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01-23-2007, 3:18 PM
Imperial: hey you rebel scum wat you doing your not killing anyone on my watch troopers attack

Stormtrooper: Yes sir

Imperial: Die

Alixie Medcraft: Well l dont think so

*alixie medcraft shoots the rifle at the troopers and killed them all and also the imperial
then a alarm sounds*

Alixie Medcraft: Great

*more troopers come*

Alixie Medcraft: Here we go
 Nancy Allen``
01-23-2007, 4:25 PM
Alixe ditched the rifle, knowing that the sound would draw every Imperial for miles. It was better to rely on stealth, she thought, taking cover in the ruins and watching the Stormtroopers fan out in search of her. One of them found and secured the rifle, which was upsetting but she could always get it back, if she survived this. Her best chance was to sneak up on a lone soldier.
"Spread out across the area. She can't have gotten far."
So much for all that planning for a simple recon. At least she knew the Imperials were here, and she would get an idea to their strength on Kamino as well. Plus no one could see her, it was stupid to have opened fire, whether that was a sign of her bloodlust or simply an indicator she was growing too old was something Alixe had no time for right now. Instead her attention was on how the Imperials acted to an intruder. About how she would expect, if a little conventional. The Rebels would act much the same way. Alixe idly picked up a small rock and tossed it overhead, watching them rush over to investigate. She could still escape, but instinct told her it would more to the Rebellion's advantage if she sowed confusion. Sneaking up on one of the Stormtroopers and setting off one of his thermal detonators was a tempting option, although dangerous. A second rock was throw full tilt at the head of a nearby Stormtrooper.
"She's here." Alixe ran off unseen before they could converge on her position. Clones, Alixe thought, knowing how a large number of the Stormtroopers were made up. She could toy with them until she wore herself out but that wasn't what she wanted to do, she wanted them dead. I wonder how they would react if one of their own was at my mercy? Of course she had about as much mercy as the Emperor himself but they wouldn't know that.
01-27-2007, 7:01 AM
*email to the emperor*

You arent going to belive this. The Starforge is in better shape then I expected. In fact, I have updated the Sith Capital Ship Blueprints so that they can match Mon Calamari's. It's working for 2 day's now and we already have an entire fleet of hundreds of ships. With this thing the Empire could destroy all resistance with ease.

By the way I havent seen or even senced Revan's presence yet. I find that quiet suspicious.

*email to the emperor*
01-28-2007, 2:48 AM
Imperial: Rebel come out of hiding we know your here

*Alixie dragged out this wounded storm trooper that was in her hands*

Alixie thoughts: I wonder how they would react to a trooper of there own being captive that mite let me go

Imperial: Attack

Alixie Thoughts: They dont care much for fellow troopers l wonder how the troopers would think of imperials and troopers for troopers and Imperials for Imperials

*Alixie just got away because a creature came out of the water and nocked the stormtroopers out so while she had the chance she grabbed the Imperial and took him captive. Not long after she was found by a group of troopers*

Storm trooper squad: Let go of the imperial and you will have a quick death

Alixie thoughts: The troopers dont have much respect on the imperials but they respect them a bit

*Dropping the imperial Alixie gets away*

Alixie: Few that was close

*Alixie did the same thing again but they were swapped*

Alixie: Well they seem to only care about there only class nothing else lm even amazed that the empire is not torn down by this yet so the emporour must actully keep it right


Emporour on comm to Darth Aap: Well done you are doing well and about the disapearence of Darth Reaven doesn't really suprise me anyway hes at Coruscant to get rid of the jedi but now he figured it out so darth reaven is currently at Kamino trying to clone an army and heres the danger he has nothing else to clone so what does he clones HIMSELF! Im already at the main entrence of the star forge so l want you to go to Kamino but another danger is that we have picked up an intruder at Kamino she goes by the name of.... Alixie be aware of her and dont underestimate her l sense alot of strength in her she is force sensitive so be aware

Darth Aap on comm to The Emporour: Yes Master
01-28-2007, 8:05 AM
*Okoe Kithoran ordered his fleet to hyperspace to the main imperial planets to do tons of damage to the Imperial core resources. (Coruscant, Kuat, Byss, and all the planets around them.) The Kithoran Alliance was then in control of one fourth of the galaxy with minimal losses.*

*Okoe Kithoran* I don't like this, we conquered Coruscant, Byss, Kuat, and all of the planets around them with only a capital ship loss at coruscant and a corvette loss at Kuat, they must be planning someth-*Kithoran Alliance trooper* Sir, a huge fleet consisting of what appears to be modifed Ravager class destroyers has hyperspaced on us in Coruscant!*Okoe Kithoran* Then destroy them before they send out a message to ANY other Imperials in the galaxy!*Okoe Kithoran thinks to himself* So, this is how they were planning to fight me, how could they have conjured up-*Okoe's thoughts went back to his old Jedi history lessons, he remembered there was something built five thousand years ago called the Star Forge, and he knew only too well what it was capibal of.*Okoe Kithoran then told the Commander to hyperspace as many ships as possible to planet Rattattack to destroy the Star Forge once and for all.*
01-28-2007, 3:15 PM
Darth Aap took a huge fleet and went off to Kamino to kill Revan and perhaps an entire cloned army.
*getting out of hyperspace*

Imperial: Hello, what brings you to kami-

Darth Aap: I'm on official Sith Buisness and in a big hurry so let me pass

Imperial: I'm sorry but first we have to-


Imperial: ok ok!! go ahead.

