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Where can I download the trainer?

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12-01-2001, 5:16 PM
I had it once but seemed to have erased it when I uninstalled the game. Anyone know?
 Pedro The Hutt
12-02-2001, 1:21 AM
I'm not a fan of such things... so... nope
12-02-2001, 1:48 AM
12-02-2001, 5:22 PM
Thanks Garindan, I'll check there.
12-03-2001, 11:45 PM
Can't find it in a week, email me and I'll send you my two. :D
12-09-2001, 3:15 PM
Yup megagames is the best.....also try The Avault ( ........i personally only use trainers after I've completed the game :)....just for fun...the only thing was, EP1 just wasnt fun :(
12-11-2001, 8:02 AM
Thanks. Now my nephew can play without dieing.:)
 Zathu Koon
12-29-2001, 4:36 PM
uh-huh :p
01-07-2002, 2:40 PM
Originally posted by Hannibal
Thanks. Now my nephew can play without dieing.:)

;), rrrrrrrrrrrrite
01-07-2002, 5:27 PM
Originally posted by CaptainRAVE

;), rrrrrrrrrrrrite

Non-believers, eh? Well I bought this game before I even saw the movie (beat it before I saw the movie too). Kind of stupid of me but I had already read what was going to happen on so the game didn't spoil anything (also stupid of me).
01-20-2002, 7:52 AM
Only the 1st level was similar to the movie. All the rest was totally different.
01-20-2002, 1:16 PM
Yeah but if you had never seen the movie you find out that Qui-Gon dies before seeing it on the screen.
01-20-2002, 2:49 PM
I dont understand what your saying. Can you put that in lamens terms please :P
09-17-2002, 3:51 PM
Originally posted by Pedro The Hutt
I'm not a fan of such things... so... nope

Bah! i doubt that his cheating is going to affect you in anyway.
03-28-2009, 4:56 PM
I can't seem to get the trainer to work cause you save the trainer in the TPM directory and it says you have to have the trainer screen up before you start game, then load the game and then quit out to the desktop using the ALT+TAB function at the start of a mission but it doesn't work, the only way I can get back onto the desktop is by CTRL+ALT+DEL function but when you activate the cheats they don't work in game and I still die or any other cheat I've ticked doesn't function.

Any ideas?
04-03-2009, 12:16 AM
I've.... no idea. o.O

I still remember that my trainers worked fine. Huh.

I did have to open the game and then alt-tab out of it, though... Why doesn't alt-tab work for you? <.<
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