-15-2006, 1:28 PM
Does anyone here want more urban maps with detailed buildings and interiors?
07-15-2006, 2:11 PM
Urban maps would be cool, especially if there were just a buncha citizens running around and freaking out.
YES. I want to gun down innocent people. And I want bigger battles. Huge ones, with 1000 reinforcements, and 200 guys per team on the battlefield at one time.

Edit: And Niner's got a good idea too.
07-15-2006, 2:24 PM
There was one mod that I downloaded. There were 1000 reinforcements on a little tiny map. The game was fun, but it was too hectic with little palpitine shocking everbody and force pushing them out of bounds.
 Darth Andrew
07-15-2006, 3:06 PM
Granted, we do have some urban maps (Mos Eisley and Theed), but they need crowds, interiors, and more buildings (especially in Theed). Plus, it would help if there were destructable enviroments, so players could blow out the sides of buildings with rockets and cannon fire. Otherwise, moving from building to building would be more restricted.
07-15-2006, 7:15 PM
[QUOTE='[TLA]Cryptox']I already stated my reasons but here they are:

PRIMARILY: The game should be on XBox 360 and PS3, so that LucasArts can cram all this stuff that you guys think is goin go to be in the game.

I think if this happened, I would destroy lucasarts and who ever else mad ethe game and maybe some more people and componies since theres more to games than just consoles and you know what, most of my favorite games have been ruined because the developers completely ignore the PC gamers desires and turn great shooters like Rainbow 6 into Rainbowhalo with no tactics involved
07-15-2006, 9:26 PM
I loved SWBI. SWBII, not so much. I'm still willing to give a third version a try. Eliminate Bothan spies and other such "strategy" characters--they never work effectively. Make the maps larger--much larger, even if you have to have fewer. And don't regurgitate old maps! I'm torn on Jedis, but I lean toward having them in the game as non-playable characters. And if you want to keep the battles in space, then figure out a way to make the area expansive and the missions more varied. The space battles in this game were boring, but it was fun landing on capital ships and attacking from within. Maybe the space battle component is really a separate game? It wouldn't even have to have much of a story--just jump in to the biggest, baddest space battles of the SW Universe. Or reinvent it as a Rogue Squadron-type game where you go from recruit to ace. I don't know. Love to fly just not sure how to maximize it in a game context.

Wow... That's nearly exactly what I was going to say...
 Mercury Noodles
07-16-2006, 4:54 PM
I like the idea of having a customizable character. I love being able to screw around with appearances. How customizable should it be, though?

I also want to see actual variations in weapons. For example, pistols shouldn't be carbon copies of each other. Each should have their own rate of fire, damage, accuracy, etc. To get to the point, I'd want that so we could have a customizable unit (or even multiple customizable units, and by unit I mean legion/brigade/whatever) for GC. One could choose between the DH-17, Q-2s5, DL-44, etc. for their entire unit to use, and can change it to something else at any point in the game so long as they're in the strategic mode. The same would go for the rifles and so on. The player could start off with a semi-decent set of weapons for their units, and it would be purely optional to purchase anything else. However, I suspect, if done correctly, a lot of players would see enough of an advantage in the other weapons to purchase them. Although, it's possible a clever player might take advantage of saving their credits and spending them elsewhere. With that in mind, the player would be able to view the statistics for each weapon to help them make a decision.

I also like that idea of buying ships. I kind of want to expand on that, though. I'd love to see 5 classes of ship: Flagship/Commandship, Cruiser, Destroyer (?), Frigate/Corvette (?), and Transport. For each class, there ideally would be at least two kinds of ship to choose from. The only flaw here is that the CW loses out on this idea because there aren't as many known designs, and wouldn't be able to have ships on each level without doing a few things that may or may not look rediculous.