*The transports quickly deployed all troops on the ground*

Darth Aap: Begin the search immediately, and get those transports off the ground. I don't want Revan or this Alixie person stealing them.

*Darth Aap and the army begane the search. He begane searching Sector 4T-877. When he was done and about to move on he senced something behind a box. He used force push and threw the box. It was Alixie who was hiding.*

Darth Aap: I assume you are Alixie.

Alixie: ah crap

Darth Aap: I think the emperor will apprechiate it that i've just captured a rebel like you.

*alixie drew her blaster but Darth Aap tossed it away using the force before she could use it*

Alixie's Thoughts: Ah great. What am I going to do against this guy.

Darth Aap: Your blasters are no match to the force. Now come peacefully or-

*Darth Aap senced revan*

Darth Aap: What the!! I'll deal with you later.

*Darth Aap force-runned away with incredible speed*
 Nancy Allen``
01-29-2007, 3:04 AM
"What the hell?" Alixe picked up the blaster she found and checking that she was safe to do so put in a call to the Rebellion. "Something is going on here. It looks like there is more than just an Imperial garrison here, there is some...some type of agent here, a Sith I think it could be."
"Why would a Sith be on Kamino? Did you find anything the Imperials might be after?" Alixe did her research and knew that power cells were collected from the planet, a quarter of a century ago or more. Othe than that the planet was a junkyard, an Imperial presence would have been more useful on Ord Montell.
"They have to be up to something." They were always up to something, she thought.
"Do you recommend the Rebellion strike Kamino?" Alixe was asked. That was a capital idea wherever there were Imperials, but Alixe knew that it was too early for a strike yet.
"I need to use my brain to get some more information first." She began heading in the direction of where she last encountered Stormtroopers. "I am thinking of something."
"Try and find out what the Imperials are doing there. Based on your information it must be important." Alixe felt under her breast.
"You are still tracking me?"
"Yes." The monitor was hidden on her body, pressed between her chest and her feminine anatomy. If anyone tried to check they would get a slap across the face for their troubles, even if hardly anyone would be interested in an old witch like her.
"Hmmm. Monitor it. I may have a way to get the information you need." She saw Stormtroopers in the distance. "Piett, the information on him is still current?"
"We made sure it is." That was gratifying. This could work if she played her cards right.
"Good. Out." Alixe terminated the call, knowing what she was going to try was risky, but that went with the territory.
Besides, she thought, Rebels risk their necks like this all the time.
01-29-2007, 2:15 PM
Imperial: Sir we are losing way to much forces at-

Emporour: It is time for my new weapon to be tested it a very powerful weapon called the eclipse it is a modified version of the first one, According to the mods it should be able to make a whole entire planet exsplode well it is time recall all imperials and troopers on kamino lm going to blow the planet

Imperial: Yes sir oh and one more thing we have spotted well a very intelligent rebel named Alixie she is well known to be dangenrous when she has a gun in her hand and we have a secret imperial monitor that watches her every move.

Emporour: Well it looks like it my be worth capturing this rebel after all l want you to capture this woman alive and make sure of it and contact the sith down there understand

Imperial: Understood
 Nancy Allen``
01-30-2007, 5:43 AM
"Hold it," the Stormtrooper said upon seeing Alixe. She walked calmly up to him as though she hadn't a worry in the world at the rifles aimed at her. "I said hold it." Alixe slowed her approach but made no move to stop as she was ordered.
"Now what would you have to fear from an old woman like me?" she asked. "I am old, surely I would be no threat if you had anything resembling skill."
"Enough to put down rebel scum like yourself."
"And what do we have here?" Alixe chose to stop at this point in case they decided to shoot her. "A platoon leader who hopes one day to become an officer. Well you certainly have the right attitude." In reply the rifle was aimed at her head.
"I'm getting sick of your mouth now on your knees." Alixe shook her head. The Stormtrooper repeated the order.
"I do not think." She looked around at the others just like him, same height and build. "Would have to be pretty desperate to try it with a clone." That cutting remark was met with the Stormtrooper knocking Alixe to the ground.
"We have orders to keep you alive, but we can make you wish you weren't for that." As the others restrained her Alixe thought about making a grab for one of their rifles, or a thermal detonator. She wasn't in that great a rush to die just yet though. That didn't stop her from headbutting the Stormtrooper who made the mistake of trying to frisk her. The helmet prevented her from causing the damage she would have liked, the soldier more stunned that she did it than anything else. She glared in defiance, daring anyone else to try, a welt mark visable on her forehead. "Enough of this. Take her away."
01-30-2007, 11:32 PM
Imperial: We have captured the rebel you were talking about

Emporour: Bring her in

Alixie: Well its been a while

Emporour: We dont need those chains

*The Emporour uses the force to break the chains around Alixies wrists*

Emporour: You are here to become of us you are very special Alixie you are ideed lve heard that the jedi made you fail the test to become jedi because you were very un patient so l am here to help you become a jedi

