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 Nancy Allen``
03-14-2007, 7:02 AM
Alixe had another agenda on Nar Shaddaa. It was finding those two men who claimed to be Jedi that made her think of it. Maybe not all the Jedi were dead, but in hiding. Since she expected if not now then maybe later to try and find any that still may live and have them join their cause. That wasn't an appertising thought, she did that at the end of the Clone Wars and found nothing but torment in finding them all dead, or missing, having presumeably met the same fate. None of that was on her mind at the moment however as she looked at the redhead across the bar. Mara Jade looked right back as she took a pull from her beer. The fact this old woman was looking for her made the Sith defensive. But there was an edge to her, the aura about her suggested that she had seen a lot in her long life.
Military? she wondered. There was also the face, she was certain that she'd seen the face before. Alixe began shaking her head as Mara tried probing into her mind, looking as though she was clearing away cobwebs but she figured the woman could feel her poking around. What she saw was surprising...dead Jedi, Younglings to be exact, and the anger that came from the sight, though she couldn't tell if Alixe was responsible for it. Killing children is as low an act as you could possibly get and Anakin...Vader, carried it out as though they were nothing but the Droid Insurgency. Alixe's voice echoed through Mara's mind as she saw the woman, much younger, in what she thought was a Republic uniform as she killed a Clone Trooper, feeling the burning anger the woman felt at those who had killed the Jedi. Seeing this made the Emperor's pupil remember, the woman looking for her was one of the Rebels. Age and the lack of hair made her not see it before and her eyes widened ever so slightly at the recognition.
"Been looking for you," Alixe said finally. "Think I owe you credits." Now that she knew who the woman was Mara wasn't about to waste any time and used her Force Corrupt ability to sway the old commando.
I'm only a soldier, a voice inside her head said, she realised this was something that was said to Alixe, likely just before he was killed. The line between the life I want to live and the life I'm expected to live... This she knew was Senator Organa. The results of trying to sway Alixe were unexpected. Spice helps ease the pain. Somehow she was able to block her attempts to corrupt the woman's mind. The referrence to spice made her wonder if it was the alcohol for a second, but the more likely answer was that Alixe conciously or self conciously threw up thoughts of her past as some type of barrier so that Mara couldn't do anything to her. Her gaze went to the other bar patrons, but the woman saw what she was planning.
"Do not even think of thinking about it," she warned, smashing the bottle against the counter. In response Mara reached for and activated her lightsaber, the red blade lighting up as she brought it in an upwards arc against her opponant. Alixe managed to step out of it's way and shoved the bottle at Mara's torso, but came up short. The Sith swung the blade down but Alixe grabbed her wrist with her free hand, dropped the bottle and pushed up, trying to bring it around to her back. Mara tried to pull free when Alixe pulled with her, yanking down before recieving a kick to the gut. She staggered back against the bar as Mara charged in, swinging the lightsaber just past her head. Stepping back before Alixe could retalliate Mara threw her lightsaber, using the distraction to Force Corrupt the bar patrons. Alixe charged, dodging the deadly blade and running like a bull at her foe, her head lifting up at the last second to strike underneath the chin. But the commando knew she had a lot more to worry about and had no idea how she was going to get out of this. Killing was out of the question for her. She was distracted by a laser blast and looked to see that her shuttle pilot had ignored her and followed, she must have been waiting in case she was needed. Again Mara used the distraction to her advantage, retrieving her lightsaber and force jumping to the balcony. Alixe was torn between going after her or, seeing the man that was shot, going after the pilot.
"Alixe, c'mon." She began firing on the crowd that advanced on her when Alixe screamed at her.
"No! No dammit! Shoot the woman!" She decided it was best to go after Mara with the shuttle. "Jan, the woman!" Jan Ors joined Alixe in running out.
"Take it you found her then." When there was no reply she added, "Not like sniping at Tarkin." Alixe wasn't in the mood to hear it.
"Just get the shuttle in the air. We will track her that way." Mara watched the two Rebels retreat, recognising the other one as Jan Ors She figured they would try and escape the planet, or maybe come after her with reinforcements.
"Well a call to the Empire will put a stop to that."
03-14-2007, 10:48 AM
Darth Aap's Thoughts: Finally, The empire is mine. With the combined machinery of the Kuat Shipyards's Stardestroyers and the Starforge's enhanced Ravagers, I will soon have almost every system in the galaxy conquered.

Darth Aap: Moff 332

Moff: Yes sir?

Darth Aap: Take the 533rd legion and conquer these systems.

Darth Aap gave him a starmap with several core worlds marked.

Darth Aap: If you need any replacin troops on your quest just contact 344-ez-atc at the Starforge. He'll send you anything you need. Now get moving.

Moff: As you wish.
03-14-2007, 5:45 PM
more stormtroopers came i used force destruction
then 29 darktroopers came after me i quickly stole an imperile tie inceprator off in space
then I quickly landed in rebal hanger then got in my x-wing blasting any ties in my path
then a lambada shuttle lanched in space to land dathmori i used rockts lasers nothing worked then a interceprator shot me i quickly skidded on the imperil hanger then force jumped killing any piolits and stormtroopers then i felt the force in space i wonder if theres a survivor?
03-15-2007, 5:23 AM
Imperial: Stormtrooper l want you to take a troop (if your thinking only a troop l mean the group kind of troop) to the planet mandalore because the mandalorians are acting well agressivly so understand

Stormtrooper: Yes Sir

*The troop of troops went down to the planet mandalore to see what the problem is with the mandalorians*

Stormtrooper: Move to section 113 and you lot move to 13 understood

Group of Stormtroopers: Yes Sir!

*The two seperate groups went in there directions*

Stormtrooper on comm: The mandalorians are gavering in the main square

Stormtrooper on comm: Affirmitive move to that section

Stormtrooper on comm: Yes sir

*The stormtroopers go to the main square of the clan where they do meetings and battles*


Mandolorian other clan leaders: YEAH!!!