As far as Jedi go, I'm leaning towards making them more like BF1 jedi heroes. Get rid for Force Sprinting entirely. Make them sprint like normal soldiers or not at all. Force powers should be limited in ways that prohibit repetition and promote skilled use of the saber. However, the most important thing is that the default server setting for Jedi should be "off". The reason for this is simple. If the person wants Jedi on their server, they have to take the time to think about what values they want to set. If they turn Jedi on, the default "on" setting should be something not terribly easy to obtain. That should get rid of a lot of the Jedi rushing. If they want to insist on easy access Jedi, then fine, but it should cut down on the number of servers like that due to people being lazy.

Speaking of BF1, I'd like to see a return to the AI numbers from that game, which seem much more numerous. I could be mistaken, though. Either way, more AI is the way to go. I'm not sure what can be done about the intelligence of the AI without a new engine. From what I've seen so far, a lot of behavior is aided by the map design, and I find it very odd.
07-16-2006, 9:38 PM
I agree with manualy setting heros
I wouldnt mind though, for when I just want to kill and cleave, to be able to pick what hero I want on maps even if it makes no sense(Mandalores on all maps, Hell ya)

I would love to see like a battle where one team gets 1 or 2 Cap ships and some frigates and the other team gets a fortress on the planet and there would be like EMP and heavy laser turret. The space team would get a bunch of transports and it would be like bf1 where the transports dont move if you dont press any key and you can jump out in the air. THe invaders would have a parashute or whatever star wars people use for parashutes

the defenders would have like 5 levals above ground and a tunnel and bunker network underground including armorys where you could switch classes
Once the invaders had landed, they would begin to assult the fortress with deployable ladders or they could take theyre time and blow down the walls. Reinforcements would continue to arrive and eventualy, some ATATs or ATTEs would be dropped in
Once the wall is breached, the invaders would continue in and have to half theyre forces fighting a against an entranced enemy and send forces up and down
The defenders would get advanced maps of the tunnels and passage ways while the invaders would be traveling blind and there would be traps
07-24-2006, 8:46 PM
I say they need more heroes in the next game with blasters becasue I think personally it is easier to kill some one from a distance than with mele attacks but I also think they need melee weps besides lightsabers this is what I think New Heroes should be added

Delta 38 "Boss"
Delta 62 "Scorch"
Delta 40 "Fixer"
Delta 07 "Sev"
Commander Cody
Commander Gree

Durge from SWCW
Haven't come up with much for the CIS but I hate them so IDC

Admral Ackabar
That GEneral on Hoth... I forget his name

Grand Admral Thrawn
Mara Jade
Royal Guard (could be just a regular class but i put it anyway)
General Veers

Any Comments?
07-25-2006, 5:42 AM
Delta 38 "Boss"
Delta 62 "Scorch"
Delta 40 "Fixer"
Delta 07 "Sev"
Commander Cody
Commander Gree

The Clone Commandos weren't in huge battles, they were Commandos, they did stealth ops behind enemy lines.
It would be a bit tricky having Clone Commanders as heroes, seeing as there is a Commander class, and anyway the Jedi were the heroes of the Republic Army.

Admral Ackabar
That GEneral on Hoth... I forget his name

LOL, Ackbar is an old man, I don't think so.
07-25-2006, 6:52 AM
I know but I needed at least one Alein on each of them because I don't want to be racist lol I didn't put an Alien on the REpublic becasue they use clones which are all human. I still think it would be cool to have a commando in there though, either put delta squad in there or have a class called clone commando and have it do special missions or something... I don't know I just would like to have them in there. I agree with you on the Commando thing and I think they should make the clone marine look like the clone commander because the armor the commanders wear is called clone marine armor in the movie and on each stage change the Clone Commander Armor to look like a Commander from the movie. For Example on Utapau have the clone commander look like Commander Cody. I think that would be cooler than the weird looking armor they have on the clone commander now.