Alixies Thoughts: I could take this in and then kill the emporour secretly and then get rid of evil but he will maybe want me to actully kill a rebel trooper or like luke skywalker and l can do that wat should l do?
 Nancy Allen``
01-30-2007, 11:51 PM
Alixe had no idea what he was talking about and chose to pay it no heed, nor the Emperor's presence.
"If I remember correctly," she said, having studied history, "you turned...Annakin, by convincing him it was the only way to save his wife." She so dearly wished there was a weapon she could grab to kill Palpatine here and now. Anything would have done the job, whatever force powers he had be damned. "Four thousand years ago Darth Malek used a more direct approach, torture and drugs. His master Revan, a better Sith Lord than you will ever be," Alixe went on, fighting to contain her anger, thinking that was exactly what the Emperor wanted, "used the destruction the Mandalorians created and a little something called charisma to sway his followers." Scratching at her neck she finally looked at Palpatine. "You must be desperate. I'm the only one close to your age, huh?" She gave a sardonic smile at the comment. "Well I'm not as easily influenced as your lap dog is, I'm already a drug addict, and let's face it I have nothing to lose." To prove her point she screamed, knowing the Rebels would hear on the other end of the radio, "Palpatine's on Kamino, send everything you have! Right now!"
02-05-2007, 2:38 AM
On that moment the door was bashed open.

Revan: Time to reclaim the title of Dark Lord and take control of this "Empire".

The emperor tried to attack him with a quick force lightning but Revan dodged it easily.

Revan: Hah! You're prethatic. Only by manipulation you were able to take control. very smart of you but against me you don't stand a chance

Alixie: What the.. REVAN?!?!?

Revan: Yes! The ultimate Dark Lord is back once again to rule the galaxy!!! And nobody can stop me!

On that moment Darth Aap came rushing in.

Darth Aap: How about me.

Revan: You are strong, Aap, but still not strong enough to defeat me.

Darth Aap's thoughts: I know, i'm gonna have to think of something. It's unlikely to defeat him, but not impossible.

Darth Aap: Bring it on.

And there they were. Aap, Revan, Palpatine and Alixie, all there. And the battle for rulery of the Sith was about to begin.
02-07-2007, 2:21 AM
Alixies thoughts: this will be a good conversion for me so l can escape

*Alixie runs out the door with no one noticing but reaven but if he yelled out he knew he wouldn't end up killing the emporour and Drath Aap so he didn't even look at her afterwards*

Before you knew it Darth Vader sensed this so ofcourse he went to have al look so he ended up fighting

Emporour: I just remebered thats right l was exspecting this. Darth vader under the floor is a controller that will badly damage reaven and he has no choice but to serve

*ofcourse Emporour didnt say it out loud he said through the force so darth vader went down and when he saw the control he reached and grabbed it then he activated it bringing down reaven*
 Nancy Allen``
02-07-2007, 3:12 AM
What the hell? Alixe thought as she ran along the hallways avoiding patrolling Stormtroopers called out by a quiet alarm, not knowing what to make of this turn of events. Revan? Alive? Impossible. But, she wondered, wasn't it Ajunta Pall who came back from the dead seeking forgiveness? Force ghost, she remembered. Maybe it was a clone, she didn't know, Alixe was no expert on the topic and there were more important things to worry about. She began searching for the communications room where she would be sure to get a message out to the Rebellion. She could also probably contact Revan from there as well, maybe use it to her advantage.
"What is this?" she wondered, coming up on a dead squad of Stormtroopers. It looked like they had encountered Revan, or maybe that other one, whoever he was. Their armor had no scorch marks so they weren't killed by blaster fire. A lone trooper would arouse suspecion but it was better than nothing, she could pretend to be injured if she was spotted. Communication might be a problem though. "Damn, I am getting too old for this." She pulled one of the bodies aside and began putting on the armor, disgusted at what she was doing.
Hopefully this is a recruit and not a clone. Ick.
02-07-2007, 10:44 PM
Alright since I haven't been able to visit this thread for a while, let's say Okoe came alone with his padawan to Kamino to find this Rebel to negotiate an alliance against the Empire while most of his fleet went to Rakkatack.

*Okoe Kithoran and his apprentice killed a few stormtroopers in a hall, seconds later hearing footsteps heading his direction.
*Okoe* hide, quick!
*seconds later Alixe came there, seeing the dead stormtroopers she began putting on the stormtrooper armor*
*Okoe Kithoran walked slowly forward, lightsaber in hand and found Alixe halfway through putting on stormtrooper armor*
*Okoe* I presume your the Rebel named Alixe?
*Alixe* what's it to you?
* Okoe* I am a Jedi that escaped the massaceration attempt on the Jedi at the end of the Clone Wars, discovering planets and technologies in the Unknown regions, I came to find you and negotiate an alliance between the Rebel Alliance and the Kithoran Alliance, but right now, I must find the Emperor and the two other force users I sense here.
*Alixe* So you're the guy behind the Empire's sudden lost planets.... I'm sure the Rebel Alliance will eagerly accept an alliance between us Rebels and your faction.
*Okoe Kithoran* Very well, please tell me where the Emperor is, I need to stop this once and for all.
*Alixe* This way, follow me, by the way, if you put on this armor you might be able to pass the patrols.
*Alixe, Okoe Kithoran, and Okoe's apprentice, Jaax Loris put on the stormtrooper armor and rushed down the corridors to the room containing the Emperor, Revan, and Darth App*
 Nancy Allen``
02-07-2007, 11:59 PM
Alixe kept to the back and kept her weapon at the low ready position, looking as though she was confused on what exactly she was meant to do and trying to focus all her thoughts on a message she tried to project to Revan. Most people looked at her as a soldier, someone who's highest claim to fame was probably her attempts to snipe Grand Moff Tarkin. But most people gave her intelligence too little credit. Even before she worked with them prior to the Clone Wars Alixe knew enough of the Jedi to know that she would never become one, that she was too unlike them to ever walk the halls of the Coroscant temple as a knight. But that didn't bother her in the least, she knew much about them, including that Jedi, or more accurately force sensitives as Sith were capeable of it as well could read thoughts and feelings.
Lord Revan, she strained her mind to scream out, thinking that stroking his ego would help if he had again taken up the mantle of the Dark Lord, Palpatine is the one you want. It was a risk she knew, if Palpatine or App heard her they would probably kill her, but it was her best chance to
02-10-2007, 4:45 AM
Emporour: well done vader

