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05-24-2007, 9:27 AM
Blaze: Now what..

Aap: I have no id- ah look at that. Looks like this problem won't be so big at all.

The patroling Serenity ship was about to pass by the asteroid city.

Kithoran Officer: Look what we have here. The Leviathan. You! Call for reinforcements. Attack Attack!!!

Imperial: Kothorans? Engage!!!

And so, above the asteroid a massive space battle between Serenity's and ISD's with the Leviathan.

Blaze: What a lightshow xD
05-24-2007, 6:42 PM
*A distress signal message flashed onto the screen of the Serenity Command ship (that Okoe Kithoran was on)*

*Kithoran Alliance officer* Need reinforcements! We found the Sith base, it's an Asteroid called "Kore".

*Okoe Kithoran* Very well, reinforcements are on the way.

*Moments later*

*Okoe Kithoran's flagship an several other Kithoran Alliance ships hyperspaced into the system*

*Okoe Kithoran* Serenitys, target the Leviathan!

*The Serenity class ships aimed their ships' noses at the Leviathan and hyperspaced through it, when the smoke lifted, about half of it was destroyed, but with the Leviathan's tough hull, there were several dents in most of the Serenity class ships*

*Serenity captain* Sir, I don't think our ships could survive another go at the Leviathan!

*Okoe* Well, if you can't destroy the hull, then use the hole you've created in the Leviathan to tear it apart from the inside out.

*Serenity captain* Yes sir, I'll tell the others to do the same.

*Okoe* Very well, over and out.

*A few minutes later, the Leviathan was destroyed*

*Okoe Kithoran* Lieutenant, take over, I'm going to finish off these blasted Sith!

*Not two minutes later Okoe's shuttle was heading towards the Sith base*

Now some Sith-Jedi action can ensue *Hint Hint*;)
05-25-2007, 2:36 AM
Aap: Listen up, Okoe and his padawan are heading towards us. They are the last jedi left but they were stronger then any jedi of this era. Unfortunately we also are the strongest sith of our time. And you, Blaze, even while you probaly don't realise it, you,re stronger than me at the moment.

Blaze: For real? Well, i did become much stronger last months.

Aap: And don't forget all the tecniques from Korriban we discovered.

Blaze: Yeh, lets fight.

Okoe and his apprentice landed on the planet. They entered the Sith base that looked more like a temple. After walking through a long hallway they entered a big church-like hall. At the other side Darth Aap and -Blaze were waiting.

Okoe: This fight was waiting since we first met. It has to be fought.

Darth Aap: Even if you win. The war has already destroyed half of the galaxy. If i die now, wich i won't, then I know i have avenged the sith.

Okoe: Enough, bring it on.

All 4 drew their lightsabers and the battle begane. Blaze and the Padawan were using a lot of force-jumps from pillar to pillar while trying to chop eachother. The Padawan used Force-push to push a pillar to blaze. Blaze rolled under it to evade it and started using flury attacks at the padawan.
Meanwhile Aap and Okoe were having a fight with alot of lightning and flying enviorment. Then Okoe jumped towards Aap and they started a saber battle.
The Padawan had a hard time blocking/evading Blaze's dual sabers, but managed to do a force push at Blaze. Blaze managed to recover in the air and threw a lightsaber at him. The padawan didn't manage to block it and the saber cut him in the leg (not cut it off, just a burn wound). The padawan fell on the ground, suffering from the wound. But a few seconds later, Okoe managed to hit Darth Aap with a close-to-lethal blow.

Blaze: NOOOOO!! NEVER!!!!

Blaze jumped towards Okoe. In the air he was summoning the memory of his dying parents, his brother, and now seeing his menthor and friend wounded. He created the purest form of anger ever achieved. He landed next to Okoe and force pushed him with greater power than any Sith Lord ever did. Okoe flew to the other side of the hall where he smashed to the wall. He tried hard to stay contious.

Aap to Blaze telepatic: That's it. Use your anger. You can beat him blaze!

Blaze: BRING IT ON!!!!
 Nancy Allen``
05-25-2007, 7:46 AM
"Don't I know you from someplace?" the doctor asked as he looked over the clone.
"Name's Alixe." It was procedure for her to undergo a medical, she knew, and she can claim about her face reconstruction to the Rebels.
"I think I remember." The large man stroked at his beard for a moment. "You worked with the Jedi."
"Briefly." Even as a clone she remembered that much from Alixe. "That was a long time ago, and really only with one."
"Aayla Secura." The muscled doctor looked quite pleased with himself. "You protected the Queen of Naboo, as I recall."
"Former queen," the clone corrected, "she was a senator at the time. Shame what happened to her." The doctor turned away from her sincere look.
"Yes," he said slowly, "it was." He seemed distracted, as though he was in another world for a moment.
"There's no future in the past. How's it look?" Her words brought him back to the present.
"Fine. You survived your mission quite well." The doctor gave her an odd look. "Forgive me, but I thought you'd look older."
"Face reconstruction," the clone explained. "Had a run in with some beast."
"Uh hmm." The clone went to get changed into the civillian clothing she was provided. "I'll give you some privacy."
"Thanks." The clone pulled on her pants first, remembering that Alixe had a cybernetic leg and made a note to keep hers covered, then put a call through.
"This is TK-4512, put me through." A moment later her superior came online.
"TK-4512, we hadn't found you down on the planet anywhere."
"First of all Admiral refer to me as Alixe. The Rebels found me before you did and it'll help with the cover." Given that she was cloned after an important member of the Rebellion the high ranking officer wanted to speak with her.
"Yes of course. Now that you've infiltrated their ranks you'll need to provide us with information on their movements."
"The failed mission was to sneak on board a commando passing herself as Mon Mothma," she said, pulling the robes over her. "Me, in a sense. Maybe I could get to her somehow."
"It'd be a huge risk, and even with her dead the Rebellion wouldn't be defeated." The clone pondered this. "We would be most interested in finding the Rebel pilot who blew up the Death Star."
"That shouldn't be too hard." A pause, then, "The Emperor's hand, should I coordinate what I find out with her?"
"How did you know about that?" the Admiral wanted to know.
"One of the Rebels dropped her name." The clone finished tying the sash around herself. "Someone's coming, call me back."
05-26-2007, 12:46 AM
Tj knew what to do he once blwon up a imperil satr destoyer single self.
darth app:come my aprentice join the darkside
tj:yes master