Any one else besides me think that the clone troopers looked better in BF1? I want changeable skins for the soldiers. The only thing would be that the Empire's only alternate armor is the snow costume and that would look dumb if a bunch of snowtroopers were running around on Mustufar. The Rebels could wear there costumes they wear on Kamino in BF2 but they should make it more diffrent than the pants. The driods...well who cares no one likes them anyway!
 Darth Andrew
07-25-2006, 8:49 PM
...I want changeable skins for the soldiers. The only thing would be that the Empire's only alternate armor is the snow costume and that would look dumb if a bunch of snowtroopers were running around on Mustufar. The Rebels could wear there costumes they wear on Kamino in BF2 but they should make it more diffrent than the pants. The driods...well who cares no one likes them anyway!Like I've stated in other threads, I'd like to see this. But I'd rather not limit it to boring colors or limits, as it would ruin the only player customization aspect of the game.
07-26-2006, 8:55 AM
But Special Forces like Delta Squad do particapate in large battles, they just have different missions. Infact they did particapate in the Battle of Geonosis, but with more of an emphasis on reconnaissance and espionage. They played a part in the Battle by assassinating Sun Fac and stealing the CIS codes. Similarly, in skirmish battles, as heroes they could do similar things.

As for heroes, I believe that in BFII they suffered from underexposure. The fact that only certain heroes could be used on certain maps prevented certain heroes from being played very often. You should be able to use any hero on any map.

I think that the base maps, such as Hoth and Yavin should have the actual base to explore and disable. Bases should work like starship, except they don't move. hey should have components similar to starship that can be exploded, such as shield generators, weapons systems, ect.

If they're a hangar in the base (which they're probably is), you should be able to pick the vehicles that spawn next, allowing almost any vehicle in you're factions roster to be used, which would solve a problem that similar to the Hero one noted above. I think that all this cool stuff should be usable whenever you want. It's you're game you should be able to use LAATs on Hoth if you want.
07-26-2006, 9:23 AM
I would like to see more complex base structures as well, especially on the more epic, large scale battlefields. It would add a nice diversity to the battlefield. On one hand you would have the open field combat of the main battlefield, then you would have the tight corridors of the base you ultimatly will have to storm/infiltrate to acheive certain objectives.

Of course they should have devices that have some sort of impact on the game (Like capital ships, this has been done to death already though...) Like perhaps some sort of radar room, which allows you too see enemy units within a certain radius of the base, or maybe a security center where you can take manual control of Auto-turrets situated around the base, or 'Lock Down' certain areas by sealing it's doors which would slow down enemy progress, forcing them to use drastic measures (Engineers anyone?) To blast through.

It could also add a lot of prospective objectives to the game, like blowing up the sheild room or whatever. There's tons of ideas that could be implemented.
07-26-2006, 1:49 PM
I would like to see much better graphics. Also an improved jedi combat, not 2 moves. Ofcourse improved space battles. I want several capital ships and the ability to destroy them. Want smoke coming out, parts of it exploding.
I think it would be cool if lightsabers could slice of hands, heads and so on. That would be my number one request. Imagine seing a jedi slicing a head of a friendly clone troper next to you. don't you agree?
07-26-2006, 3:22 PM
I dont mean to flame, but slicing off body parts would just give the game an M rating, lag it up and be unnessisarly violent
07-26-2006, 6:30 PM
It wouldn't actually be violent, atleast without blood it won't. Lag it up? Right.
And who cares about the rating anyways? you usually find a way to buy it even though you're not old enough.
07-26-2006, 10:10 PM
Oh ya, heads flying everywhere isnt violent at all as long as theres no blood
and have you ever played on an old computer? Obviously not becuase if you did, you would relize that the game lags up when you kill someone or jump or make a movement