*As alixie,Okoe and his apprentice walk through the door they noticed reaven laying on the floor all burnt and then alixie noticed a wore out grenade that was on the floor at her feet, quietly alixie walks in but before you knew it okoe and his apprentice bursted out of the armour they were wearing and started to fight so that was when alixie ran away but she put a chip for the cordinates for the rebel base so the can team up*

Emporour: well look whos there reaven get up

*reaven rises off the ground*

Reaven: Yes master

Emporour: Fight them and kill them

Reaven: Yes master

*they started fighting and it took a while but when reven sliped he lightsaber and cut off his whole arm he fell to the ground*

Reaven: l sense death in you okoe wat is it (being said via force)

Okoe: Well my well wife shes dying and--

Reaven: You want to save her

Okoe: yes

Reaven: you will save her if you save me please

Okoe: l will

Reven: Thankyou

*okoe had a plan so he excepted he offer*

*reaven got up pretending to actully kill both of them he took them to there ship*

Reaven: There


Emporour: That was wired why did that happen

Darth Vader: Well l dont know
02-10-2007, 1:01 PM
Darth Aaps thoughts: I sence betrayal here. I dont trust them a bit. I better follow them unseen to be shure of this.

Darth Aap followed them to see what they were up to. Supressing his force powers, he could remain hidden from their force sensitivity
02-11-2007, 8:30 PM
Gee, thanks for turning my guy to the dark side, Daniel >_>

don't have time to add more right now, will when I can though.
 Nancy Allen``
02-11-2007, 10:27 PM
Alixe managed to find a computer where she found out where the communications hub was. The Stormtrooper patrols were heading to attend to the other intruders, plus when she surrendered herself they didn't find her stealth field generator. Making her way to where she wanted to go she feigned an injury and banged on the door.
"What happened?" the Stormtrooper asked, seeing that she was in a bad way. Thinking she was one of them he went to pull off her helmet to help when she stopped him, grunting in pain. "Wait here." Alixe nodded as he left to find medical supplies. That left the communications officer. Still wearing the Stormtrooper armor Alixe went over to see what he was up to.
"You are not a clone, are you?" she asked, aiming the rifle. The officer reached for an alarm but Alixe knocked him to the ground. "Answer the question or die."
"Clone? No, I enlisted." Alixe kicked him in the head, knocking him out.
"Find another job." She needed to make this quick. "White Lion to Eagle's Nest," Alixe said once she found the right radio frequency. "Come in Eagle's Nest. Require update."
"This is Eagle's Nest, we've been waiting to hear from you." That must have meant her radio was being blocked. The Imperials however wouldn't have that problem.
"We have Vader, Palpatine, and some type of reincarnated Sith Lord. You cannot ask for a better target."
"Palpatine? Are you certain?" Alixe wished there was some way to verify what she saw. Well her word would have to do.
"He is here. We can end the war here and now." It was certainly a bold comment, but this was by far the best chance the Rebellion had.
"I shall pass the message on. Prepare for retrival."
"Understood. There are a couple of extra passengers I need to find before then." Alixe terminated communications, she wasn't sure if the Jedi were survivors of the purge or were from after then, either way it was only right to get them out.
02-17-2007, 3:37 PM
Well since Daniel kindly turned my guy to the dark side, Okoe's lieutenant will take over the Kithoran Alliance.

*before Okoe turned to the dark side... >_>..... the lieutenant was told my Okoe via comlink that they were gonna alligne with the rebels*
*Lieutenant* get a shuttle prepared to take me to Yavin IV to negotiate an alliance with the rebels, commander.

*a few hours later they were on Yavin IV signing a contract with the rebels*

*in the meantime the Kithoran Allaince fleets were destroying the Star Forge, there was no telling with team was winning so far*
02-19-2007, 12:50 PM
Imperial: We need the star forge to remain there quick send in a crew to activate the droids on the ship man the controls

Stormtrooper: Yes sir

Imperial: I hope we win

I forgot to say you may of not read right anyway your guy didn't turn to the dark side he had a plan quickly mad in his mind so he had a plan to do something with reaven
02-19-2007, 5:28 PM
While darth aap was following Revan and Okoe, he was contacted via his implant.

