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The Hunt for the Lost Jedi

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11-27-2007, 6:21 PM
Sefton speeded back to Khoonda. Beautiful country. He thought to himself as he passed through the countryside. Khoonda slowly came into view, and then before he knew it Sefton was at his ship. Atton and the Exile were still talking to each other infront of the ship, but the droid was no where in sight. He didn't stop and drove the swoop bike right up the loading ramp into where it was stored in the cargo hold. Sefton walked back down the ramp and tossed out the half burnt cigarette he had in his mouth.

"Atton, where to?"
11-27-2007, 7:06 PM
"Mmm... What?" Was all Atton managed to say before his attention was drawn off Sefton again, when HX-20 came around the corner carrying a huge box.

"Good evening, Mr Slycks, would you please tell me where I may put my new toolbox? It looks like we'll have to wait for the General's decision before we leave here, and since you told me off, I'll have to find someone else to play pazaak with."

HX put the large container down with no effort, took a quick look around and walked off towards Pato Ado, ominously waving his pazaak deck.

"Good evening, sir. I hope your herd is doing well? Would you care for a game of pazaak, for credits or equipment? Shall we say 200 for starters?"

The old Ithorian nodded agreement: "Yes, yes. I hope you are a worthy opponent." He had noticed HX's large container full of what, exactly? He was going to find out soon enough, all he had to do was to strip this cheeky droid of his possessions. You are no match for my ancient skills, artificial creature. Pure pazaak.


"Thank you kindly for being such a sport, sir. My programming forbids me to exploit sentient beings which is why I shall take no more than three thousand credits that you seem to be able to afford. I shall gladly return for more games, once you have stacked up your account again, sir. Good evening, sir."

Following the smoke around the side of the Vagabond, he found Sefton Slycks. "Hello again, sir. I should like to hand you a little payment for your expenses. Here's two thousand credits for you."
11-27-2007, 7:33 PM
The stack of bills was held out infront of his face. Sefton put the cigarette in his mouth and skeptically took it out of the HX's hands. There was a look of surprise in his face as he flipped through the money with both hands.

"Cash, just the way I like it. You can pay me in precious gemstones and diamonds if you like. But this doesn't mean you're allowed in the cockpit." Sefton pocketed the money. Later he would stash it somewhere in the ship, the place where he kept all the money made from his activities. There would be no time to drop it off and have put in one of his confidential bank accounts.

"I'll be onboard having my daily meal. Beer and a sandwich. Tell Atton we leave when ready."
 Empress Padme
11-30-2007, 9:44 AM
Bastila looked at their new arrival. " The bounty hunter can stay." was all she said but Bastila's look seemed to continue saying ' but I'll be watching you.'

Raven waved at there newest crew member." Don't try to kill me and I won't kill you."
11-30-2007, 8:15 PM
As he looked at Aren, Atton suddenly felt a surge of reality. It was as if he had been out of phase of the universe and had just stepped back into the place he belonged. Aren looked worn and exhausted but she still had that lively glint in her eye.

"C'mon, gorgeous, it's time we made some plans for the future. Bastila had a Force contact with Revan, and she went off with a small group of Jedi. I know Sefton from my days on Nar Shaddaa, and HX-20 was sent along by Mical. HX says Bao Dur is his master, though. I don't really trust him.
So it's up to you, hon: Are we gonna chase after Bastila and find Revan, or do you wanna get married first?"
 Empress Padme
12-01-2007, 2:04 AM
" She heard from Revan ? What did he tell her ? " Aren looked concerned. " Marriage ? "
Aren got up and paced around. " Atton, the things I did while I was away...The things I did to stay alive. The things the True Sith do to your mind. I did things I'm not proud of. " she kissed him. " Could you forgive my sins. If you can I would love to become Mrs. Atton Rand. " Tears welled up in her eyes.
12-01-2007, 2:30 AM
"I forgive you. Remember, back then, when I told you about my past? I'm here with you because I want to be here. I came looking for you because I wanted to. Ever since we first met, we've been in this together, so let's see it through, together. I'll always be with you."

Atton kissed away her tears. "Wanna go for a little walk and tell me what's bugging you?"
 Empress Padme
12-01-2007, 7:19 AM
" I knew you could overlook mistakes of the past but I still needed to hear it." Aren smiled a little. " I'm glad I didn't take you with me though. The True Sith make the Sith we fought look like gizkas. I've never seen a more cunning and ruthless enemy. The way they can slither into your mind..." she shutters at the memories." Kreia's mind games were a warm up compared to them. How could a Jedi NOT get corrupted by it. It was truly intoxicating and that's what haunts me. Naturally when I start to get over the events at Malochor 5 I throw myself into another epic nightmare. Revan was right to send me away, especially after that ni..... ANYWAY...You really waited for me all this time , Flyboy? How's your Jedi training ?" she raised her eyebrow.
12-01-2007, 9:15 AM
"I'm doing great! I'm a master swordsman now, I've even learnt to use the force to aid me in battle. And I still pick the odd lock or two. Waiting... Waiting for you... Yeah, part of me was, it was like I wasn't complete without you. For a long time after you'd left, I was like one of those mindless droids with a dead brain and a handful of twil... NEVER MIND... say, did you miss me?"

HX-20 was approaching Atton and Aren. "Madam General, Mr Rand, if I may..."

"No, you may NOT," Atton returned sharply. "Leave us alone, we have a lot to talk about. None of your business. Why don't you go and save the Republic? Or the whole Galaxy, for a change?"