and rating does matter because some of my friends parents actualy care about ratings so then I couldnt play with them
07-31-2006, 5:57 AM
i would like to see a large increase in the number of battle maps... both ground and space... with more than one for each planet... loads more planets... like alderaan, bastion, niraun, corellia, calamari, etc... ground battles with more units and vehicles... bigger maps... aircraft in gorund battles... space battles with more capital ships... full interiors and controllable (move them round battlefield)... more ways to win... destroying hardpoints on ships actually has a point (blowing life support should really kill everyone on board)... different win criteria in space battles... more heroes... both ground and space... like lando, mara jade, qui gon, thrawn, r2d2 & c3po, etc... more customisation in soldiers, weapons, etc... more customisation in battles... improved campaigns... for all factions... extend games into EU... use actual battles... endor, hoth, katana fleet, etc... more customisation in campaigns, galactic conquest and instant action, factions, win criteria, etc... more indigenous units and vehicles on planets... more bonuses for character and for Gc, etc... game primarily for Xbox360 and PS3 (PC as well... for those who prefer that)... put all into actula game... dont do releases with extra features, maps etc... just my opinion...
07-31-2006, 10:06 AM
R2D2 would be far to over powered simply because he is a pimp
I think that ships should be slowed down and given bf1 style controls on land battles because on small maps with them, you take off and your out of bounds in seconds of no throttle. I also think that the gun ships should be able to just hover and people should be able to jump out
I loved the scenery in the Rise of the Empire 1 map(no stupid grass from 2 tho, I almost threw up from seeing that stupid grass sway) but I loved seeing like dead clones from the CW battle of Geonosis which was a thing that made that map great unlike some other maps
 Coraan Talme
07-31-2006, 3:33 PM
I think the main point where a new Battlefront could shine would be improved space battles, because they have such a great potential. Many good suggestions have already been made in this respect (BIGGER interiors ... scenarios that are actually DIFFERENT ...e.g. with space stations, more frigates, capital ships or different objectives)- but I'd like to add the point that - in order to keep combat onboard the ships interesting, there need to be more available classes ... not only heros but also officers, engineers ... and maybe NPC crew or guards, Ace Pilots that can do different maneuvers or give the ship more health, Admirals that are an objective for the other side/ can pilot capital ships ... Basically just more. And ... oh yes: they should have the appropriate looks (did I already mention that imperial marine troops should be clad in black and have a large helmet - and imperial fleet officers should wear grey uniforms? ;) ) Multiple (capturable) command points in the capital ships, ship systems that actually have speficic effects when they are malfunctioning or vehicles (parked At-At's ...but maybe also a completely functional AT-ST or hovertank in the hangar...) would be really nice, too .
 Darth Andrew
07-31-2006, 6:21 PM
...or vehicles (parked At-At's ...but maybe also a completely functional AT-ST or hovertank in the hangar...) would be really nice, too .That would be cool. Even adding those hover trains (the things that transport pilots in the Rebel base in Ep. IV) would be sweet.
08-01-2006, 1:08 PM
I think also in BF 3 if they continue the medal system that ranks you from private-general you should have like diffrent unlockable armor not just weapons fro classes. Be able to customize your class. I think they should have a new mode like soldiers career or something and star out as a regular troop in the simulators and work your way up to being a General. Like for example say you started out as a republic Heavy Trooper and became a general, customized you armor and you should command a special squad of heavy troopers, and train Heavy Troopers and stuff. Sort of like the ARC Trooper Alpha in the Star Wars Clone Wars Graphic Novels. I think that would be cool but thats just me...

Also I think you should be able to have a bigger influence over what missons you do. I know that the clone troopers are programmed to take any order without question but it is just an example. You could have your legion kill your Jedi commander and stick with Sidious or Help out your Jedi Commander and Destroy the Sith. I think you should decide not just have the missions set out for you. I don't know how you guys feel but I play KOTOR and I like the whole you choose your path effect.
08-01-2006, 7:08 PM
ya that would be cool, choosing how the story goes