Trooper: Sir, We are holding the Kithorans off at the Starforge but I'm not shure if we'll win this one. We could definetly use some support down here.

Darth Aap: Got it.

Darth Aap's thoughts: Hmm, perhaps i can use my backup army still remaining at Korriban to attack a Kithoran homeworld so that their army is forced to retreat and defend the attacked location. This way the Starforge might survive. Ok guess i'll do that then.

And so darth aap contacted his backup fleet and traveled to (*ImpElite has to decide wich planet is most important to his alliance*) to attack and distract the kithorans.
02-24-2007, 6:38 PM
Imperial: We need the star forge to remain there quick send in a crew to activate the droids on the ship man the controls

Stormtrooper: Yes sir

Imperial: I hope we win

I forgot to say you may of not read right anyway your guy didn't turn to the dark side he had a plan quickly mad in his mind so he had a plan to do something with reaven

Ok, ty for telling me.
As for Doc Aap, I think the MOST important planets that the Kithoran Alliance controls right now would be Coruscant, Byss, Corellia, Kuat, and Mandalore.

*With the alliance between the Rebels and the Kithoran Alliance the Kithoran Alliance had knowledge of Rebel plans, worlds, and technology, and vice versa.*
*The Kithoran Alliance was fighting a losing battle in the Rattatack system, so the Lieutenant sent more capital ships and anti-fighter ships there to help.*
02-24-2007, 8:33 PM
Darth Vader: My apprentence l took secretly go and vanquish the leader of the kithorian alliance so we can end this pathetic battle go and kill them

Sith: Yes master
02-25-2007, 9:12 AM
Darth Aap's fleet jumped out of hyperspace at Coruscant and begane to launch a heavy assault at the Space Station. His fleet was part ISD's and part Enhanced Ravager's.

Darth Aap: Now lets take our primary planet back from those worms.

The space station was easily destroyed as the Kithorans didnt have time to get reinforcements on location. Darth Aap sent his land forces down quickly to take Coruscant back. The transports landed and the troops started Rampaging through the big city. It was a hard battle tho and Aap wasn't too shure of his victory.
02-25-2007, 3:37 PM
Darth Aap: This is wierd this is one of the most important planet of the kithorian alliance but theres barely no one here and the ground force we only found like 50 troops whil we had a thousand troops this is really weird.

Trooper: Look whats that

Darth Aap: trouble

Trooper: Bring all garrisons to the central area of the city we need to protect it

Darth Aap: Why?

Trooper: In the central part of the city is where the emporour and darth vader currently is.

Darth Aap: You heard the man go go go

*a large ship went into orbit with plenty of smaller ones too*

Kithorian Officer: Give the planet over and we let you go free

Darth Aap: Never

Kithorian: Fine fire

*a huge battle started in space but the kithorians didnt wait until all the space forces were destroyed they already were sending down troops so there was to large battles*
02-26-2007, 4:54 PM
Heh, heh, heh. Like they stand a chance against us, against me. And as the transports started to deploy troops Darth Aap raided them before they knew was was happening.

Darth Aap: Time to feel the wrath of the future Lord of the Sith.

That's right. Darth Aap had already thoughd over it more than once. He was planning to try and overthrow the emperor and claim the title of strongest sith. He didn't knew when he was going to make his move yet, but he was planning to do so very soon. Good thing that he had learned to throw up a wall of emotions to make his mind impossible to read. Otherwise his plans would fail for shure.

After 2 hours of battle the alliance started to weaken in reinforcments. A sign of defeat? Darth Aap hoped he was right.
02-27-2007, 12:04 AM
Imperial Traitor: Hmph you think we just suddenly knew that you were comming lm the admiral they planned your fleet so l told them where you were going to attack so not very far away we were there waiting funny that the emporour didnt get my talents of my abillity at least the kithorians do.

Darth Aap: What traitor lm going to cut your head off and add it to my pile of heads that were owned by other traitors

Imperial Traitor: Your little storys dont entertain me apparently lm in charge of the eclipse so bring it in boys.

Darth Aap: What?

Imperial Traitor on comm to the eclipse: Soldiers Darth Aap is planning to destroy the emporour kill him

Stormtrooper: What kill the traitor

Darth Aap: Great

*darth aap remembered the biggest blockage of them alll to kill the emporour which is the whole empire they will kill me well for sure the stormtroopers lm not sure about the imperials but ln any case they will end up killing me so better be cautious*

Darth Aaps thoughts: I forgot where l am lm in the midle of a planet thats about to blow wait l need to some how keep the emporpur and darth vader here than my problem will be solved and at the same time the imperial traitor will be killed once they find out that he tricked the imperials and stormtroopers into firring

*darth aap disabled the emporours and darth vaders ship and didnt it off the planet in time*

Darth Aap: Yes excellent
02-27-2007, 7:14 AM
heh heh heh this was even easier that i expected. Even if they survive, they will never find out it was me who disabled their ships. And if they do, Try and find me!

While darth Aap said that he activated his stealth generator and hyperspaced away in his 1-man fighter
02-28-2007, 9:24 AM
With the combined effort of the Rebels and the Kithoran Alliance, they were able to take many worlds, like, Korriban and many worlds around that system (I can't remember ALL of the planet's names.....)