tj: cut darth blazes arms legs off haha fool join the jedi
:oke you killed darth blaze.
darth blaze walked out
Tj: what he's a fake then blaze walked in.
tj: dueled him so hard
oke escaped
tj:got in an escape pod
he sensed his sister and brother was alive on tattaoin.
tj; went there and used the force to comuicate with his brother.
tj walked in and found stormtrooper's trying to kill his brother and sister
tj:ran so hard and smashed everything in his path killing stormtroopers officers comandos in the entire room
yj:colapesd on the ground
brother:get tj to a medic he used so much midi chroin cells to save his brother and sister.
05-26-2007, 4:02 PM
Imperial: Ok thats enough time for them to move away the leviathin DEACTIVATE THE SYSTEM THAT YOU KNOW MAKE HOLOGRAPHIC STUFF

Stormtrooper: Im right next to you but yes sir!

*the leviathin reapears in space ready for battle*

Imperial: status report

stormtrooper: Well apparently we have taken heaps of damage on the egines

Imperial: What maniac shoves there soldiers into blasting them selves through the hull of somebody el- that's a great idea

Imperial Pilot: Gulp lm not doing that

Imperial: No we use this ship to go throught it and the ship would still be in a good condition but since where stuck here blast the astroid like as if we mining

Stormtrooper: Yes sir

*the astroid split in three but you would no notice it unless you have the force or right there at the time*
05-26-2007, 5:04 PM
tj:The leavthion hmm tj; force senses the mon calamin cruiser and fleets x-wing y-wing a-wins v-wings and the millaem falcon
oke:Lets get this war started.
han solo:kid this is where the fun begus
tj:was in a poratype z_95 and put heavy dents the leathian nearly expload then han solo caused a chain reactor
tj:oh yeah the lethian blows up darht app what the hell?
05-27-2007, 9:49 AM
The battle with Okoe has left Darth Aap wounded. Blaze carried his master to the Sith Infiltrator. Then they flew back to Korriban.

Blaze: I would have killed him if that damn child didn't interfere.

Aap: It doesn't matter. Both of them will die, eventually. But now you have to execute that plan you had earlier. I'll remain on Korriban. The dark energy's there will heal me faster. And i could look for things to discover there. I will keep contact with you through the force.

Blaze: It shall be done.

Blaze took the kithoran blaster he found in a Serenity wreck on Kore and went to Yavin 4. He sneaked in though the airvent. At the room where Mothma was he waited till she was left alone. Then he jumped in the room.

Mon Mothma: What the he-

Darth Blaze: Okoe Kithoran sends his regards.

Blaze shot Mothma in the head, twice. Then he sneaked out without anyone seeing him. He knew that what he said has been recorded, and since nobody saw him it would be quiet convincing. Also because he left the Kithoran blaster rifle at the scene.


Officer: We have a call from the rebels

Okoe: Put them on screen


Okoe: What are you talking about.

The rebel general played the sound recording and showed what he found at Mon Mothma's corpse (the blaster).

Okoe: What?! We didn't do this!! Somebody must have set this up!!!


Connection broken

Okoe: God damnit!!

Current Galactic Overview:

Kithoran Alliance: Huge Army
Rebel Alliance: Medium Army
Galactic Empire: Huge Army
Jedi Knights: 1 Remaining
Sith Lords: 2 Remaining

Dead Planets: Geonosis
Mon Calamari
Dagobah (Took Naboo, Eriadu, Hoth, and 4 Unknown systems with it)