I think they should change up some of the maps like take away half of the CPs on Felucia and Endor and make it so they take longer to take over so the player isnt in a mad sprint everywhere
08-02-2006, 5:22 AM
Ya I like the sound of that. Also about the maps, the teams shouldn't have disadvantages like on Endor when playing as the Empire or Like when you are the villans in Mos Eisley when you do Assult Mode. It is dumb, and I think each team should have an equal chance at winning. I noticed like the day I got the game becasue I played Endor as the Empire and Mos Eisley Assult Mode like 20 times and the Heroes or Rebels would always kill off 100 of my reinforcements and they would still have like 150. Now I can win in these places because I am no longer new to the game but I think that is bad for new players that have never played the game. Any oneelse notice the effect?
08-02-2006, 5:34 AM
[QUOTE=... game primarily for Xbox360 and PS3 (PC as well... for those who prefer that)...[/QUOTE]

And what If we prefer the Nintendo Wii? Which I might add has an interactive controller which I think would be awesome for this type of game!

(sorry about double post I wanted to quote this kid)
 Coraan Talme
08-02-2006, 7:58 AM
That would be cool. Even adding those hover trains (the things that transport pilots in the Rebel base in Ep. IV) would be sweet.
A very nice idea ... ground vehicles on capital ships in general would add atmosphere, spice up the gameplay AND could be used to shorten the time spent walking through a bigger interior ... Hover trains especially could be useful for that purpose even in smaller corridors. Capturable command post would be another step in this direction and additionally create slightly more tactical battles on board the big ships. Alternatively - how about elevators? Yes, I know that the way the radar map currently works, different ship levels would be confusing, but I don't think it's all that difficult to change (e.g. simply by switching between levels by pressing TAB or something like that). And different ship levels would be far more realistic.

Concerning the idea to add more meaning to an advanced rank ... Well, it sound really nice - though it's use is probably limited to the campaign or conquest mode. Multiple players could lead to way too many admirals otherwise :) On the other hand ... customizeable armour and weapons sound really interesting ... Even if it would be just an optical thing. Adding bright red stripes to your armour ... or some symbols - or perhaps being able to select from several different uniforms in your wardrobe (those rebel pilots do have different uniforms, for example ... but loyal imperial ones have slight variations to our splendidly looking black standard suit, too ... ;) ) Speaking of conquest mode - it should REALLY support multiplayer.
08-02-2006, 9:35 AM
I think admeral would work if it had like a unit count(like the special units) of 2 or so per team

I would also like to see GC added somehow in multiplayer but meld the space and land battles into one battle where the attacker has multiple cap. ships and many frigates and other types of ships but no actual CPs on land until they capture some and until then, they would have to use transports. The defenders would get like a cap ship, some frigates but would have all of the land CPs and possibly some help from the locals. THey would also get artilery to fire into space
08-03-2006, 9:15 PM
we shud also be able to pick up guns from the people we killed so we can have like a bazooka , sniper , and chain gun at the same time
08-04-2006, 5:46 AM
we shud also be able to pick up guns from the people we killed so we can have like a bazooka , sniper , and chain gun at the same time
ROFL! No I don't think so, that would completely defeat the purpose of having separate trooper classes.
08-04-2006, 10:15 AM
Awsome, I basically agree with everyting said in this thread, except about delting stuff. I think that would hurt the game. But I like the idea of jumping in a starfighter as my special space class (the 6th on down) and defending my cruiser. Then, having earned a jedi, landing him in the enemy habger, of AN enemy ship and running (and using many aothe rmovement actions) through the huge whole interior, destroying all that I find, making little explosions on the surface :) then going to a ground battle and taking a flying speeder and going through a vast battlefield and sabotaging their shields (probably while fighting off a battalion) so out tanks could come in tank transports (tanks have to get around this battlefield in reasonable time, too. Mabye these things could be command vehicles) and blow up every fricken millitary fricken target on radar, in sight, out of sight and out of mind :) We should be able to pick a sub-class for a class to play as when you play that class, by earning enough points as that class. And there should be 3 special combat classes. 1 for 12 pnts, 1 for 24, and 1 for 36. Instead of taking out heros (?) they should add more, so that we can have more accurate ones for some battlefronts. I see some people were very mad about that. Sometimes people want to fight as it was in the movie, somtimes they want to throw the movie out the window. You should be able to do BOTH. There should be, of course, much more custamization in instant action and multiplayer. In multiplayer, you should be able to add a description that players can scroll down to see in the little info box. 250 characters would probably be enough. Theres also so much we can do for galactic conquest. We should trash bonuses. instead.. You should be able to purchase different upgrades for your fleet, and be able to buy different types in the first place, and buy upgrades for the army in it, and buy defenses for your planet, planetary and in space, (like space staions, which should be upgradable) Heroes should be on a planet, and you can use them if ther is a battle on that plantet, and transport them with fleets. They die, of course, if they lose a battle, unless you have the ecape transport/pod upgrade. Some upgrades should be slow expensive super-cannons with good old power, for fleets and stations. You should also be able to buy an ion cannon for space defense. For planetary purchase, you can buy turrets, shields, garrisons, factories/clone stations/hideouts that that steadily regenarate reinforcements, energyt enhacing or health regenerating formula treatment staitons, and walls. With this, all the bonuses are covered in more interesting ways, and 3x more as well! However, I think it can be for PC as well. If they take enough time on it, we will by that future time, mabye even if they do ruish it, please dont though, have computers wich can easily run it and ther will be no problem. There may well be a new PS as well. Lucas arts might look at this thread, you know, cause this is thier website. hope they do, cause this is what we want. (If you use it, lucasarts, put me in the credits :) ) I hope this gives you somthing to talk about and throw around, guys, adn you better apreaciate it, becase I had to retype half of it twice. hehe. very frustrating, also might be why it sounds wierd in some places

