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what a load of crap , games skillz trasferable the simple fact is , if u can play , u can play if u cant , u cant all the crap about i can carry my l33t skillz over JZA did always play NF sabres i am afraid m8 , so if u know him that well , u should...  [Read More]
spliffy? do i know u i am asuming your JZA's m8 and are on WP under a diderent name there? i dont know your name here so i dont know i think Scottt maybe? possibley Ani? maybe wrong but i am afraid u where and are flaming me , lots of peeps have s...  [Read More]
well he has been contradictin him self over and over he goes on about , l33ts and they are in for a shock yet he goes on about how good he is , and how he gets scores against peeps of - numbers well if that aint l33t talk then i dont know what is p...  [Read More]