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The Hunt for the Lost Jedi

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10-06-2007, 5:59 AM
Trina saw another Jedi enter the Council room. She smiled. "Hello." She turned back to the masters and bowed. The others bowed their heads to her as well.

One of the Jedi Masters spoke. "This is serious. If Revan sent a message through the Force to help him... then the Jedi must be there for his aid."

Trina nodded. "Master? I sense that Master Shan is ready. May I assist her, please?" Master Vandar nodded slowly and smiled. "Yes apprentice. You may go."
10-06-2007, 6:59 PM
"I would like to 'assist' as well." Teran said. "I think that they would be grateful of my assistance. Yes, I know what is going on right now, even though I am not a member of the Jedi Order." He added, as the Council turned to look at him.
 Empress Padme
10-08-2007, 7:08 PM
Atton Rand had got a note from Bastila requesting his prescence.

" Hello Master Shan." he told her.

" Hello. I'm gonna get straight to the point. I want you to look into were the Exile could be. While you were out playing pazaak there was a council meeting going on." Bastila said.

" I take it she isn't with Revan." he guessed.

" She isn't and I want to know why. I was under the impression she left to help Revan.If she chose to go back into exile I would like confirmation on that and if she's in trouble I bet you would like to help her." Bastila said. It was well known that Atton had feelings for the Jedi Exile and that those feelings hadn't diminished over the years.

" Of course I would help her but would she allow my help is the real question." Atton replied.

" Go seek her out and find your answer." Bastila said.
 Alexander the Great
10-08-2007, 9:01 PM
Revan sliced through a couple of vines with his lightsaber, and he heard a sound. It was like wind crashing against a rock, except much more tangible. He tore through some briers, and he finally arrived at the source of the sound. A thrashing river of maroon, almost crimson water rushed across a narrow river valley that spread through a delta. Beyond that, Revan could not see.

He knelt down at the river's shore, tapping down into the liquid. It was cold and clear, almost like water, except it had no sediment. How strange. He cupped some of it in his hand and peered into the crystal-like water. Revan would dehydrate if he didn't have anything to drink, and Bastila wouldn't arrive before then. He sipped the liquid. It was tasteless, yet it satiated his thirst.

Right then, he wanted to speak to Bastila again. He had to. Bastila, who are you bringing with you here? Have you found out anything about the Exile?
10-08-2007, 9:42 PM
Teran walked quickly to the Ebon Hawk, smiling to himself. The council had not decided to let a rogue Jedi-turned-bounty hunter assist this group that had gathered itself together, but no matter. If he could intercept communications and video from inside the Jedi Temple, he could find where the Hawk was sitting.

And, there it was, as he turned a corner. It looked as if it was prepping to leave, but the ramp was still down, and no one was in sight. Teran looked around, unhinged his lightsaber, and snuck aboard.
 Rogue Warrior
10-09-2007, 4:26 AM
Matala walked out of the cargo hold, satisfied that their supplies were in order, when she saw Teran.
"They calling up more Jedi for this?" she asked, more to herself than the bounty hunter. "Guess Bastila is really wrapped up in finding Revan." The commando sniffed, looked down to one of the bunks and withdrew the vibrosword from it's sheath on her back. "Something stinks." Paying Teran no further mind she made her way to the garage so she could work on the blade at the workbench.
10-09-2007, 7:49 AM
As Trina left the Council, she met up with Bastila again. "Master Shan, I did what you asked. I'm ready to go now."

She turned to look at Atton.

"Hello. My name's Trina Gormo." She bowed her head towards Atton. Suddenly, she felt a presence come in the shuttle, but it didn't matter... for now.
 Empress Padme
10-19-2007, 6:13 AM
Bastila raced out of the ship and threw up in the nearest trash can.She then recieved Revan's message. She weakly responded." Revan , we are sending a team to find the Exile ... and you as well.I will be on the mission to find you. So much time we have lost that we can never get back...."
10-19-2007, 7:53 AM
Trina raced after Bastila, and placed a gentle hand on her back.

"Master Shan? Are you all right?"