Am i correct about the army's?
Did i forget a planet?
05-28-2007, 3:46 AM
tj:oke dident do it tj used force mind trick on the rebel .
Rebel Comander:Sorry oke and comander Tj.
oke:thanks for that.
rebel troops were sent to korrabian
tj:Assighed 700 jedi for battle
The jedi lanaded on korrabian another battle had beguin rebels fire fire fire y-wings dropped bombs
Then AT-At's appaerd
Commander skywalker: use your harpoon and cables go for the legs
tj:used the force to blow one up then tj jumped out of the snowspeeder killed the people in it then he used on imperil forces.
Tarkin:An imperil walker is blowing up our reinforcesments!!
then Rebels were winning yes every single rebel came
Imperil die!!!!!!!
Tj:eat this tj crushed up everything using the force.
05-28-2007, 4:08 AM
Oke an dan
do yous play Star wars galxies Adiicting game i have but cotains too much lagg
05-28-2007, 4:59 AM
I played SWG for a few months and i was totally addicted until those *******'s AT LUCAS ARTS BANNED MY ACCOUNT!!! Never gave me a reason or anything. Sent them 3 emails, never got ansered. I really miss playing it, even if it's almost half year ago. :(. And i can't just start a new one since you need the activation code for the expantion packs wich i already used for my old one. God damnit.
05-28-2007, 6:37 AM
l know it sucks and about what you said about the galactic overveiw well when it says the sith, then the galactic empire and then the corupt one. Well l dont know what you mean corrupt like if lm the corupt who's the glactic empire and if lm the galactic empire who is the corrupt? And Tj where is luke comming from didn't he gat his head chopped off or somethin

I will continue

Imperial: Man this ship can take 1 mill shots and it still won't die not thats a bad thng it's just that this thing tricks me

(the levithan yet again reapears unarmed)

Imperial: Ah thats better but lm confused on how the rebellion blew half the kithorian fleet away and then suddenly stopped and re-joined lm confused

Stormtrooper: Well they sent a messsage to each other regarding the matter

Imperial: Oh good ok lm ok just made it easier for us to beat them lets fight them

Stormtrooper: Yes sir want to use the secret weapon

Imperial: Sure why not

(the leviathin shot out a beam and it widened and took out all the ships that got in its way)

Imperial: Love to be me he he he

Okoe: What was that!

Imperial: That's what you call fire power Okoe

Okoe: Ahh shoot at them with our secret weapon

Imperial whispers to troops: Get in front of the mon calamari so it will target us but always have the hyperdrive system ready so when they shoot they will not hit us because we already have hyperspaced away but hit Ackbar instead

Stormtrooper: Yes sir

(as he planned it worked and they hyperspaced to coruscant which is a broken place but some people still live there cause they started re-building it)

Rebel pilot commander: You Okoe is going to die cause you just killed ackbar (for those who don't know who ackbar is he is a very well known rebel pilot he pilots his own capital ship with his crew)

Okoe: You stupid imperials!

( the rebel cuts off the line)

The place Blaze is...

Blaze: Ahh those stupid force people they keep doing the wrong thing but at least the empire solved our problem


Back to the imperial...

Imperial: Ok begin repairs

(it's has skipped a few months and the battle at Kore was over and the rebellion and the Kithorians hated each other like they hate the imperials. The battle at Korriban was finished by Aap who killed all of them because he had so much power from the temple around him he did and Tj just made it out alive)

Okoe: Im going to coruscant prepare the fleet where moving out

Kithorian: Yes sir

(the rebels decided to do the same thing)


(the empire were creating ships and had produced 50 extra leviathins which produced there own tie fighters *all classes*)

Okoe: We are going to die!

Rebel Commander: We are definitely going to die!

To be continued...
05-28-2007, 8:55 AM
Tyrone you forgot? All jedi save TJ are dead.


Darth Aap was standing before hundreds of corpses after the battle at Korriban.

Darth Aap: And I didn't even break a sweat. The dark energy's of Korriban are even stronger then I imagined. If we stay here, nobody can harm us. We could kill a hundred Okoe's here.

Darth Blaze: Wouldn't it be a good idea to try to recruit people? Teach them our ways? If we would have some others with us our cause would be more easy.

Darth Aap: Yeh you're right. You should tour the galaxy and find people. If revan was able to recruit enough to almost destroy the republic, then why wouldn't we be able to do the same.

Darth Blaze: But we don't have any capital ships of any kind.

Darth Aap: Who needs Capital Ships if you can raid the hangar and then kill the pilots of the enemy ships.

Darth Blaze: Yeh you're right.

Darth Aap constructed a new Sith Academy on Korriban while Blaze searched the galaxy for people willing to join. There are tons of force sensitives who carry a lot of anger with them because something in their personal life. Those people can easily be trained to the darkside.


Message to the Empire from Darth Aap:
Imperials, Not long ago I was wondering. Why are we sith fighting against you. The Sith and the Empire practically have the same intentions. We strive to kill all Jedi, Rebels, and Kithorans. So why wouldn't we work together. I can be a valuable ally to you and so can you be to me. And I do not wish to share power. If the opposition is gone, you can rule the galaxy i don't care. So, What do you say to this.
05-28-2007, 10:01 AM
Remember, Okoe's still in the Coruscant system facing like 50 Leviathans.

*Okoe got more angry than he had ever been before, then a new force tecnique became open to him because he became even more powerful in the force for a few seconds while he was angry. Okoe's temporary new ability was an ancient force teqnique that allowed him to increase his midichlorians.
Okoe was able to double his midichlorian count before he managed to calm down. So now, besides force-wise he was completely back to normal.
Okoe was able to sence almost everything in all but the farthest systems.
Okoe then lifted his hand and pointed it towards the Leviathans and crushed all of them using the force in a split second*

*Imperial Officer* WHAT THE HE-..........