*Kithoran Alliance trooper* we're intercepting a transmission coming from Taris!
*Lieutenant* well patch it through then!
*Kithoran Alliance trooper* oh, well... jee, sorry sir I didn't mean to-
*Lieutenant* JUST DO IT!
*trooper* y-yes sir! r-right away sir!
*Okoe Kithoran* I've managed to escape, I'm located at a merchant's shop on the west side of the main city, ask for rocalph, I'm out.
*Lieutenant* send the fleet to Taris immediately!
*trooper* yes sir!
02-28-2007, 9:25 AM
*With the combined effort of the Rebels and the Kithoran Alliance, they were able to take many worlds, like, Korriban and many worlds around that system*(I can't remember ALL of the planet's names.....)

*Kithoran Alliance trooper* we're intercepting a transmission coming from Taris!
*Lieutenant* well patch it through then!
*Kithoran Alliance trooper* oh, well... jee, sorry sir I didn't mean to-
*Lieutenant* JUST DO IT!
*trooper* y-yes sir! r-right away sir!
*Okoe Kithoran* I've managed to escape, I'm located at a merchant's shop on the west side of the main city, ask for rocalph, I'm out.
*Lieutenant* send the fleet to Taris immediately!
*trooper* yes sir!
02-28-2007, 9:26 AM
oops! didn't mean to do that, please ignore the second one :(
03-09-2007, 8:28 PM
is this dead?
03-09-2007, 10:04 PM
nah, I was just waiting for someone to do their turn.
03-10-2007, 4:00 AM
Stormtrooper: Sir

Imperial: Yes

Stormtrooper: l have disturbing news

Imperial: What is it

Stormtrooper: The well.... emporour is um..... dead

Imperial: WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Stormtrooper: He died on coruscant

Imperial: Who killed him

Stormtrooper: They said he was killed from an imperial traitor but his dead

Imperial: GOOD!!!

Stormtrooper: Now what

Imperial: We will all move back to the main system that we captured Taris

Stormtrooper: Affirmitive l will tell all the remaining fleets to regroup at that planet

Imperial: Good
 Nancy Allen``
03-10-2007, 6:49 AM
Alixe looked through a pair of binoculars, trying to find some sign of the Jedi she ran into, but couldn't see anything, and it was too late to do anything regardless.
"Hell is too good a place for you," she said of the Emperor as the shuttle lifted her from Kamino, "you son of a..."
"His death will go a long way to bringing peace back to the galaxy." From behind the hologram of Mon Mothma interrupted the abrasive old soldier. "We are going over Kamino now. Anything you have to add about what you found there?" Alixe thought for a moment, her arms crossed.
"We have one dead Sith Lord. Best reason in twenty years to get toasted on spice." If Palpatine was dead maybe she could even retire, leave the Empire to a younger generation. "Did you find anybody else down there?"
"So far we have not been able to find any trace of the people you informed us about. However if they were indeed Jedi then it would be important to find them so they can aid us in their cause."
"Humph." After the Jedi purge Alixe wondered about that, if maybe any survivors simply chose to quit like they did thousands of years ago. What she encountered suggested otherwise. "You want me to hunt them down and convince them to work for us then?"
"We have another task for you. Intelligence has uncovered information of a threat against Skywalker."
"Skywalker?" Alixe wasn't surprised in the least. "He took out the Empire's trump card, prevented them from destroying the Rebellion. A farmboy. Only reason I can think of that every loser has not been hired to kill him is because of embaressment." Mothma looked up the information she had, repeating it to the commando.
"Her name is Mara Jade, an experiment we believe. She would use the Empire's funds to stay in the Imperial's hotels as payment for her services, which we believe is at the moment to hunt down and kill Skywalker." Alixe looked at the image of her target and couldn't help but think how ugly she looked.
Well, I am hardly one to talk.
"She is called the Emperor's right hand, having been trained in the ways of the Sith."
"That means she probably uses the Force to currupt minds." A disgusted look crossed Alixe's face. "I did not get the opportunity to put a bullet in the Emperor's head, but the chance to cut off his right hand is fine by me. Out." Her finger stabbed the controls of the holovid, terminating communications.
[Mara Jade,] she mused. Sith training or not, a sniper was probably a good choice to send after her, especially one that sought to hurt the Empire any way possible. Alixe headed for the front of the shuttle.
"What did Mothma want?" Alixe took the seat next to the pilot.
"There is an assassin sent to kill Luke Skywalker," was the reply. "How they explained the reason beats me."
"So what now?" Alixe was suddenly very very tired, not just from Kamino. It felt like she had been fightiing this war forever, sacrificing everything she had for her great crusade: any chance of a family or happy life.
That ended years ago when evil took control of the galaxy. Now wasn't the time for introspection.
"Home feels good right now." Wherever that might be. "Nar Shaddaa. We might be able to get some information there."
03-11-2007, 5:35 AM
Darth Aap arrived back at a small hidden outpost on Dathomir. Here he was gonna plan his uprise. He couldn't just walk in and say ''Hi, I killed the emperor, obey me now.'' He needed good representatives (Representing is something Darth Aap never was good at) and a backup army just in case (he already had that). Let's start on Kamino. With a bit of luck the fight there may be over so i can move in more undetected. Oh and ofcourse some major imperial planets to collect some loyals who already planned on serving me when the time was there.
So darth aap cloacked his ship again and moved out. He was a bit.. troubled tho. Darth Revan was still out there, and Darth Aap just knew that a confrontation with him was nessesary and it would happen soon. He also wondered who the old rebel woman he ran into might have been. He senced traces of the force within her. If the rebels have a new Jedi Padawan it might become dangerous (not knowing of Luke).
03-11-2007, 1:45 PM
hello everyone i am joining this thread.