EDIT: We should be able to give the enemy more reinforcements than us if we want a challenge, for us experienced players, like on instant action. And some stuff for spacew battles. I think admirals would be cool. They should be the only ones who can operate cruiser waepons and direction at the command bridge. And a sub-class of them could be able to operate frigates. Did I mention that you should be able to land in those? You could destroy reactors inside to damage it, and hurt weapons and turrets too. We'll have to give it some kind of cannon. And a stunt pilot class would be cool. They would have all these extra manuevers. And so would an engineer class. Them having the fusion cutter instead of the base pilot would be interesting indeed. They should be able to repair fighters even more than pilots, but probky be slow in fighters.

EDITEDIT: There should be extra effects for destroying critical systems. Blowing up the command bridge would mean that you cant control direction or weapons. Yes, the cruisers shoud move. If you destroyed the engines, the cruisers WOULDN'T move. Losing Sensors would mean you couldn't tell the condition of the enemys systems from youy readout thingy in space. Losing communications would mean you wouldn't be able to tell how many point the enemy had! (If half these ideas we've had at this thread for space battles are implemented, there will have to be a much larger point limit indeed!) No Life support would mean your men dont spawn at full life. Those are some idea of what it should be. Also, those globes on the ships that dont do anything (Even give points f you blow them) should do something. One is the sheild regeneration, and one the cruiser regeneration. (If you destroy all criticals, you chould be able to eventually destroy the cruiser.) And what about more ground millitary target like that on some battlefields, not just in campaign mode, and what about more than 2-sides in battles in space and planets? (Whether or not you see enemy critical condition or points will depend on which one you are in, or which one the vehicle your in came from, or the one you were LAST in came from if youre in a frigate.
 Coraan Talme
08-04-2006, 11:06 AM
I really like your idea of the effect of losing life support - I always thought it would be neat if losing life support would bathe the ship in red emergency lighting - and the loss of gravity - but what about combining all of that ;) Perhaps we just need more critical systems to blast into pieces :)
08-04-2006, 11:25 AM
Thats a good idea, red lights. My opinion would be to add it if the ship was almost done for, and a voice would scream on the intercom "ALL PILOTS EVACUATE! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES IF YOU WANT TO LIVE!" or something like that. And they certianly could add more criticals indeed. Mabye ther should be a seperate gravity simulation or somthing. If THAT was destroyed it would be a little difficult to move... and fight... and it would be hallarious.
 Coraan Talme
08-04-2006, 11:35 AM
Ah yes ... nice idea. Speaking about damage - how about cracks in the hull when a certain damage level is reached :) (granted, that might be a little difficult - at least if you don't want the cracks to appear in pre-defined places - which would be slightly unrealistic, but perhaps still nice enough). Making some areas unusable except for certain classes (space troopers!) and sucking hapless combatants into the void ... Of course for THAT to work you'd certainly need a bigger interior with multiple paths leading to some rooms (but we all seem to want that anyway). Yet it would be so atmospheric ... even in less dramatic versions: trash lying around - sparks spewing from loose cables ... steam from broken pipes ...
08-04-2006, 12:48 PM