*Okoe then used the force and gathered every Rebel and Kithoran Alliance ship in the Coruscant system and hyperspaced them to the Korriban system. Then he went to the Airlock of the ship he was on, held his breath and jumped down to Korriban, ready to finish off the blasted Sith once and for all.*
05-28-2007, 4:17 PM
The rebel fleet's hyperspaced in korribian then a battle had bugin.
Stormtrooper:What is that kid
Imperil Commandder:He's a jedi doffus
Stormtrooper:We have no guns
Imp comander: oh god
TJ:kills them using is lightsaber attack
then tj jumped up to an imperil fleet.
And said join the rebelion then the fleet was confused.
Then all sith poped out oh no the imperil had drunken too much rum borfore battle
and fought the sith were jedi fire at them guys with red saber's
Sith:Oh God then the sith was destroyed. Rebels raided the tempel and so did the remaing jedi and stormtroopers. Stormtroopers are confused.
then the imperil flett blew it up.
tj:Eat that
05-28-2007, 5:35 PM
Okoe entered the Sith academy and walked into a big, empty room. The door behind him shut and at the other side of the room there was Darth Aap with his lightsaber in his hand.

Darth Aap: I was expecting you. This room is modified with the force. Only I can unlock the door and it will also unlock if I die. That way only one will leave alive, and we won't have any interfearance like last time.

Okoe: Fine by me. But first, how did you knew I was coming.

Darth Aap: I senced it from all across the galaxy. The explosion of anger. The massive energy. You learned Angerrage didn't you.

Okoe: I did

Darth Aap: It's a dark force power only used by those strong in the darkside. You're becoming a dark jedi my friend. You can't deny it. I know this wasn't the first time you combined your anger with the force.

Okoe: I will never fall to the darkside.

Darth Aap: We'll see. Lets end this.

Darth Aap and Okoe started Duelling. The duel was very intense and was faster then the duel of Anakin and Obi.
05-28-2007, 6:01 PM
Tj: force speed to the door before it close .
Tj:Die!!! Darth Aap.
then the battle raged on then the building rumbled.
okoe:Go for the legs.
Tj:gripped Darth Aap
Darth Aap was knocked out and the door opend
TJ:Lets force speed
then the building rumbled bye bye Aap
05-29-2007, 3:19 AM
Um Tj l did not even end up being at korriban so l dont know here lm comming from because it was a request for me to answer and not your which l will do so now...

Stormtrooper: Sir we have a transmission from the sith should we let it through

Imperial: Sure probably like help help help me me me l need heaps of help

*the video plays through*

Imperial: Send them back a reply l will say it's record...
Dear Sith,
We have noticed you are interested in joining us.
We say ok but we will be keeping you on a very short leash if yuo do something that goes against us or something stupid that you do or etc. we will attack you straight away but we except.

From head imperial moff malra (l have decided to give him a name this is my character)

*darth aap got the message and the beeping made him consious*

Darth Aap: Ahh... WHAT! what happened to my sith temple

Darth Blaze: You got crushed underneath its ruble but we dug you back out

Darth Aap: Wheres the jedi and the rebels

Darth Blaze: They left you to die

Darth Aap: Ahh... well l will meditate in Marka Ragnos's tomb tell me when you have news via with the force

Darth Blaze: ok master and also we have students should we start teaching them in the force

Darth Aap: Yes, how many are there?

Darth Blaze: There is 53 of them master

Darth Aap: Ahh... that's my apprentice l will head off now

*Darth Aap leaves Darth Blaze and goes to the tomb while Darth Blaze begins teaching the students in the ways of the force*

Imperial: Um sir there's been a problem at coruscant

Moff Marla: What has gone wrong

Imperial: All our leviathis have been destroyed

Moff Marla: What oh it's probably there disapering acts you should disbable that ability

Imperial: we shouldn't

Moff Marla: Fine don't do that it's just enoying thats all

*all the leviatins reapear*

Moff Marla: That's better
05-29-2007, 3:56 AM
Rebel Comander: Send in 500000 y-wing sqaudions
Tj:Was the many people leading the space defence on corasunt..
Sorry i have 2 go out for dinner
05-29-2007, 4:21 AM
Darth Blaze was training the Sith Adepts and for some reason it wasn't going too fast. They just weren't motivated enough. So Darth Blaze decided to take them for a little trip in wich he demonstrated the power of the force. They secretly landed on a planet with a Serenity ship in orbit.

Darth Blaze: Ok check out what the power of the dark side can do.

Darth Blaze used Master Angerrage. He fully focussed and used an awesome force pull on the Serenity, slowly pulling him down to the planet.

Kithoran Officer: What the hell is happening. Is there something wrong with the engine?

Pilot: Nope, they are working perfectly. Something is pulling us down. Perhaps a strong gravity?

Kithoran Officer: Could be

Blaze pulled it closer and closer until it crashed to the planets surface.

Dark Side Adept: Awesome.