Stormtrooper on comm: They seem to planning to-

Stormtrooper on comm: Take over the galaxy

Stormtrooper on comm: What are we going to do

Stormtrooper on comm: Dont know we will move back to the stardestroyer and tell the imperials

Stormtrooper on comm: Lets move!

*The troop move out but they were seen by an mandalorian and it called out that there was spies*

Stormtrooper on comm: AAAHHH INCOMMING

Stormtrooper on comm: WHere are you

Stormtrooper on comm: .................

Stormtrooper on comm: HELLO

Mandalorian uses stormtroopers comm: His out same as you

Stormtroopers: AAAAHHHHH FIRE!

*the stormtroopers fired at the rouged mandalorians and killed them and they ran to there shuttle*

Storm trooper: WHAT IN THE WORLD WAS THAT!!!

Storm trooper: Dont know maybe they are going to control the galaxy well at least try

*while the stormtroopers left the planet they had look out and they noticed thousands of ships docked for use*

Stormtrooper: WOW!!!

Stormtrooper: WHERE DID THEY GET THEM!!!

Storm trooper: They must of got them from the star forge

Stormtrooper: We must tell Darth Aap it doesnt matter about the imperials we must say it straight to Darth Aap


Moff on comm: Moff to starforge repeat moff to starforge

*a mandalorian picked up the comm and answered but the moff didnt notice*

Mandalorian on comm: Yes

Moff on comm: We need troop refills and spce craft as well

Mandalorian on comm: Send you cordinates

Moff on comm: 64-Nar Shadda

Mandalorian on comm: Lets see oh yes Nar Shadda we will send reinforcements right away

Moff on comm: out

Mandalorian on comm: out

*The Mandalorian on comm knew it wasnt one of them he knew it was a moff but he acted like normal so he knew where they were*

Mandalorian: We have bait at Nar Shadda

Mandalorian: Lets go

*the mandalorians hyperspace into Nar Shadda*

Moff: Thanks for comming

Mandalorian: Die

Moff: WHAT!!!

*before they knew it they were sreaming like babies and ran into the escape pods and launched down to the planet Nar Shadda and the fighters protected them while they were landing*
03-15-2007, 9:40 AM

Communicator droid: Affirmative

Darth Aap: What is it soldier

Imperial: The Mandalorians are planning a major assault to take over the galaxy!! They've got hundereds of capital ships somehow!!

Darth Aap: That is unexpected. Try to hold the line down there, I'll send some reinforcements.

Imperial: Hurry up!! We can't hold out much longe- BOOM!!!!!!! connection lost.

Darth Aap: You. How long until our rebuilt deathstar is operational

Engineer: 3 Months if it isn't more

Darth Aap: Ah great. Darth Blaze, Report

Darth Blaze: You summoned me master.

Darth Aap: I have a nice little assignment for you my Apprentice. Take some troops at your choise and exterminate those Mandalorian traitors.

Darth Blaze: It shall be done my master.

Darth Aap: I'll get you some troops.

Darth Aap: This is Lord Aap, come in.

Mandalorian: What is it sir?

Darth Aap's Thoughts: That isn't the clone communicator who is supposed to be there.

Darth Aap: Never mind.

Mandalorian: ehh, ok sir.

Darth Aap took a huge fleet of Star Destroyers and moved to the Starforge in person. When he arrived there he saw a huge fleet of Ravagers with mandalorian marks.

Darth Aap: AH GREAT!! Attack!! Attack!! BUT DON"T DESTROY THE STARFORGE!!!!!!!!!!!

And so the battle to retake the Starforge begane.


Darth Blaze Profile

Age: 19
Race: Human
Weapon: 2 Single Blades, Orange and Red
Force info: Strong with force lightning, Weak with corruption tecniques.
Personality: Brutal, Smart, Dangerous Enthousiasm, Loyal, Does anything to achieve his goal
Biography: He was born on coruscant and his parents were killed by a clone trooper (still serving the republic) as an accident. Since then he has always been full of hatred. This way Darth Aap found him and offered him to join him and avenge his parets by helping him killing all loyal to the republic (rebellion etc.). Because of the hate he alway's carrys with him he is a dangerous opponent who knows no defeat yet. Althougth he is strong, he is still far from a Sith Lord, and his big Enthousiasm could become his death.
03-15-2007, 3:31 PM
i sensed a dark force somewhere hmmmm *uses force sense* ahhh
the bridge so he cut any imperils in his way he made it there you will not destroy mandlions for the rebal alliance! *pulls out saber*
03-15-2007, 6:30 PM
Darth Blaze: Heh, heh, heh, and a kid like you is going to stop me? You might be strong in the force, but you are no match for my skills. Beside that, I am a sith, and the light will never be able to defeat the darkness so, bring it on!!

Darth Blaze drew his two light sabers and attacked Tyrone. Even with Darth Blaze's training it was a hard battle. Just when Darth Blaze was winning Okoe bashed the door and aided Tyrone in battle. After Darth Blaze defended a few hits he knew he would never win this. When he got the chance he force-runned off without a word.

Okoe: DAMNIT!!

Okoe tried to use Force Push to stop him but Darth Blaze force-pulled the dead stormtroopers before him to catch up the attacks. Darth Blaze was already in the hangar with Okoe and Tyrone on his ass but just as he jumped toward an Interceptor Tyrone force-jumped toward him and managed to hit his leg (not cut it off).

Darth Blaze: AHRG!!!!!!!!

Okoe: Give up, You can't win.

Darth Blaze: Never!!!

Darth Blaze used a force lightning attack to throw Okoe and Tyrone off him and crawled to his fighter just before they recovered from it. Since Darth Blaze was already weakened a lot the attack didn't do any physical damage. Darth Blaze got behind the wheel and took off just before Okoe and Tyrone could stop him.