She was getting concerned when Bastila threw up like that.
 Alexander the Great
10-20-2007, 10:14 PM
Revan felt a strange disturbance. What was that? Never mind. Communicating for this long will make us both weak. We both need all of our strength. I might not be very far out from the Outer Rim. I feel like I've been traveling in circles for the past few months... You should be able to find me in a few days if you go straight to my coordinates.
 Empress Padme
10-21-2007, 6:05 AM
Bastila smiled at Trina." For now I'm okay.Revan mentioned that it would take a few days to get to him if we follow his coordinates.The sooner I...we find him the better we all will be.My mother recently died ,she was really sick but she lived many years longer than the doctors thought she would. Her illness I found out can be heriditary.How do you tell the person you love most that your on borrowed time? May the Force continue to help me slow down the progression of this wretched thing. You remind me of me when I was younger except your nice were I was icy. I feel comfortable telling you this. You are one of the few who know the truth now, though I know there has been rumors about my health for sometime."
10-21-2007, 7:30 PM
Trina felt like crying. She never thought that anyone would call her nice. And the good thing was that Bastila trusted her.

But what really sunk Trina's heart the most was that Bastila was sick of something unknown to the young woman. Trina was always willing to help Bastila, no matter what.

"Let's get ya inside, master." She lead Bastila in the ship. "I promise you... I won't let anything happen to you. While I'm around." She gave Bastila a warm smile.
 Empress Padme
10-22-2007, 3:29 AM
Bastila smiled back." I've been debating do I tell Revan exactly how ill I am through the Force or in person. If I say it through the Force I don't have to see his face become so sad. The again this Revan we are talking about. He probably already senses something's wrong with me. We are Force bonded after all and that hasn't seemed to dimish with time."
10-22-2007, 7:48 AM
Trina thought about what Bastila said. Then she grinned.

"Maybe you should tell him in person. If you tell him through the Force, we'll become so sad, he won't know what to do. But don't worry. Everything's gonna be fine."

Trina noticed that they stopped on the ramp to talk. "Now... let's get inside, and find Revan."
 Empress Padme
10-24-2007, 5:32 AM
Bastila got in the pilots seat.She had heard the crew that was coming with her had boarded.

'I'm coming ,Revan. I got some news for you both good and bad.But mostly I just want you to hold me in your arms.' Bastila said hoping it would reach him.
 Alexander the Great
11-01-2007, 5:32 PM
Revan got the message. Their communication transcended words. It was almost as if their emotions were being channeled directly into each other's minds, and now, he could almost touch her.

When he received her thoughts, Revan was surprised. Did she still feel the same as she did so long ago? He had left the weight of the Republic on her shoulders. But he wanted to embrace it.

Bastila... was all that he could utter. But he meant so much more.

Tell me the bad news.
 Empress Padme
11-01-2007, 5:37 PM
Bastila hesitated but answered. " I'm sick Revan, I have what my mother had.If something should happen to me ,there's something you should know. You have a daughter. Stubborn girl is determined to come with me to meet you.She's a lot like you."
11-02-2007, 4:55 PM
Trina offered to help fly the ship, because Bastila wasn't feeling well. When they reached space, Trina turned to her.

"Man. I feel so bad for her. Although she's a role model to me, I have to be loyal and take care of her. Gosh. I wonder if she's gonna be okay."

The thought of Bastila, the greatest Jedi Master of the Old Republic, was very ill. Trina promised to stay by her side, no matter what.

"Is there anything you'd like, Master Shan?" Trina asked, watching the view ahead as she flew the Jedi ship.
 Empress Padme
11-23-2007, 4:32 AM
" This may be alot to ask but can the event I don't survive ,can you watch over my daughter ,Raven. She's so headstrong just like her father, Revan. Not many outside the Order know about her. She's in her chambers meditating.She was very determined to come." Bastila told Trina.
11-23-2007, 11:07 AM
Trina turned to Bastila, and smiled. It was so great that Bastila had a daughter, and that Trina could watch over her. What a honor!

She nodded her head. "Anything for the Shan family, Master Shan. I'll do whatever I can to protect your daughter."

The young woman continued to fly the Jedi shuttle to the their destination. Where was Revan at anyway? Something like the Unknown Regions?

Well, whatever it was, Trina vowed to help Bastila, no matter the cause.
11-23-2007, 4:38 PM
(alright, im just gonna jump back into this RP. this is just how im gonna join up with you guys.)

Sefton was sitting on top of nearby skyscraper next to the Jedi temple. Word leaked out through his buddies in the Exchange that the Ebon Hawk was somewhere on Corusant. There was no doubt in Sefton's mind that many would pay handsomely to come into the possesion of the famous ship. Whether for practical uses or as a collectors item. Plus, where ever the Ebon Hawk goes is surely an important place considering Galaxy wide affairs and brokering important information paid handsomely as well. All he would need to do is a little eavesdropping.