Darth Blaze: And anyone can learn that. Lets get back to the academy.
05-29-2007, 6:30 PM
The defence raged on meanwhile tj was on corasunt die imperil scum!!
05-30-2007, 1:45 AM
Imperial: Sir a Srenity ship crashed on the planets surface should we duck away from the system

*a transmission from Blaze interupts the talk*

Blaze: Don't be alarmed it's ok it was me

Imperial: Understood

Moff Marla: Position five star destroyers in each system and one levithin understood

Imperial: Yes sir

*the stardestoyers and levithins went to all systems even the damged ones and they all started to build a space station*

Moff Marla: At least we now have control of many systems and now that the sith are at our side we are basically invinsible excspecially the leviathins

Aap: Ahh... Moff Marla, l noticed your progress in all systems have actully been going well

Moff Marla: We are now basically invincible

Aap: I agree we now will control this rebel and kithorian scum!

Moff Marla: What of the little jedi

Aap: I will take care of him sought of personally

Moff Marla: What do you mean

Aap: It won't be just me there, there will be several other Dark Jedi there too

Moff Marla: Oh this conquer thing is going really smoothly

Aap: I know...
05-30-2007, 5:55 PM
Rebel:Tj were is that backup unit's of solidgers
Tj:there in space eand we only have 60 jedi there got 100!
kyle:Your not strong in the force yes I am
tj:I was in the clone wars so don't start.
then tj pulled all 50 leithans to the planet below
Moff marla:Hmm kill that jeid called Tj
05-31-2007, 6:07 AM
Tj jump back to reality, theres to problems in what you wrote...

First problem, Is that you would have to be like the most powerful jedi ever like l mean like the power of the force maybe be powerful but no one can bring down 50 mamous sized ships to the ground which at least you could at least hit down one

2nd, levithin's have a very powerful gravity feild o it would take for ever for it to hit the ground it would be like you need to SSD to get it down which are hyperspacing through it, that is what would take it down

I will reply soon...
05-31-2007, 12:27 PM
I agree. You're kinda over doing it. And Darth Aap killed all jedi and out of nowere there are dosens of new ones? I mean you're making it a little TOO easy. All sith are dead too but you don't see me spawning new ones outta nowere. There's no fun in that
05-31-2007, 4:08 PM
Sorry about that mayby i am doing an overkill and god mode.
06-01-2007, 3:12 AM
Sorry about that mayby i am doing an overkill and god mode.


ok back on topic
06-01-2007, 6:41 PM
Guys i'm makeing my own faction
My faction is called the GIG.
Rebel:Reinforccements have arived
Mon momtha:Whats there name.
Rebel soildger:The GIG.
Tj:Order our fleet's to move in mustafars orbit and mygeeto's
06-02-2007, 8:34 AM
Minor thingy: mon mothma is dead.


Sith Apprentice: Master

Blaze: Yes?

Sith Apprentice: I was on Rattattak and I managed to find the blueprints of the Starforge. Even the instructions on how to get the Dark Energy running through it again.

Blaze: Thats-.. that's frickin amazing!!! You'll gain some maj0r prestige with this.

Blaze told the good news to Darth Aap who was just as amazed as Blaze.

Aap: This is very good news. There is a new army, don't know it's name yet but they're allied with the rebellion, so the Empire could use some help. Tell our engineers to build this as fast as possible. And do it inside the stealthshield.

Blaze: It shall be done master.
06-04-2007, 6:37 PM
Blaze talking to moff marla: We need your engineers to help get the starforge up and running

Moff Marla: Hmm... and why would we want to do that

Imperial Slaps him in the face: What are you talking about?! (he was a historian too) we should love to have the star forge and as well that is how we got the thing we are standing in! Lord Blaze we would be affended if we did not cooperate with this project we would love to help you

Darth Blaze: Good ok now send you engineers to this place

G2g to school see ya
06-07-2007, 6:56 AM
I mailed this message about a few days ago so can we please have more people playing now please thank you.
06-08-2007, 7:46 PM
w00t I found a free moment where I had nothing to do so I can now write a reply.


The Imperial engineers came together above Korriban and together with the Sith engineers they worked around the clock to get the Starforge Operational. The Stealth Field around the construction site prevented any radar or visual detection. Beside that, Darth Blaze used a form of Battle Meditation to make it unable to sence through the force. Meanwhile Darth Aap was studying the blueprints on how the dark energy's work.
Back at the academy, 35 of the 53 sith apprentices had reached a prestige class.

Imperial Guard: Lord Aap, we have just spotted a large Rebel scout force 406 miles from the temple. Should I send an imperial squad to take them out?

Darth Aap: No. I don't want our presence here to be discovered just yet. We will attack when the time is there to attack. Tell the apprentices to release the Hississ beasts. They will deal with the rebels and they won't suspect that we are here. They will probaly stop scouting here because of those dangers. The rebels appear to be very caring for their men's lives. They won't saccrifise more men.