Okoe: That's just great...
03-15-2007, 6:50 PM
my x-wing is in good conditon *then a pilit rebal lanaded and crshed okee got in wohoo
next minte darth blazes ship blew up oke made it out just in time *heres some sounds bssh wossh kaboom loom thars star destroyer blowing up sounds not speaking* i was on darth blaze on his ass using rockts lasers he escaped in a pod but the squardion said hold your fire he goning down to mandlion planet so i could duel him i found where he laned then i Duled him and force pushed off a cliff i was brusied medics came and put me in a bacta tank
03-16-2007, 4:38 AM
Darth Blaze was in a bad condition after the fighting and his wound in his leg hurt him alot. He tried crawling back to his ship. If Okoe would find him here he would be captured for shure. And with all the mandalorians around here it wasn't a safe place to be wounded either.

Darth Blaze: Must... reach... ship...............

But then Darth Blaze got uncontious.
03-16-2007, 3:59 PM
i was healed and found blaze i found a transport ship then went to the crusier darth blaze awok seeing me there he was trying to grip his saber.
Blaze: Were is my saber?
Gone u threw it down a hole.
join the rebel alliance or die coward!
03-16-2007, 10:09 PM
guys i got a clone wars nabbo roleplaying any of you can join its at dexster jettsters dinnrer cya there
03-17-2007, 3:44 AM
Darth Blaze: I will..... ahhh.... never ever join the reb.......

Tyrone: His uncocious he may die

Darth Blaze: Im not going to die by you

*Darth Blaze got so angry and force pulled the whole transport crushing it together and making it look like a scrunched tissue*

Tyrone: NO!

*tyrone jumps out of the transport with a few other rebels and it wasn't far from the ground so they could easily jump out. Darth Blaze stopped nearly unconscious and he was trying to get to the controls and then he went unconcious and fainted and he lent on the contols and he went up into space then it went past a star destoyer and they used its tractor beam to take the transport in*

Tyrone, Im going to have a look at this other thread your talking about but nobody go because l am going to still be on this forum
03-17-2007, 4:29 AM
tyrone got in the transport tooked him out then was put in a bacta tank tyrone sat there waiting then he awoke
Tj:join the light side my freind
tj: Become my apprenticre
Guys dont leave this thread i made a nabbo one but still chat here
03-17-2007, 7:47 AM
Imperial: Search the ship for any rebels.

Stormtrooper: Affirmative sir

The stormtroopers rushed inside the rebel transport that was torn to a piece of strap by Darth Blaze's anger attack. All they found was a dead rebel guard and Darth Blaze who was nearly holding himself together.


Darth Blaze: Tell Aap... that.............. there are... 2.. Jedi's....... Alive.....

Stormtroopers: Jedi?! r-right away sir.
03-17-2007, 5:17 PM
* The stardestroyer left the system to go look for rebels*
Wheres Impelite l wonder?
Imperial: Search the systems for any rebel scum

Stormtrooper: Yes sir

*The different groups of star destroyers left to find the rebels on different planets and they found all the rebels accept from tyrone and his group of rebels*

Stormtrooper: Found a group of rebels on plenty of different planets what should we do with them

Imperial: Eliminate them

Stormtrooper: Yes Sir

*Nearly all the rebels was killed and when they found mon mothma they sent her to Darth Aap*

Mon Mothma: You will not get away with this

Darth Aap: Already have. PUT HER IN THE CELL!

Stormtrooper: Yes sir

*the stormtroopers left the room and when they got to the cells mon mothma went out of disguise and it was Alixie and she kicked the stormtroopers and she jamed the hand cuffs in to the cell and they broke and when the stormtroopers were getting off the ground she got there gun and shot them both*

Stormtroopers: Sound the alarm

* an alarm sounds *

Alixie: Very unsettled but it got the job done

*Several stormtroopers were running towards her and alixe just shot them all*

Alixie: Easy

*the battle continues*
03-17-2007, 5:42 PM
Tj quickly went to the plant or ship and ran cutting stromtroppers in half with some rebals and okey
come on darth app will be here any minte now
blossh he was there
Darth aap: ha ha ha jedi scum
tj: i will finish you once and for all
the battle rages on then tj cut darth aaps leg off and pushed a pile of strometrooper on him then tj used force lighting tj got in the rebal transport and woosh to the planet below
 Nancy Allen``
03-17-2007, 5:58 PM
"This is your worst idea ever," Alixe said, contemplating how she got here. Using only Jan's blaster pistol she couldn't get a good shot at Mara Jade as they chased her through Nar Shaddaa. After she escaped however this ingenious little plan was dreamt up, despite Alixe pointing out that her age would give her away. She never would have guessed that they were half blind. "Imperials will kill themselves with their stupedity if we do not kill them first." Ripping off the wig Alixe searched the dead Stormtroopers, the fact she had disguised herself as Mothma making her think of the Rebel Leader's thoughts on the Death Star, how the Empire's destruction of Aldaraan had rallied the galaxy against the threat like never before. That thought appealed to Alixe, frowning that she couldn't find what she was looking for. Of course not, these guards wouldn't need thermal detonators, though the reinforcements who would be close to being outside might. Alixe aimed the rifle to the roof and fired, thinking a much easier way would be to try and find the ship's armory, if there was one. Not knowing whether or not there were Stormtroopers after her Alixe fired down the hall, hoping at least they had enough brains to not risk getting killed long enough for her to climb up through the hole she made. "Damn it, I am getting too old for this."
03-18-2007, 9:01 AM
Darth Aap: I sence a disturbance in the force. There is battle going on and Darth Blaze is having a hard time it seems.

Darth Aap to Imperial: What the hell is going on back there

Imperial: Lord Aap?! but, you're dead.

Darth Aap: What are you talking about.

Imperial: Well this kid came rushing in the throne room, he battled you and you died.

Darth Aap: I've been on korriban for 3 weeks now. WTF IS GOING ON!!!!!

Imperial: It looks like somebody cloned you. I already wonderd how the Dark Lord could be beaten that easily. You, I mean the clone was dead in only a few seconds.