rebel:dran,the emperor is dead.
dran:Oh good.hunt the empire down.
rebel:they might be on taris
dran:lets get moving then

dran and his rebel army appear on taris and kill some stormtroopers and stormtrooper officers
dran:lets get on that command post and kill some stormies there
rebels:YES SIR!
dran:not that loud

stormtroopers hear the rebels and a battle starts
dran throws a rock at a stormtroopers head
dran:hee hee
stormtroopers are dead now
03-11-2007, 5:36 PM
can you give us some info about your character?
03-11-2007, 8:46 PM
OK, just so you guys know, azimnj is from the Jedi Knight part of the forums, he hosted a roleplay thread there about the Clone Wars, we finished up the Clone War part..... so, here we are..... except..... daniel and I were already here..... anyway, yeah.....

*The Lieutenant and some disguised Elite Troopers came and found the shop on Taris*
*Lieutenant* I'd like to see.... rocalph.
*shop manager* storeroom.
*Lieutenant* thanks.
*the Lieutenant heads to the storeroom and escorts Okoe Kithoran out, as they head back to the shuttle a trooper called on the Lieutenant's comm and said there were Star Destroyers entering the other side of the system.*
*Okoe Kithoran* Double time, we need to get back to the ship as soon as possible.*
*Lieutenant* good thing we brought a landspeeder along... :D
*Okoe* now that's more like it!

by the way, about azimnj's profile, he was a Clone Commander in the clone wars that defied order sixty-six, he saved Plo Koon's life, and he has won many battles, that's pretty much all I can remember about his profile.
03-12-2007, 4:45 AM
Darth Aap flew over to kamino to see what was happening and while he was hovering around the place to pick anyone alive before you knew it there was al large population of stormtroopers and imperials and all the empire bassically (well troops necesary).

Darth Aap landed and had a look around then when he had a look at the stormtroopers and imperials they looked like "what is he here" or something like that.

Darth Aap enters the main building then suddenly storm troopers seize him and take him to Darth Reven.


Darth Reven: Well not much except from the idea of me controlling the empire now

Darth Aap: WHAT!!!


Imperial: Theres an imperial fleet comming in and as well as a rebel fleet

Imperial Commander : Good we can get rienforcement

Imperial (with reven): Give up you stupid person

Imperial Commander: Pardon you how rude

Imperial (with reven): Prepare to be blasted

Imperial Commander: Ok then all troops man guns and all piolits go to your vehicles and get out there and fight

Imperial: Rebel fleet incomming

Imperial Commander: Well

Rebel: Putting you in now dran

Dran: Well Imperial Commander nice to see you again

Imperial Commander: You were the stupid clone that rebelled against us

Dran: We will see who stupid. Attack!!!

Imperial Commander: All fighters attack these given targets and as well as gunners

Dran: Turn on all sheilds

Imperial Commander: Turn on reflecter shields

03-12-2007, 5:28 PM

*The empire was torn to bits once reven took control of the empire so a group of people from the empire made a new faction with more advanced technology to destroy reven and who ever was to oppose them the faction is The Moff because they had no other imperials except all the moffs (master imperial class) and a few imperials and troopers well the only clone troopers not the new recruits*

Moff Imperial: We have to get new ships and vehicles since we only have a small group of imperial vehicles.

Moff: Understood track okoe when he flies to different areas he may end up going off to get more technology

Moff Imperial: Yes Sir

*while okoe isnt looking a Moff stormtrooper attaches a hommig beacon onto his ship and then he flies off with out even knowing*