Imperial Guard: Right away Lord.
 Nancy Allen``
06-11-2007, 7:22 AM
Alixe Medcraft snuck through the dense jungle of Endor, where the Empire was beginning construction of a shield generator for the new Death Star.
"Remember, the Emperor's Hand is meant to be down there, so remain on your toes." Up ahead was a clearing, and hopefully somewhere she could get a better look at things.
"Understood." The woman wasn't really Alixe, rather her clone that the Emperor created to infiltrate the Rebellion, but as long as no one could tell the diffirence the details didn't bother her. She went out to get a look at the lay of the land below when she heard a rustling behind her. She pulled up her blaster pistol as a woman, a redhead, stepped out from the bushes, her hands reaching for her lightsaber. The Alixe clone immediately lowered the blaster as she recognised who it was. "Mara," she said, identifying Palpatine's prodigy. She felt the woman try and use her Force Currupt ability on her. "Don't do that please, I'm on your side."
"So you say." The two faced off for a moment as Mara probed the clone's mind. "You're diffirent to the woman we cloned you from."
"I had a longer ponytail." The clone had kept her head shaved so she could continue to pass herself off as the Rebel commando. "Have some information to pass on to your boyfriend as well." Mara fumed at this.
"Tell me what you found out or I'll kill you myself." The hand resting on the hilt of the lightsaber indicated she was serious.
"The Rebels are certain there's something going on here. They just don't know what." Mara's eye narrowed.
"What can we expect to encounter?" she asked.
"Spies probably." Alixe gave a shrug. "For all I know she could be here now. Be her type of thing." She, of course, was Alixe herself, the real soldier that loyally served Naboo.
"Is she in on this?" The clone regarded this for a moment before heading to the edge of the clearing, looking at the base.
"Let's find out. Wanna join?"
"I'll pass Alixe." She looked up then turned to face Mara.
"That won't do at all. I need a code name of some description."
"Your Stormtrooper code," Mara suggested.
"It's so impersonal." As the Sith in training wondered if she was serious the clone's face lit up. "Call me Vanile Xer?"
"What?" Mara demanded to know.
"Anagram, something I encountered on Korriban made me think of it." She crouched to go over the edge. "By the way, when I speak with command I'll bring up Lord Vader's proposal for Skywalker. Real hard to keep our finger off the trigger after all he's done. Catch you later."
06-13-2007, 5:36 AM
Imperialgaurd: Sir, there is a large fleet comming to the surface of the planet

Darth Aap: What! This is not right the rebels must know we are here...

I will mail soon
06-13-2007, 5:54 AM
ub3r big post down here ^^


Darth Aap: How the hell did they find ou-

An engineer rushes towards Darth Aap.

Engineer: SIR!! I don't know how but the Starforge activated itsself, even as it technically still isn't possible.

Darth Aap: It's the dark energy. Anyway this is great news. Start producing ships as fast as possible and counter the Rebels. They should be in range in about 14 minutes.


Darth Blaze: Ok students, this will be an opportunity to proof yourselves. All get inside a sith infiltrator and sneak into an enemy hangar. Fight your way to the bridge and destroy their stabilizers and engine controls. That will make them steerless and could cause them to crash into the other ships in the formations. I'll take on the main ship by myself, all of you form groups of 3 and report back to hear what ship you'll get.

Students: Yes master Blaze.

The cloacked fighter units went to the ships's hangar. Blaze rushed in at the main capital ships wich looked like a Home One but then slightly bigger and with some enhanced stuff. Blaze landed inside the hangar and got out with his sabers zooming but the hangar was abandoned.


He moved on but found nothing. Then as he entered the bridge he saw all the rebels who were supposed to steer the cruiser. They were all dead, but it wasn't like usual. They seemed alive, but lifeless at the same time. Blaze felt that this was the work of some kind of dark energy.

Intercom: Sir, all teams have landed but the hangars all seem abandoned... should we move on.

Blaze: This isn't good. No, retreat all teams, retreat.

Darth Aap through the force: Blaze!! The ship is going down!! GET OUT NOW!!!!

Darth Blaze force-runned to the hangar but his ship was all old and rusty. Like it had landed decades ago. Blaze didn't hesitate and rushed to the escape pods. He bashed some random coordinates and took off. Just seconds after he left the ship imploded.

Blaze: What the hell was that...

Aap: It is the work of a Sith Lord who was trained by Darth Nihilus. He was frozen in carbonite 4000 years ago but he somehow got revived. This is his work no doubt. You're lucky to be alive. I'm sending in the star destroyers.
06-15-2007, 1:29 AM
Imperial: Yes darth Aap we will move our stardestroyers into position where would you like us to put them?

Darth Aap: Put them as far away as the ships are possiblem from the abandoned non-shooting ships understood

Imperial: Yes sir

(the ships go to there destination)

Imperial: Hmm... I wonder why those ships are abandoned... Send in a squardron to the ships

Stormpilot Commander: Yes sir

Stormpilot commander: Ok pilots of squadron 463 go to the abandoned ships

Stormpilot: Yes sir!

(they leave to go investigate and they land in the hangar as a few stayed with the ships and the others left to investigate)