Darth Aap: Im thorough with all this bullsh!t. I'm taking my 3 Darkside adepts with me and I'm going to restore order to MY empire. YOU!! Collect all the possible troops and kill anything suspicious immideately.

Imperial: Right away sir.

Darth Aap: Start with clearing out Coruscant. I want this kid you're talking about dead. And any rebel presence too. By the way where is Blaze

Imperial: He has been attacke by Okoe and the kid and is now in the hidden medical outpost at the moon of Dathomir.

Darth Aap: NOW I"M MAD!!! TIME TO DIE SCUM!!!!!!
03-18-2007, 4:03 PM
Guys we have to go to yavin and tell master luke skywalker corasunts is being invaded
my the imperils come on theay took a mandlrion medical one and took off then laned on yavin 4 .
Tj: help us master skywalker we need alot of jedi the empire is trying to cntrol corausunt. right away then luke got him all sorts of jedi so rebal transports and flagships went to corasunt.
Stormtrooper: Whats was that?
Tj: die
Stormtrooper on comlink wtf?
tj: cut any imperils in his way then he saw darth aap
time to duel and finish once and for tj force oushed him off the edge so he feel...
03-18-2007, 6:34 PM
Darth Aap fell down but just before he smashed into the ground below Darth Blaze catched him.

Darth Aap: Thanks. Are you fully recovered yet?

Darth Blaze: O yeah.

Darth Aap: Now let get back up. He's no match for us both.

Darth Blaze: I've got something better. Lets sneak off the planet without anyone knowing. We'll leave a hologram down here of a dead you. We get off the planet and fire the Deathstar I just brought with me just in case.

Darth Aap: It's operational yet?!?! how did you manage that. It was supposed to take 3 more months.

Darth Blaze: Yeah but one of the mechanics invented some stuff that speeded it up.

Darth Aap: This plan is perfect. We'll kill this kid who is extremely strong in the force, A ****load of rebels, And some jedi.

Darth Blaze: Jedi?

Darth Aap: Yeah, I senced some jedi reinforcements comming in.

And so Aap and Blaze activated their stealth field generators and sneaked aboard a cargo ship that was just leaving. Darth Aap learned Blaze and himself to suppress their forcepower. This way no jedi could sence them. When the transport was outside the planets atmosphere they walked to the pilot.

Pilot: Stowaways? Get out of my ship before i call secu- Lord Aap?!

Darth Aap: Get to the Deathstar. Don't worry i'll compensate any cash losses.

Pilot: Shure.

Then the transport flew toward the Deathstar hangar.

Imperial through intercom: Transport craft, the Deathstar is forbidden airspace, Please turn your ship arou-

Darth Aap: I'm Darth Aap you fool!! Let me pass NOW or you'll regret it.

Imperial: S-sorry sir.

Then Aap and Blaze boarded the Deathstar. It fired and Coruscant was blown to bits.

Darth Blaze: Heh heh, he's probably dead. I don't sence his presence anymore

Darth Aap: But is he truely dead. If he's uncontious you don't sence him too, remember.

Darth Blaze: But it's impossible to survive that!

Darth Aap: I guess you'r rigth.

Darth Aap and Blaze went off to Korriban for some ''buisness'' in 2 stealthed fighters. They didn't want any unwanted attention with them and Aap said it would be best to not have the eyes of stormtroopers with them. The deathstar with the accompanying fleet remained at Coruscant's remains destroying any transports or any suspicious activity. Darth Aap left 3 Highly trained Sith Lords at the Deathstar to defend any jedi attacks.
03-18-2007, 6:51 PM
Be shure to read my previous post on page 3

Once arrived at Korriban Aap and Blaze traveled to the Valley of Lords. There Aap used some kind of force tecnique Blaze didn't knew. Then in a rock, a hidden entrance opened, Darth Aap and Blaze moved inside. There was an old, very old droid.

Blaze: Amazing

Aap: It's an ancient storage of Sith Warriors who were vrozen in long ago by Naga Sadow. If we can reactivate the we will have an army of sith lords under our command. We will truely be unstoppable.

Blaze: Sweet

Droid: I will now analyse if you are truely a Sith and no Jedi Traitor. Finish the Lines.

Droid: Through passion I gain:
Aap: Strength
Droid: Through Victory:
Aap: My chains are broken
Droid: If my commander orders me to spare an enemy:
Aap: I kill my commander
Droid: Because:
Aap: He is weak. Only the strong survive in the sith.
Droid: Why?
Aap: Because that is why we sith are strong.
Droid: Analysis 1 complete. Please produceed in the next room.

Blaze: This is exiting.

Aap: Yes but stay focussed. the challenges ahead will be VERY hard.

Blaze: I'm ready

Aap and Blaze proceeded inside the next room and the door behind them closed. A door opened and 3 Terentatek beasts entered the room. Darth Blaze attacked them with a strong Force Lightning attack but it had no effect.

Aap: These creatures are immune to the force.

Blaze: Wonderfull

Aap: We'll have to battle them with only our sabers.
03-18-2007, 7:27 PM
Everyone thought aap was dead when i force pushed you aap i told them the wars has endned.
Tj: master skywalker i need all jedi i have now a powerful sith lord called app hasent been killed yet he survived on the holonet.
Luke skywalker: yes master tj
The fleet crossed the gallaxy at full speed to korriabian there were rebal soildgers jedi knights and of coruse me laned then lots of sith pooped out
Jedi: For the rebellion.
Walls cracked has jedi saber cut them
rebal rockts blown up a entire all serching for aap and after me and oke watched the last wall tubmal and darth aap and his apprentice were captured then 80 fleets came.
Tj:What the imperil cruseris then master skywalker and all the jedi came stromtroopers blasted them
darktroopers came and of coruse Darth vader
tj: oh god.
03-19-2007, 11:21 AM
Aap and Blaze were put in forcecages. Aap reached to Blaze with the force to communicate.

