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Posted in: Star Wars: The Wedding of the Jedi
08-20-2013, 4:57 PM
I just have to say that it was an honor and a privilege to work with Chev on this and kudos to his idea in the first place....  [Read More]
Did you hear that as well? She asked Tavaryn through their link. A message...I recieved a message though the force. Tavaryn listened and he felt faint stirrings. He replied, Just the part about saving an innocent. What did it say exactly? Then Tava...  [Read More]
Tavaryn nodded and added, "Master Skywalker, perhaps we can get several teams in on different points and they rendezvous at a particular point. This could allow for coverage. The only thing would be cross fire issues if they advance in a circle...  [Read More]
"If they are expecting us we're most likely going to be running into heavy resistance. I'd say that due to Dagobah's terrain we're not going to be running into heavy vehicles, but rather infantry and possibly light air support such as small figh...  [Read More]
"It's supposed to be a meeting about the upcoming mission to Dagobah so we're going to be talking about what units are going to be deployed, possible resistance that we may run into and things like that." Tavaryn listened. He replied, &quo...  [Read More]
Ackbar Lift to Meeting "Is everyone ready to get going?" Belina asked. "I have a feeling that Kavrik is already waiting for us and possibly Garja as well." Tavaryn gave a slight nod. "Yes ma'am." He pushed the button f...  [Read More]
Ackbar Rest assured, If your going out there then I am as well. If she does try to restrict me from going due to the pregnancy I want to help me convince her otherwise. Tavaryn raised a brow at Alriana. He knew she had a mind of her own and nothing...  [Read More]
Tonatius replied, "Well your brother and I have a sort of understanding. As to the names, I am content with your choices." ********** Tavaryn made a motion for Alriana to follow the admiral. It was more out of politeness and old habits in...  [Read More]
Tavaryn was no fool when it came to emotions. He noticed that the admiral had been crying and guessed that something was bothering her. he could also see that she was trying to be the tough soldier. He gave Alriana's hand a gentle squeeze. I'm being...  [Read More]
"I think it would be a good idea if Kaillian were to stay in her room for a bit. There's a bit of a mess out here." Jun-la replied, "Don't worry. Matton and I will stay. We have a whole plan worked out. Belina knows too." She the...  [Read More]
Ackbar Tavaryn looked at Alriana and replied, "Yes." He couldn't say more since the alarms were going off. He put Kaillian on the couch and sprang off it in one fluid motion. He then said something in Avalonian and Kaillian nodded and tot...  [Read More]
Ackbar But I must insist that at some point in the future you should take a day or two to stay in the bacta tank. Tavaryn got the meaning of Belina's words but it didn't mean that he would make it easy for her. He knew just about every hiding place...  [Read More]
Ackbar It's about time that I finally win one. Well it's not every day the woman I love tells me that I'm about to become a father. Tavaryn sent the thought to her while he watched the evil smile appear on her face. He wondered if he should be worr...  [Read More]
Ackbar Yes... Tavaryn didn't need to use the Force or anything like that to know that what Alriana was saying was the truth. If she ever wanted to catch him of guard, this certainly topped it. It wasn't every day you heard you were going to be fath...  [Read More]
Ackbar Jun-la saw the helpless look and sent reassuring waves. She then decided to engage the admiral in conversation. Matton joined in as well. Jun-la asked, "With the Resistance getting the support it needs, are there any major plans to infil...  [Read More]
Ackbar "I think I'll keep it in there for the rest of my visit just in case..." "Wise choice," Jun-la replied. She gave a glance at Matton who recognized it as a signal that he was to get dessert. They shared a smile before he d...  [Read More]
Ackbar "Thank you sir." Fen'Harel looked at Xandros and got the idea that the boy may be harboring guilt and jealousies. He replied, "Do not jump too hastily Xandros. Such things occur with time and I for one know a good conversation...  [Read More]
Naboo Tonatius nodded to Kalla. He then said, "I'll arrange to see about getting transport back to the fighters. Your brother must be anxious to go over all the specs he put on." He gave Kalla a gentle kiss on the cheek before turning away...  [Read More]
Ackbar "Don't worry Admiral. I'll make sure he behaves." Tavaryn politely pretended not to listen. He knew that Belina while annoyed that the CMO complained about him was amused by his antics. He did get the feeling that Alriana was plann...  [Read More]
Ackbar "I've heard of the trouble he causes. Did you know that the Chief medical officer has complained to me about him nearly five times since he came on board?" Tavaryn continue to eat while sharing with Kaillian and replied, "Oh y...  [Read More]
Naboo Tonatius nodded and followed Kalla's lead, dodging the charges of the Sith Lord. It was like playing the old game of keep away with his brother when they would tease each other by taking each other's toys and dodging the attempts to get them b...  [Read More]
Ackbar Jun-la noticed the idea that flitted across Alriana's face and guessed that she had a trick up her sleeve. She said, "I suppose this would be a good time to use the Force trivially. i enjoy a good prank of two myself." She gave a na...  [Read More]
Ackbar Tavaryn sat holding Kaillian who clutched his neck giving a crushing hug. She then said, "Mees hungwy." Tavaryn chuckled and said, "Well I guess we better get started. Plus I think someone is too polite to admit that they are...  [Read More]
Ackbar "Alright Kaillian, this is what happens when tavy makes fun of me." When Kaillian watched Alriana punch Tavaryn she let out a giggle. With her little hand she slapped Tavaryn's hand on the chair. "Tavy tease Alri." Tavar...  [Read More]
Ackbar "I wonder how she figured that out." Jun-la gave a knowing smile as she led the way to the table. She gave a slight shrug of her shoulders as if to say she didn't have a clue when she really did. Kaillian gave Alriana a hug and wh...  [Read More]