Stormpilot on comm to the commander: They seems to be all dead not a single life form sighted... I am headed to the hangar... (he noteses the dead body of ackbar) Ackbar is dead here on the floor not moving but he's life sample says he should still be here moving and all the stabalizers are moving proply cause someone of had to disable them if they were invading... Hmm... Confusing l will investigate the prison chamber... There is a living down here a dark jedi it seems to be he looks like a sith lord since l was a historian of the sith order l think he is marka ragnos that was captured by freedom people when he was ruleing but he seems to be ok and not old or anything still living... Confusing l think l should leave the room since he is meditating cause it is not polite to interupt a jedi's meditation... Ok heading to the hangar to report to you...
What where are the other pilots wait there on the floor they seem to still be alive l think l should get out here lets go troops. (they amazingly enough had the tise to just work and they were elite so they had a small storage space and put there fellow troopers inthere) ok heading back... (they landed in the hangar and reported to the imeprial controlling that star destroyer.
06-15-2007, 6:40 AM
Darth Aap to Imperial General: I've done some research. This Dark Lord we're facing isn't like the ones we know. He has been trained by Darth Nihilus and because of that, he too will need to feed on other life to stay alive. He is controlling the ships by using some sort of very advanced battle meditation. Listen whatever you do, do not enter these ships. The dark energy that rules there can easily corrupt the minds of stormtroopers. Only the ones trained to resist it, or higly force sensitive, can resist there. Beside that, the dark energy's will make your ship old and rusty in several minutes. This Dark Lord has no allies and everyone is a prey to him. Make no mistake in this, he isn't with us. If you somehow manage to locate him, don't move in but tell me. Only me or blaze will have a chance.


Darth Blaze's escape pod crasht on a planet not yet discovered. Blaze got out of the pod and the planet looked like Naboo, only with a bit more trees. The planet was inhabated by some sort of Krayt Dragons only ten times the size of the one revan met on tatooine.

Blaze: This isn't good. I doubt if i can find a decent ship somewere here.
06-15-2007, 2:49 PM
Imperial talking to Aap: Um yeah about what you jsut said we have already gone down to the ship and spoted a dark jedi that was captured by free people years and years ago but he was meditating so we did not go up to him and we left him

(darth aap lift his hand to force choke the officer for doing a bad job but he remembered that the empire are following but we arn't one army yet so it is no good killing allies because then they attack you)

that is all for now :)
06-16-2007, 9:03 AM
Darth Aap: You were lucky you didn't encounter him. They would have suffered a fate that is worse than death. Anyway I'm moving in. Too bad blaze won't be with me.

Darth Aap boarded the ship and moved on to the Sithlord.

Sith Lord: *Sith Hissing*

Darth Aap: You're prethatic. I've discovered Korriban's secrets and now its dark energy is with me. You are no match for me.

They drew their blades and started fighting.


Darth Blaze sneaked his way over the surface of the planet. He let his feelings guide him to wherever the force intended to bring him. He arrived at what looked like an encampment that was occupied by Rakatan's

Blaze Thoughts: Rakatans? Didn't they only live at Rattattak?

Blaze moved inside the camp as he senced no agression in the camp. When he walked inside a few Rakatan's ran towards him.

Rakatans: It's the one we were told about!!

Blaze: What are you talking about

Rakatans: It was told to us that today, an offworlder with connections to the holy energy would arrive.

Blaze: This planet is beginning to annoy me :(


By the way. I passed my exams :D
06-18-2007, 2:29 AM
Cangratz! l will return with a post soon
06-21-2007, 1:57 AM
(this is the rakatan leader Rekemek loco)

Rekemek: The great one is here the great one is here!

Blaze: You are thinking of the wrong person and how you get here

Rekemek: We followed a *jedi* they call them selves here about 50 years ago he's name was Tyrannous he says he was a jedi of the jedi academy but soem off worlders without connections said he was evil but that was 5 years later he's dissapearence from the academy involving him killing fellow students of the academy

Blaze: I am evil too so l will be leaving now

Rekemek: You can't we tried going back to our native planet but there si no way off

(Blaze has a sudden touch by the ligh side he could not resist)

Blaze thinks: Ahh dum light side can't resist well Aap will probably kill me if l do this but well l will do it

Blaze: I will call down ships and l will take you to ratatak and you stay there ok

Rekemak: Ok great one

(blaze does as he said)
06-21-2007, 10:01 AM
Blaze was lucky. A rebel transport landed on the surface to investigate the Escape pod. The door opened and the rebels saw Blaze with his saber up.

Blaze: I'd hate to be you

He walked in cutting down all rebels. Then he gathered the Rakatans and flew them back to their home planet wich wasn't far away.

Rekemek: You are a good man. Why don't you join the Light Side.

Blaze: I can't, I won't. I will never give up my quest to avenge my family. Beside that, Darth Aap is all I have left. He's like a father to me and I will NEVER betray him like that. I'll be going.

Blaze deployed all Rakatans and traveled back to Korriban where the space battle was still going on. Darth Aap was still batteling the Sithlord. Blaze entered the hangar and went to Darth Aap's aid. Darth Aap was on the losing hand against the Sith lord. Apparently he was stronger that he tought. Then blaze appeared. He cut down the Sith Lord who was too busy to defend himself.

Blaze: Missed me?
 Nancy Allen``
06-21-2007, 7:25 PM
Vanile Xer crept through the Endor forrest, her mind on what happened on Korriban after leaving Alixe.


"You look as though you know me," she said to the ghost of the long dead Jedi. The woman studied her features for a moment.
"I thought you were the woman I was seeking, a fellow Jedi." A sad look crossed her face. "A fallen Jedi."
"Not me sister." Vanile looked at the Jedi for a moment. "Do I know you?"
"I was a Jedi Master who came here seeking out the Sith." She heard the name before but wondered what information the ancient Jedi might yield.
"The Sith?"