Aap: I'm going to get you out of here. You get back inside the tomb. If you steal back your stealth generator you shouldn't be interrupted. No jedi OR imperial knows what's in there anyway. Once you continue through the battle arena we just cleared out, you will get in Naga Sadow's tomb. His spirit still haunts the place. Ask him for support against the Jedi. You don't have to lie to him if he asks something.

Blaze: Yes master.

Aap to Guard: Guard, my apprentice is very sick. Can you open his cell cage.

Guard: Why would i do that

Aap: [Force Persuade] Because he's very sick. And you want to help him.

Guard: [Succes] I, guess I do.

Once the guard opened the cage Blaze used Lightning to blast the guard down. He sneaked to the tomb and went inside the last room.

Naga Sadow: What brings you to my tomb, young sith.

Darth Blaze: I need your help, my master.

Naga Sadow: What's wrong

Darth Blaze: Since you passed away, 4000 years have passed. The sith ruled over most of them, but now the Jedi have a lot of soldiers with them and there are only a few of us sith left. Just me, my master, darth vader, and some adepts.

Naga Sadow: This isn't good. I shall lend you my army of frozen sith lords.

Darth Blaze: Thank you alot master.

An old door opened by some mysterious power and behind it there were hundreds of thousands of frozen sith lords. Each one of them was able to match a jedi knight and together they could destroy 20 jedi orders with ease.

Darth Blaze: The tide has just turned, heh heh heh.

Sith Commander: What is the current situation.

Naga Sadow: You and your men shall obey this young Sith and his master Darth Aap, and the sith lord Darth Vader.

Sith Commander: Affirmative great lord.

Darth Blaze: Follow me outside and kill any Rebels, who are dressed in red, or jedi. The soldiers in white armor are allies.

Sith Commander: It shall be done.

Tons of lightsabers were activated and the army of Lords rushed out terminating any resistance. The jedi were completely overrunned.

Okoe: WHAT THE ****!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tj: RUN!!!

Okoe, Tyrone, and 3 Jedi were the only ones who managed to hijack an imperial transport by force-jumping to it. They were the only light siders who left Korriban alive. Meanwhile the Starforge was retaken and an immence fleet of Ravagers and the Sith lords raged throught the galaxy eliminating any resistance. Darth Aap and Blaze were at the Super Star Destroyer inhabated by 300.000 stormtroopers and 600 Sith Lords. in a mather of weeks they'd retaken 62% of the galaxy. Okoe and Tyrone had no other choise then go into hiding until they found a way to counter this immence force.

Darth Aap: Well done my apprentice, The galaxy is ours. We are now unstoppable.

But Darth Blaze had a bad feeling about it.
03-21-2007, 8:13 AM
Why isn't anyone Replying
 Nancy Allen``
03-21-2007, 8:14 AM
I was about to actually, been waiting for the story to move on because I had a couple of revelations to drop.
03-21-2007, 8:57 AM
Ok, at least explains 1 person. I wonder why we arent getting any replys from Danial, Tyrone, and ImpElite. And if you just didn't had the time to, I know i'm very impati–Ľnt :P
 Nancy Allen``
03-21-2007, 9:15 PM
Alixe paused, a pain in her leg from crawling around the insides of the ship. The pain was actually a souvenir from Hoth, when despite the hated cold she fought, using one of the cannons against the AT ATs rather than snipe at the Imperials, until a little run in left her with most of her leg sliced off and after months of protest had a cybernetic one from the top of the thigh down. Even if it did work fine it bothered her that she was part machine. What bothered her more at the moment however was the lack of success in finding anywhere that might have explosives. Alixe could try playing around where she was but the commando had no desire to kill herself doing so. She needed a guide. Peering down through a grate she was surprised at how far she had gone through the ship, it looked like some type of reactor. Not familiar with the type of ship she was on Alixe wanted to hold off doing any damage, at least until she knew what she was doing. The distance she placed between the prison cells looked to be in her favor, there was only a pair of Stormtroopers on guard, whether that was standered procedure or they were waiting for her she wasn't sure. The problem, for them, was they were facing the wrong way. Carefully lifting up the grate Alixe jumped down, freezing at the sight of a laser turret but relaxed when it was evident it was inactive. Quietly she crept behind the Stormtroopers, raised her rifle and just before it pressed against the head of the first one fired. As his companion reacted Alixe wrapped an arm around his throat, pressing the rifle against his back.
"Where is the armory?" she demanded. She began pushing the Stormtrooper to the edge of the walkway.
"There isn't an armory." In response to this Alixe pulled off the soldier's helmet so he could get a good look at the drop below.
"I am willing to bet your life there is." Alixe pushed the Stormtrooper over the edge, nearly causing him to lose his footing.
"You have to believe me, there's no armory." Alixe thought for a moment, not sure whether to believe him. Either way she wasn't going to find the help she needed this way.
"You are going to get yourself promoted. Get on the comlink and tell your pals you killed the prisoner." With his life litrially in her hands the Stormtrooper did as she said.
"This is RC 14498, the woman's been terminated in the reactor. You can shut down the infernal alarm." Judging by his manner Alixe guessed he wasn't a clone. Well that didn't change much. "I'm not sure if they believed me."
"I will find out." Alixe glanced at the deep chasm she held the Stormtrooper over. "Thank you. I will let you go now." She pulled the trooper back before tossing him over the edge, letting him go as he screamed and watched him fall down to hell, where he would see Palpatine no doubt. "If they believed you, your promotion will be posthumous."
03-23-2007, 2:59 PM
sorry about that ive been playing bf2 on my xbox thats all
03-24-2007, 7:14 AM
that's ok. but i havn't seen Daniel for a week and i havnt seen ImpElite for ages
03-24-2007, 9:17 PM
sorry l have not of posted for ages and l wont be poating today because l just got right in the middle of knight of the old republic 2 the sith lords so l will be playing that but l will come back.
03-25-2007, 6:24 AM
lmao ok :P
03-26-2007, 11:40 PM
sorry im not visiting this thread much.mostly i go to jediknight forums.