Moff stormtrooper: I have done my mission

Moff Imperial: Good
03-12-2007, 9:11 PM
*Okoe's fleet consisting of his best ships were hyperspacing in the system, upon receiving a distress call from Dran.*
*Okoe on comm with the Rebel ships and the Kithoran Alliance ships* Let's teach these suckers a lesson, Dran, send in your best fighters to the Star Destroyer Revan controls, my corvettes and bombers will be there to help.
*Dran* Okay, sure.
*Okoe* just like old times, eh, Dran? ;)
*Dran* Just like old times..... :D
 Nancy Allen``
03-13-2007, 12:12 AM
"Ah, Nar Shaddaa," Alixe said as the shuttle touched down. "Best place to celebrate by getting toasted, roasted and burnt on vice." She wished she was able to recover her rifle from Kamino, the size of it might get her a few stares here but it'd be worth the protection, especially if she found her target.
"Need a drinking partner?" Alixe looked at the bar that was pointed out and shook her head.
"If something happens you will need to carry on the search on your own." She didn't expert that her life would be in danger, especially if there were two Rebel commandos as opposed to just the one. This was Nar Shaddaa however, where there was more than one way to take a wrong step and fall. Without a weapon it was a risk but Alixe wanted to chance it over putting her partner at risk. Stepping out into the cool air she pulled the coat over herself further, more to hide the Rebel uniform than to keep warm.
"Scuse," she said, brushing past a group of people leaving the bar, including a redhead. She didn't give the woman a second thought, more interested in seeing that the bar was in fact an Imperial hotel. "Hmm." Maybe she wouldn't get any help here but she had to try, if she played her cards right someone might tell her something. She approached the Sullistan behind the bar and dropped a handful of credits on the counter. "Beer, anything." As the bartender got her drink Alixe mused at the Imperial's hiring policy.
A Sullistan working for them? Well he was probably from some type of employment agency and not actually with the Empire. The glass bottle was placed in front of her and while she was given the correct change she took a sip, approving of the choice in drinks. It was quality stuff, tasting better than the usual low priced drinks she usually ordered. Checking the label she saw that it came from Onderan. When her change was brought to her she pushed it back.
"You seen any redheads here recently?" she asked. Alixe liked Sullistans and understood them, sort of. His jibbering, nodding and affirmative facial expressions told her he did. "Short cropped hair, red hair, like a Sith's lightsaber. I owe her some credits," she finished by way of explanation. The Sullistan pointed past her. Looking, Alixe saw that she was trying to look like she wasn't listening in. A flash of recognition clicked in her mind, Alixe caught a glimpse of the woman as she walked past but it didn't register. Now that she got a good look it was clear that Mara Jade had found her, not the other way around, how Alixe had no idea, and she was defenceless.
03-13-2007, 4:46 AM
can i join too please
03-13-2007, 4:55 PM
Shure, just give us some information about your Roleplaying Character.

Darth Aap's Thought: That didn't went as I hoped. Guess the confrontation with Revan begins sooner than I thought.

Darth Aap: You?! Controlling the Empire?! Prethatic!!!

Revan: I once controlled the Sith Army, and now I can do it again.

Darth Aap: Not if it depends on me. I've done too much to reach my goal to be stopped by some half-dead sith lord.

Revan: My body mignt not be as good as it was before, but I can assure you, my power is.

Darth Aap: Then why don't you show me.

Darth Aap used the force to smash the stormtrooper guards uncontious agains the wall and he drew his lightsaber. He directly attacked Revan. After several attacks on eachother Darth Aap thoughd; I can't win this, but, perhaps I don't have to. No if I play this smart it'll work out just the way I like it. Heh heh.

Then Darth Aap stopped the fight

Darth Aap: You are too strong for me. I Yield.

Revan: Now you know the power of the Dark Lord.

Darth Aap: Yes, I see it now! You deserve to be the Dark Lord, not me. If I had only seen that before, I would have joined you, not fought you. Please Revan, Let me join you. Together with me as your apprentice, we can be much more powerfull. You can be much more powerfull.

Revan: I knew you would realise the truth. That's why I didn't kill you yet. I have more value to you as my apprentice, instead of another corpse.

Darth Aap: Thank you Lord Revan.

Revan: Good, now follow me.

And as Revan, fully blinded by greed and power turned his back to Darth Aap, Darth Aap did a quick strike and cutted Revan down.

Darth Aap: You naпve fool. The galaxy will be mine now!!

Revan: You... Cowar-

Revan died
03-13-2007, 5:59 PM
i'm gonna be jedi
age 8
weight 30klbs
jedi master
faction rebels
name tyrone
nickname TJ
tj was survivour of the great jedi purge his family were jedi. after excute order 66 his family died he survived he heard abput darthmori
then his shuttle landed he fotce leaped cut stormtroopers in half
then a darktrooper came deflecting blaster bolts pizz wiiz the armur would not take damage then he used force choke
errrargh he died
p.s he knows both ways of the force but is a light jedi.
03-13-2007, 9:41 PM
Wow, an 8 year old Jedi Apprentice, this is getting interesting! :twogun:

*The space battle raged on, with the combined strength of the Kithoran Alliance and the Rebel Alliance, they seemed to be winning the fight.*
*Okoe just then felt a surge through the force.*
*Okoe's thoughts* Hmmm, I sense the light side in a being, not very much, but I still sense it, I must investigate this immediately!*
*Okoe on comm* Dran, I need to leave, something has come to my attention, think you can finish this up?
*Dran on comm* You got it, good luck.
*Okoe on comm* you too.

*Then Okoe hyperspaced out towards the light sided being in a starfighter.*
03-14-2007, 12:52 AM
Hey Tyrone how about we dont have any sound effects like aaaarrhh unless there saying something and so yeah no bam or boom or things like that because l got confused if someone was saying something or not ok thanks oh thanks for joining this thread tyrone!

*Alixie heard on a holo that there was a surviving jedi and she noticed it got alot of stormtroopers attention because they remembered killing all the jedi and she heard a comment of the jedi is that he was young one that was said to be either 7-10 years old and they said he was a very young jedi master that rised throught the ranks faster then any other jedi has ever done*

Alixie's thoughts: If this a jedi thats alive he may be a good chance of getting rid of the empire


*Darth Aap turned the empire arround and turned it back into it state it was before the emporour died and the moffs rejoined the empire finding out that the rest of the empire were not crazy anymore but that didn't stop them from getting new technology*

Darth Aap: Imperial prepare to move to this system

Imperial: Yes Sir

Darth Aap: Heres the given commands

*Darth Aap poped up a hologram of the places to go it said
Nal Hutta

Imperial: understood
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