Her thoughts were interrupted when she saw the rustling of trees up ahead. Pulling out her infered binoculars Vanile saw the bright red form of a Bothan, it's body giving off heat that gave himself away.
"Mara," Vanile whispered into her mouthpiece, trying to reach her on the radio. "Do you copy?" All she heard was static. It was a long shot she knew but since Mara was a Sith Vanile tried projecting her thoughts to the woman.
I've spotted a Rebel spy, coordinates 617 latitude, 448 longitude, five miles east of the construction site. Mara's thoughts blared through her mind.
So why isn't he dead already? Vanile raised her blaster.
Be careful, she shot back, watching the Bothan look around. It looked straight at her, and that was when she fired, several laser bolts as she charged out of the bush. She slowed up to get off a better shot but the Bothan was already gone, a look through the binoculars not picking him up anywhere.
"Did you take care of the Rebel?" Vanile's radio crackled to life, Mara's voice coming through.
"Negative, we'd better put the scouts on alert. They'll need thermoptics to spot him." She knew Mara would be unhappy, looking around she spotted a datapad. She looked again to make sure the Bothan was really gone before picking it up. "He dropped something." Vanile tried reading the information. "It's encrypted."
"It must be what we're doing here. Stay there, I'll take it from you to hand in." Vanile nodded, giving up on hacking into it.
"Well thankfully whatever's on here won't reach the Rebellion. I'll wait for you here, Vanile out."
06-22-2007, 4:06 PM
Darth Aap: Hmm... Good strike but this ship is going down we need to get moving

Blaze: Ok

(they fly to a nearby star destroyer while the mon calamari ship was falling down to korriban)
06-22-2007, 9:14 PM
Don't have time now but I'll reply as soon as I can, keep up the good work on the story guys!

P.S. I turned 14 yesterday :)
06-23-2007, 3:43 PM
Happy Birthday :) !!!
l have nothing to say since nobody has sent anything but Impelite so yeah :)
 Nancy Allen``
06-24-2007, 8:29 AM
**OOC: Happy birthday.**

Vanile turned the datapad over in her hands, wondering how she could access the information stored on it, when Mara appeared on a speederbike.
"You have the plans?" she asked.
"Right here." Vanile handed them over to her. "Should Vader know about this?"
"No." Mara placed a hand on the hilt of her lightsaber. "You keep quiet about this," she warned.
"Of course. You think I'm going to get myself executed? You think I'll let you do that?" Mara blinked in surprise, logically she knew the grim consequences if someone learnt of what happened. The fact this clone expressed concern about it happening to her however was startling. "Hope there's no more of them," Vanile said, "there's no point in the Rebellion wasting more lives."
"Wait, you're saying you don't want to kill them?"
"Yes." Mara could see she was serious about this. "By continuing this war people are going to die, needlessly." It was a strange logic to hear from someone who worked for the Empire but it made sense.
"I'm sending this to the Emperor, we'll be safe with it in his hands." Mara did as much, looking at Vanile as she did so. As much as she wanted to keep it to herself the clone expressing concern for welfare was unnerving, especially since she was essentially the same woman as Alixe and was meant to keep the Rebel commando off her back in the first place. "I'm needed back right away."
"So it was the plans," Vanile guessed.
"Worse. He saw what it was and became very upset, even I'm..." Mara trailed off when she realised what she was saying. "You're not meant to know these things, you should be heading back yourself to maintain cover. Where's this commando meant to be anyway?" Vanile listened in on the Rebel communications.
"Target down on Korriban, go in and see if there's any survivors."
"I'll need to be back there if Alixe is. You can give me a lift." Mara looked disgusted at the idea. "C'mon, just take me where I can get a shuttle."
06-25-2007, 5:25 PM
Blaze and Aap easily escaped the cruiser and went back to Korriban.

Blaze: Ehm... Master? I think i'm going to have to leave you for a while.

Aap: Why is that?

Blaze: Well, I'll never be able to live with myself if I don't have my vengeance. I've grown strong under your teachings and I think now is the time to go find out whoever is responsible and annihalate him or her.

Aap: Very well, apprentice. I"ll remain here to defend and run the academy. If you ever need me, just reach out, and you'll find me here.

Blaze: Thank you, master.

Blaze took a stealthed Ebon Hawk-like ship and moved out. First he went to Coruscant. The planet is the biggest collection of knowlege and and history records in the galaxy so it was a good place to start at.


BTW Congrats ImpElite :D
06-26-2007, 6:02 PM
Imperial: You stormtrooper, Give me a update on the alixie clones

Stormtrooper: I am sorry to say but poor progress alixie is hitting and running all the time on the project l think the best way to get clones is that we get darth vaders DNA since it should still be on the planet of coruscants surface...

Imperial: Ok send a team to go search there

Stormtrooper: Yes sir!
I will send soon :)
06-27-2007, 8:43 AM
Darth Aap message to Empire & Blaze

I'm happy to report that at the moment all 53 students have reached prestige class. This means they're ready for duty. So if you need them to assist just contact me. We have 20 Sith Lords, 16 Sith Marauders, and 17 Sith Assasins. And By the way 165 new students are accepted into the academy.


My holiday's have started a few weeks ago and I won't be taveling for a month or so and most of my m8's are away so I'll have tons of time to post. Expect a lot of posts from me
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