Dran:fight till all of us die
Rebel:yes sir
*dran grabs a pistol and shoots a stormtrooper in the head
Dran:capture the command post!
All rebels:yes sir
*dran shoots imperial officer and then marches in with his troops
*stormtroopers shoot but he ducks behind a wall
*dran comes out of walls and shoots them all

thats it for now
03-27-2007, 6:45 AM
ok l spent a long 30 minutes trying to keep up l think l need to keep up to date anyway lm back because l finished the game so lm back oh yeah please dont sware is just if my mum or dad sees me on this place and theres people swarring they wont let me go back on and l wont be very happy so please resist the erge thank-you. Oh yeah Aap you blew up darth vader on coruscant with the emporour so you just bassically repeated the same thing ok.

Imperial: Today l had the sith lord get really angry at me l just hate there kind wanting to get everything

Imperial: I agree there always so angry why cant they just be peaceful

Imperial: Because there sith

Imperial: Oh yeah your right

Imperial: I think we should bring order to this

Imperial: We shall make a free peoples army

Imperial: Yeah it should be the best one ever

Imperial: Its time we cannot sit back and let the sith scream in our faces we must act

Imperial: Yeah right now and today we shall do this

Imperial: Affirmitive

*They managed to nearly pursuade all of the imperials and all the stormtroopers followed on and they were happy about it to*

Imperial: Now all stormtroopers do not listen to all sith lords understand

Stormtroopers: YES SIR

Imperial: Good we shall strike korriban thats is were the sith are we shall go there understood

*Several transports prepare to leave to korriban to destroy the sith there*
03-27-2007, 5:31 PM
daniel do you mean that the stormtroopers and imperials ally with the rebels?(or clone liutenants)
03-27-2007, 6:31 PM
no they do not they still hate the rebels just as much they hate the sith lords so no they dont go against the sith and thats all they still fight the rebels and whoever else oh yeah not all of the empire gave in half of it still follows the sith so yeah and l will be on the side of the empire that left the sith and to fight the sith ok l will reply after school ok bye.
03-28-2007, 10:11 AM
Darth Blaze to Imperial that turned against the sith through Intercom: Why are these transports leaving the ship.

Imperial: Well.... The outpost on eh.. Manaan needed some unexpected supply's

Darth Blaze: ehh.. right...

Darth Blaze thoughts: I smell betrayal here. I don't know what but the imperial on the intercom sounded very unconfortable talking to me. I better go to Korriban to warn my master and the other Lords.

Darth Blaze got in his ship and hyperspaced to Korriban. Once he arrived there he went to the main chamber of the recently established Sith Palace.

Sith Lord: No apprentices allowed in the palace without permission.

Darth Blaze: I'm the Dark Lord's apprentice you fool!!

Sith Lord: Ow sorry about that. Strict orders from Lord Aap. You can enter.

Darth Blaze: Master, I came to warn you. Someone or something is betraying us within the empire.

Darth Aap: Yes, that explains the transport ships that are appearing on the radar.

Darth Blaze: What do you mean.

Darth Aap: Looks like were about to be attacked. The next transport should be here in 2 days and it should be 1, not 40. Ah well, let them come. I've got hunderds of Sith Lords here who can only obey us. What do they think they can do! Shoot us?! heh heh heh.


By the way daniel, you liked KOTOR 2?
03-28-2007, 5:03 PM
i'm back after playing bf2
the rebals were warned that korribian is gonne be attacked hang i want 50 fleets with me
Rebal sir yes sir
okee a space battle
tj yep
lets get this war started!!
03-29-2007, 5:05 AM
Darth Aap looked up as a massive space battle between the rebels and some former imperials raged on.

Darth Aap: Look at them. Killing eachother just to get down here and be killed by my sith lords. And to weaken them a bit.

Darth Aap: Activate the Hypervelocity cannons and blast em all!!!.
 Nancy Allen``
03-29-2007, 6:27 AM
"Well maybe someone on the other end will know how to take this ship apart." Alixe had found a comms station and was trying to patch a call through to the Rebels, see if someone knew the specs of the ship she was on.
"Halt!" Alixe turned and fired at the sound of the voice, assuming anyone on board to be hostile, choosing to fire rapidly rathar than the slower, argueably more accurate shots that were common. She saw that she got both of the Stormtroopers as a Rebel frequancy was found.
"White Lion here, need some help from someone who knows how to sabotage the ship. Cannot find explosives."
"Can't you find an armory on board?" the officer replied.
"I searched and interrogated one of the people on board. There is no armory." As she waited Alixe looked at the two Stormtroopers she just killed, one of them looking odd. Her face screwed up, not liking it one bit. It was smaller, the armor didn't fit like a normal Stormtrooper did. Listening for a reply from the Rebels Alixe went over to check on the corpse, feeling that there was definetly something wrong. Having a feeling she knew what it was she pulled off the helmet, before jumping back and hissing a curse word. "What the hell is that?" The woman she had shot dead was thirty years younger but was almost an exact clone of Alixe.
How? There was no way it could have happened. Unless... She thought back to Hoth when she was nearly killed, her leg being cleved off. Alixe didn't know a lot about cloning, didn't want to, but thought maybe what had happened was her blood was gathered for the process. But why? Alixe was so completely shocked she didn't even notice the blaster bolt as it grazed the side of her head, sending the commando crumbling to the ground.
"White Lion, we have the schematics to the ship you're on." The Rebel officer grew concerned when there was no reply. "White Lion, do you copy?" When there was still nothing heard he patched through a message to be sent to the Rebel fleet. "We've lost communication with White Lion, have a crew mobilised for search and rescue is possible." The officer would keep trying however, the channel was still open so Alixe should report in.
03-29-2007, 8:35 AM
by the way. What ship are you on exactly
03-29-2007, 8:48 AM
The battle above Korriban rages on as a group of yellow painted Capital ships hyperspaced in.