Oh, yes. There could be a bit of visual damage indicationd inside the ship... somtimes a little dangerous at low health.. hehe. Mabye you could even destroy the generator for the sheild/airlock. That way you could shoot right into the hanger, and all the units that didn't have space helmets would choke when they went into the hanger, like on Polis Massa. The Marine should have a space helmet. It could board a barley operational ship, with everyone eveacuating. sabatoge an combustor or two for the final blow, then get out just before he gets incinerated by the blast... there should be a delay between the ship running out of hitpoints and it exploding. But not enough so that for some it isn't close, and others are downright trapped. Like an Admiral at the command Bridge, of course. But the escape pod upgrade, Prabably should be a different one from the one that makes your hero alive in GC, could help some escape... if they're still there. Of course, all these army, fleet and station ect. upgrades would be customizable in IA and multi. And you could make it uneven, I'd Really like to face down a decked out 1st class Star Destroyer as a minimumly equipped rustbucket of a star cruiser... that would be fun... or I could be the Star Destroyer facing 12 minimumly equipped rustbuckets of star cruisers... ahh, yes.
 Unit 351
08-04-2006, 12:58 PM
Personally, I think the game should improve upon what it was founded upon. The epic ground battles, but if you insist upon space battles, the one thing that would improve it 500,000% would be having more fighters dogfighting
08-04-2006, 12:59 PM
All they have to do with SWBFIII is take more time, remember all the small details that people will pick up on, like as mentioned, the Capital Ship life support, and the fact that the interiors for all the ships look the same, and as said above, hull breaches and such when the ship gets damaged, maybe if it's damaged too much from the exterior then access to the Interior systems would be alot more difficult and you would have to find another way round to disable them.
You should be able to specify how big the space battles are by choosing the number of Capital Ships and frigates for each side, and they should have different Cap. ships, like Super Star Destroyers for huge battles, and Droid Control ships.
Most importantly, don't f**k up the canon of the game by putting Darth Maul in a battle thats dated over ten years after he died, same with Jango Fett, and Magnaguards with guns that fire rapid rockets!? They have Electro-staffs, and if they were being put into the game they should have had an Electro-staff, it was the coolest thing about them, that and the cape but they missed that out aswell.

In fixing the units they have to remember that Droid field Commanders are just normal Battle Droids with yellow markings, Clone Commanders look different for every battalion, they mistakenly used Clone Commander Bacara as the Heavy Trooper unit. Imperial Field Commanders they got the look right, but they gave him a really stupid gun, and the Bothan Spy, well I guess they could be seen as Commanders, but I thought they were just spies.

Instead of giving the Command classes stupid gimmick weapons they could be more realistic, a Droid, Imperial and Clone Field Commander would have the same weapon as a normal Trooper, but for SWBF3 they could have them start with a hero pistol, like Hans or Leias.
And Definitely have some EU maps, like Rhen Var again and some canon Clone Wars battles with alot more different Jedi Heroes.

Lastly, they also need some huge land battles, with multiple ATATs/AT-TEs and a front where the two factions would always meet in force like the Battle of Geonosis.
 Unit 351
08-04-2006, 1:04 PM
I dunno if this has been said but a melee class that only a select few can be
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