Sefton had been sitting high on the building surveying the temple for hours now. Perhaps he needed a better angle, perhaps they wouldn't be leaving anytime soon and he could be up here for days, or perhaps he needed another cigarette.

One last peak. Sefton thought and looked through the binoculars and saw the Ebon Hawk ascending out of the temple. He could recognize it anywhere, even if the last time he had seen it was during the Battle of Rakata Prime.

Quickly Sefton jumped up and kicked open the box that was sitting next to him. Inside was a shoulder launched missile launcher. But it wasn't to shoot the Hawk out of the sky, no. How would he be able to make any money of this endeavor otherwise? Sefton hoisted it up onto his shoulder and locked onto the ship as it flew overhead. He fired and missile quickly caught up with it. The warhead broke off attaching itself to the hull. Hopefully nobody on board noticed, that's what these things were designed for anyways. The most they might hear is a discreet "ding". Sefton had placed a long range tracker on the Hawk, and the computer systems on his own ship were already beginning to process where it was going.
11-24-2007, 2:05 PM


A dimly lit alley on the docks of Nar Shaddaa.

A droid's voice: "Last warning: Give up the device or you will be terminated immediately."
Another: "Alright, I give in to brute force. Here you are. You will be in trouble for this. Wiping my memory will not make this legal."


The old, blind Sullustan listened to the words from the holo, while the droid who had brought the message busied itself at the workbench:

" my lastest creation, old friend. He is on a mission for me, so please help him if you can. He can fix minor issues himself, he'll probably just need to use your workbench..."
A loud, clanging noise hurt the Sullustan's ears: The droid had dropped a spanner.

"You alright? You need my help repair you? I still am master tech."

"Thank you kindly, Master Tien, I was only adjusting a motivator when I lost my grip on the hydro-spanner. There, I have put it back and your workbench is in perfect order.
I have finished my repairs and I must leave you now. Please give me my credentials back. Thank you."

After the droid had left, Tien Tubb went over to his workbench and examined it carefully, but found nothing wrong. He had had a strange feeling about that droid his old friend had sent, and where had his own droids gone? They had taken hours to come back to him and could not give answers.


A figure on a roof silently watched, as a droid purposefully studied an advertising screen.

"Sefton Slycks: Galactic Transports," the droid read, "Going nowhere fast? We'll get you there. Don't talk, just pay."




Atton stood and watched the Ebon Hawk disappear through the atmosphere.

There you go, he thought, and keep Revan busy till I've cleared this mess that Aran left me in. He felt a tap on his shoulder:

"Excuse me, sir. Master Mical sends me to accompany you on your quest for Mistress Hunter. I am HX-20. Are you ready to leave yet, and what course do you plan to take? I am a well-made and experienced protocol droid. Do you realize how valuable an asset to your company you have in me? I may at times even use weaponry to defend you, sir. Or a game of pazaak, perhaps?"

"OK, here's your first order: go and deactivate yourself!"

"Can do, but won't, sir. Your order contrasts my programming to assist and protect you. I am sorry for the inconvenience. Why the hostility, sir? I was sent to help you. Would you care to see my credentials from my master, Bao Dur? They rest with Master Mical who sent me."

"Go and see Mical? No, not really. - OK, come along. And stay by the airlock, in case I wanna be a little 'pushy' towards you."

With the droid next to him, he went to look for a small, fast ship.
11-24-2007, 2:19 PM
((To me, it looks okay, MJ-W4. Empess Padme's the thread master of this, and she'll think about it too. But try not to double post. M'kay? :) ))

Trina kept thinking of what Bastila's daughter looked like. If she was headstrong, that could mean lot of work for the young woman.

She smiled. Then she turned to Bastila. "Master Shan? What does your daughter look like?"

"Man! What a kriffing question!" Trina thought to herself. But she continued to smile, waiting for Bastila's answer patiently.
11-24-2007, 3:43 PM
(wait, im confused, who's flying the ebon hawk?)
11-24-2007, 4:55 PM
Teran was quietly jolted out of his thoughts by a small "ding" that seemed to come from the hull of the ship. Shaking his head, he laid back down, his thoughts wondering again. Eventually, though, they came back to one thing - one person... See? he thought, as if talking to someone else, See what I've become? I'm different now. I'm not the same brainless padawan anymore, wandering around without a care in the galaxy. I'm responsible now - I've stopped running, and I've stopped hesitating. If I had that choice again, I'd save you this time. I wouldn't lose my head.