Okoe: The Consortium still alive??

TJ: Yeah I guess...

Okoe: Ah it doesnt matter. We're with much greater numbers anyway.

Darth Aap: Who the hell are they

Darth Blaze: They are a group of organised thugs calling themselves the Zann Consortium. It was the group that your former enemy Urai was a commander of.

Darth Aap: Whatever... Why do they think they can beat the rebels, a group of former imperials, AND an almost indefeatable group of Sith Lords. What a fools they are.

On that moment a group of Transport Cars destealthed and a large groundforce marched at the Palace.

Darth Aap through Intercom: A group of thugs are trying to attack the palace. Show them why we sith are the strongest race from the galaxy.

Sith Lord Commander: Yes master.

At least 300 Sith Lords rushed out of the temple and started cutting the Con's to pieces.

Consortium Officer: WHAT THE ****!!!! SITH LORDS?!?!?! RETREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
03-29-2007, 6:14 PM
Imperial: Who cares about the rebels lets just go down there to blow up the sith lords

*several transports left to go down to the planets surface but when they opened the door all the troopers died because of the sith*

Imperial talking to another imperial: Whats going on down there

Imperial talking to another imperial: We have lost all troopers

Imperial talking to another imperial: these sith are to strong

Stormtrooper: Sir

Imperial: Yes

Stormtrooper: They fired one of our stardestroyers with hypervelocity gun

Imperial: What this isn't true anyway it wont last long because the sith built it 1000's of years ago it will break

Stormtrooper: It broke and made a large explosion on the surface

Imperial: This is getting out of hand we have the rebels, we have the jedi TJ, we have the jedi, we have the consortiom who decided to stay, we have the sith, man theres heeps of people here we may as well just blow up the planet bring in the death star

Stormtrooper: Yes sir

*the death star hyperspaced into the sytem and begun to orbit the planet and prepare to fire, meanwhile darth aap intercepted the discussion of the imperials and the stormtrooper so he knew whet was going to happen*

Darth Aap: What its time to act get off the planet

Sith lord: We only can remain here because the dark power of this place feeds us and we can not live without

Darth Aap: Your going to get blown up anycase

Sith lord: We have an ancient sith artifact that could drain the force from such places like this would you want to get it?

Darth Aap: Get it quick we need to move

*the sith lord gathered the artifact and brought it to darth aap and he drained the power than all of the sith left the planet reatreting to the planet oderon's forest moon and started the great ritural that was there to bring back the ultimate sith lord*


Alixie stared in shock when she stared at the clone.

Alixie: Hey lm here rebel (saying quietly)

Rebel: Good everyone call of the fleet

Alixie: What call in the fleet

Alixie: Ahh!

Rebel: What..... What heppened

*no answer*

Rebel: Bring in the fleet repeat bring in the fleet

Imperial: We have found the female rebel alixie on transport 1994

 Nancy Allen``
03-29-2007, 7:17 PM
The clone looked down at the woman she shot, knowing that Alixe was who she was created from and understanding the wisdom of her creation. The importance she held to the Rebellion, from doing whatever she could in the name of vengence against the Emperor to trying to snipe Grand Moff Tarkin, made it clear that the Rebel terrorists would come after her. Whatever forces were sent would be cut down and the galaxy would be one step closer to being returned to order, something it hadn't been since before the Clone Wars. Dismissing the thoughts the clone checked on Alixe, seeing that despite the blow to the head she was still breathing.
"She may be useful," she mused, her voice clear of the anger that resided in her captor. Feeling a twinge of...concience? She couldn't tell. But she knew she would be much better to question Alixe than having her subjected to whatever torture the Imperials could think up. "Come on." Lifting up Alixe under the arms the clone began to drag her back to the cells.
03-30-2007, 6:34 AM
''This isn't going too well'' Darth Aap said as he knew Korriban was blow to bits.

Darth Aap: How could I be so blind to forget that it are Imperials that guard the Deathstar. Now countless sith knowlege is lost.

Sith Lord: Our master's tomb is gone, and so is his spirit. The age of the Sith is comming to an end.

Darth Aap: No.. NO!!! I WILL NEVER LET IT COME TO THAT!!!! New plan! First we'll settle at Onderon. I'll send Every available ship, wich are millions thanks to the starforge, to hunt down and destroy any Rebel, Kithoran, Con, Traitor or whoever might oppose us.
Darth Blaze. You are going to the Deatstar. Sneak in stealthy and blow it up.

Darth Blaze: Yes Master

Darth Aap: I'll send the 5 best of the Sith, The Sith masters, to hunt down and exterminate this annoying Jedi kid that keeps showing up. After you killed him, hunt down okoe kithoran.

Sith Master: Yes master.
03-30-2007, 4:41 PM
tj was on the on the ship 1994 he hid in the vents to the cells and broke in and cut 2 imperils guading then he saw alixe he saber cut through the cell and smashed sshhh tj said.Tj and alixle jumped in the vent and escaped in a pod with tj theay went down to a rebal base were theay were safe in the meanttime on yavin luke said 5 sith lords were after me well luke i see you had yavin.
luke yes tj
03-30-2007, 5:31 PM
*on the death star...*

Imperial on holo record: To imperial 102
We have tried to blow up the planet korriban but the dark side protects very well and when we went down there the creatures there tore us limb by limb l am the only one that got out of there and lm currently in orbit and our progress in orbit is doing well there is no more remaining hostiles in orbit but we have lost track of where the sith all went to so as l said currently there is still a Korriban in this galaxy
From Imperial 1998

*darth aap intercepted this message and was happy to know that the planet has not become astroid feild*

Darth Aap: Look this message sith lords tells us that korriban is still contact and they are unable to get to the surface because of the creatures

Sith lord: Well that means theres no point

Darth Aap: What do you mean

Sith lord: These creatures love to chew on the force anything that is within the force they will eat