"Protocol override: No, sir."

"NO? Hey, I just gave you an order, HX-20. Obey."

"Protocol override: No, sir. Your order is exceedingly silly, rash and shows signs of incompetence. I will not obey."

"Just leave us alone, OK?" Atton said, calming himself. Once HX was out of earshot, he turned to Aren: "Remember what I told you? They break, in the head.
So, again, did you miss me?" he teased her.
 Empress Padme
12-01-2007, 10:02 AM
Aren laughed. " I see your still getting along well with droids." she joked." I missed you very much. I'm sorry it took me so long to come back to you. I thought about going back into exile but without you a big part of me was missing. You made this empty Jedi whole.Besides you let me win at card games and you make me laugh.Kreia was wrong when she called you a fool, your far from a fool. Everytime I saw a female Twilek I though of their obssession with you.Remember those Twilek assassins on Nar Shaddaa. I enjoyed kicking their butts, nobody flirts with...I mean hurts my scoundrel."
12-01-2007, 4:37 PM
Trina smiled at Raven. She acted just like her mother a little. It surprised Trina. But then, a thought came to mind.

"Hey, Master Shan? Who was Raven's former Master?"

She wondered if that was the wrong question to ask. But Trina was really curious on who Raven's old Master was.
12-01-2007, 6:04 PM
On Dantooine, dusk was about to fall. The General and her scoundrel had made themselves comfortable in a patch of high grass.

Watching the clouds as the started to tint, Atton said: "Strange place for a picnic, and you didn't even bring snacks."

He turned around, grinning: "You kissed, now tell: how much is your scoundrel your scoundrel?"
 Empress Padme
12-02-2007, 7:23 AM
" Whatever do you mean by that ? " Aren tried to play dumb." Your my heart. I lost it for awhile but I'm very glad to have found it again. Did you know Revan and I grew up together. He was my best friend. He was so sure he had to go to war. How could I not follow him. Yes I loved him but he always had a soft spot for Bastila. I'm not gonna lie. Things happened when I was away from you. I was under the control of the True Sith and I did something I'm not proud of. However it was the image of you that saved me. I know I had a Force Bond with Kreia but I think I have one with you as well.You were there from the beginning of my reentrance into the Force. How could we not have bonded, both of us so lost. I understood Revan's bond with Bastila cause I have that bond with you. It saved me from things getting to out of hand. So thank you for annoyingly getting in my head and staying there. I thought I could find peace by helping Revan defeat the Sith but I didn't. Only with you do I find peace. Go figure, I find peace in our adventures together."
Bastila's face saddened. " Master Vandaar was her teacher before he was killed on Kataar. Then Master Vash before her death. I'm beginning to think she feels like she's a curse to any of her Masters. She feels anyone who trains her, dies."

"Well what else am I supposed to think. My two previous Masters are dead and your very ill." Raven piped in.

" They had nothing to do with each other. Their deaths were because of Sith not you and my illness is not your fault." Bastila replied.
12-02-2007, 10:46 AM
Revan walked to a near by tree and sat on the ground. He sat there meditating on what Bastilla had just told him. For Fifth teen years they've been separated, galaxies separated them, but as time passed he could feel her coming closure.

"A lot has happened to her. Where I should have been there by her side. But now is not a time for guilt."

Revan continued to sit there meditating, wondering how well he'll be able to talk to Bastilla, and his daughter in person when the time arrived. He decided that when the time came, he would see what happened.
12-02-2007, 4:20 PM
Trina looked at the view silently. It was sad to hear that both of Raven's old Masters died. But she believed that it wasn't Bastila's or her daughter's fault.

Without turning from the view, Trina knew what she had to do. "If you like, Master Shan... I could be her teacher. But that's up to you though."

Trina knew it was a crazy question. She herself was still learning the Force... but deep inside, she was almost complete with her trainings as a Jedi Knight.
12-03-2007, 12:14 AM
"I think the bond we share is the reason why I felt so lost when you were away," Atton replied calmly. "But, speaking of Revan, do you think we should try and follow Bastila? I know Sefton is the man if we want to track her down, he's always been very resourceful. If Bastila can be found, he'll find her. Your call, gorgeous," he smiled. "Then again, are you sure you want to go adventuring? I mean, things could get dangerous for such a sweet and tender girl like you. Real dangerous, I mean. Like, you could break a fingernail, or somethin'." Grinning, Atton braved himself for a decent whacking.


In the Vagabond's cargo hold, HX-20 was practicing with vibroblades, adjusting his motivators in between turns. Hack, slash, parry, sidestep, never trust your blaster further than you can throw it. Catch your enemies unawares if you can, he recounted his lessons.
He had sent off an encrypted message to his master from Khoonda, stating his success on Nar Shaddaa and informing him that further traces had yet to be found.

Later, he found Sefton. "Mr Slycks, I think I should go and look for the general and Mr Rand, once again. We are losing precious time. As you know, I am on a mission, too, and I cannnot spend too much time looking for Revan while I have more important things to do."

HX left the Vagabond and walked towards Khoonda, once again.
12-03-2007, 12:57 AM
"Whatever you need to do." Sefton replied. He was sitting in a chair watching the latest sports games on the holonet. Since it would be even longer, and he would continue to sit here not making any money...Sefton cracked open another beer and leaned back further. I should have had him pay me by the hour. He thought to himself.
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