Darth Aap: Well then why did they go for the stormtroopers then

Sith lord: They can sense it they can sense the the force from far far away

Darth Aap: But that doesnt answer my question

Sith lord: Even the smallest peice of force, they can sense any force that is the reason why they went for the troopers

Darth Aap: But they dont have the force

Sith lord: Were you ever a jedi

*Darth Aap had a vision being on dantoine remembering that he was a jedi all those years ago he remembered hes teachings that have no fear, have no hate. He remembered that there was plenty of jedi then he was there and that was the last enclave there was but then it broke the sith took jedi and he hid and a sith found him and he got pursauded to go to the dark side and he rembered one of the teachings that hes master said "all living things have a flow of the force and nothing has no force" that was the end of his vision*

Darth Aap: That was then this is now

Sith lord: Turning to the dark side has changed forever

Darth Aap turning hes light saber on: You sound like a jedi

Sith lord: Us sith lords grow and become wiser and we always descover new things of the force that we cant share and one thing we have found is that it was a mistake going to the darkside because when you die you can not rest and you will stay in your tomb waiting for a traveler to end you misery

Darth Aap taking away your lightsaber: Well why are you loyal to me then

Sith lord: I am not lm only.... well.... following you in your ways l will kill when you kill l will wait if you wait... we do this in our want not yours

Darth Aap: Ok then follow close

Sith lord: As you wish

Sith lord: I sense something

Darth Aap: What wait l sense it too

Sith lord: Korriban is going theres people there

Darth Aap: Im intercepting a transmision

Imperial on comm: We have finnally made our way onto korriban now where stripping the planet for artifacts then taking it to our vault

Darth Blaze: Hello darth aap

Darth Aap: Darth blaze whats the progress

Darth Blaze:progress is not good lm in a cell

Darth Aap: Great oh well you can find your way out

Darth blaze: Understood
03-31-2007, 2:06 PM
Inside the Deathstar's cellblocks

Rebel: Heh, heh, heh. The emperors apprentice betrayed by his own army.

Darth Blaze: Be carefull what you say next. I can destroy your mind in a matter of seconds.

Rebel: Try me piece of scum.

Darth Blaze: Hey guard. [Force Persuade] overload the rebel's forcecage.

Guard: [Succes] Shure why not.


Darth Blaze: Now open mine

Guard: Ehh ok, why not.

Darth Blaze got out choking the guard. He got to the next room and recovered his stuff. Then he went to the core of the deatstar. It wasn't very hard to get there since Darth Blaze found a stealth generator. He slashed down a stormtrooper and threw his thermal detonators inside the core. They exploded but it was too weak to make a difference.

Darth Blaze: I need bigger explosives here.
03-31-2007, 11:00 PM
*dran wins the battle and goes to korriban with plo koon(in my clone wars thread i saved him)*
Plo:i sense some dark side aura
Dran:i see 2 sith lords
*plo koon kills one with saber,and dran shoots one with his 2 pistols*
Plo:it is done,my friend
04-01-2007, 6:10 AM
*in the death star*

*darth blaze was looking for a larger bomb then he heard a alarm sounding*

Darth Blaze: WHAT!

Imperial talking through every speaker in the death star: Attention we are be attacked by by the rebel scum prepare for defense all tie fighter pilots move to the hanger now attention... *he repeats it agian around 4 times*

Darth Blaze: The rebels always have the plans to the death star they will blow it up

Imperial yet again talking: Attention...

Darth Blaze: Not again

Imperial: we have received damage from the inside of death star and it has activated dangerous gas so we need you to activate breath control on your armour and imperials report to the nearest refuge area imediatly imperial out.

Darth Blaze: AAhhhh....... Can't... Breath... it.. is ... Ahhh

Imperial: I fulled that stupid sith that is no core thats a replica if he was near the real one he would be dead and that gas was only there and its sleeping gas stupid sith

Darth Blaze: What happen... GREAT another cell

Darth Blaze: (force pursuade) Open up the door

Gaurd: (failiure) You stupid dark jedi lm an royal gaurd lm force sensitive you cant trick me

Darth Blaze: Great now what

Royal Gaurd: I know how about you sit there and rot in your cell for a while hey thats a good idea

Darth Blaze thoughts: Got get him away maybe l can attract him over to the right then l can contact Darth Aap

Royal Gaurd: What was that

Darth Blaze thoughts: That is not right l didn't even use the force

Royal Gaurd: I think l should... check it out

Darth Blaze thoughts: I wonder what it is

Royal Gaurd while pressing his breath control button: Ahh its an hole those rebels know how to dig into it dont they hey hahahaha... any way ok if you say please l may give you breath

Darth Blaze: Ahh... Cant breath... fine.. please...

* The royal gaurd activates the breath control system for the cells*

Royal Gaurd: There you go

Darth Blaze: Why did you do that?

Royal Gaurd: Im your masters royal gaurd protecter, the imperials forced me here because l am the only one here that can resist the force but lm dark side user

Darth Blaze: Really

Royal Gaurd: Im actully a sith reborn a reborn with dual sabers

Darth Blaze: I know where my master is l can show you

Royal Gaurd: Ok you lead the way

*the royal gaurd deactivates the shield and gives darth blaze a breath control suit*

Darth Blaze: This way
04-01-2007, 9:14 AM
As darth blaze and the royal guard rushed to the hangar they passed the fuel storage.

Darth Blaze: Yo, pass me a grenade.

Guard: Shure

Darth Blaze set the grenade to 3 minutes and rushed off. They stole a transport and when they looked back they saw a giant gap appearing in the Deathstar.

Intercepted Radio: What the hell? The deathstar almost entirely blew up, but we didn't had a chance of even shooting it yet.

Darth Blaze flew back to Darth Aap.

Darth Blaze: Master, this royal guard claims to still be royal to us.

Darth Aap: Good

Royal guard: I've got something you might find interesting, my master.
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