He closed his eyes as the "conversation" ended, not caring whether anyone had heard. Only he knew the "someone" he was talking to as if that person was really there. It would stay that too.

As if he had just woken up, he jumped out of the bunk and headed for the cockpit (better now than never, he thought), and wondered what exactly the Jedi's reaction would be to his presence on the ship would be. Never could figure Bastila out, he thought. But as long as she doesn't chop my head off for this, I guess I'll be ok.
11-24-2007, 9:15 PM
Sefton was on his way out of the rooftop when his eyes almost popped out of their sockets.

"Sefton Slycks: Galactic Transports," the droid read, "Going nowhere fast? We'll get you there. Don't talk, just pay."

Schutta, there are subtler ways of getting my attention. He said to himself. As he made his way back to his ship at the spaceport, Sefton contemplated looking for these people. But that would be too much effort and he figured they would find him. No worries, nobody had a faster quick draw then him. But just to be sure Sefton loaded two shells into his double barrelled flechette launcher. There'd probably be many of them even though aiming wasn't a problem, this was just faster.

The Ebon Hawk might just have to wait.
 Empress Padme
11-24-2007, 9:39 PM
" The Prodigal daughter announces her presence." said Raven. A hazel eyed, brown haired Jedi Padawan who refused to wear typical Jedi robes was wearing beige pants and reddish brown long sleeved shirt. " Hello I'm Raven nice to meet you." Raven extended her hand towards Trina

Meanwhile on Nar Shaddaa....

Aren, the jedi exile, was walking through the Catina and spotted the Twilek that once played pazzak with Atton." This planet brings back so many memories, mostly of Atton. I wonder how my favorite scoundrel is doing. He would be so disappointed in me. I failed my mission and myself. No better place to hide then on a planet of lost dreams."
11-25-2007, 7:16 PM
HX-20, protocol droid, Atton thought. I used to know your dads, tinhead, all of them. 'Bao Dur made you.' I'll make sure the real Bao Dur gets his hands on you before you know it.

"Hey, what you're staring at, HX?"

Atton noticed the droid looking at a screen that read: "Sefton Slycks: Galactic Transports. Going nowhere fast? We'll get you there. Don't talk, just pay."

What the... He couldn't believe Slycks was advertising with everyone and their grannies chasing him. Seems like someone set you up, old 'buddy'. Hey I'm a Jedi now, I'm one of the good guys now. Wanna play some pazaak for no credits at all?

"A Mr Slycks seems to be offering transportation, sir. May I point your attention towards this advertisement, please?"

"No idea who that guy is. Let's go and see if we find him."

Leading them away from the Temple, Atton made for the next cantina. He badly needed time to think, and that sorry excuse for a droid got on his nerves. That piece of tin breaks every record, damnit. One hour and I already wish he'd grow some guts I could hate.

"You stay outside where I can see you. No droids allowed in here."

"Oh, but sir, I assure you..."

Atton went in without another word. He sat down by himself and imagined what the Exile would look like now. And, what would she be like? Fifteen years since she pulled that stunt on him, and somehow, she had stopped his clock. The others, 'The Lost Jedi', founders of the new order and the council, they all had managed to get on with their lives, somehow. Even Mical had been seen in female company and had reportedly not been running away. Atton's mind swung back to Malachor V:
"Need any company? I mean, I'm not doing anything. Besides, if I'm not around to bail you out of trouble, who knows what could happen. All right, then. Where are we going again? I mean, because last time, we were heading toward this mining colony on the edge of space, and there was this Sith Lord, and..."
...and they had gone to Nar Shaddaa, once again. And that had been it. Fifteen years ago. A month ago. Fifteen years ago. A week ago. Fifteen years ago. Yesterday. Fifteen years.

Turning the hilt of his lightsaber in his hands, Atton thought: I'm still in this. For my own sake. I never replaced the crystal you gave me when I built this thing.

A memory flashed through his mind. Now he knew. He got up and almost ran out of the cantina.

"Come on, HX, we're off!"

"Where to, sir?"

"We're going to Dantooine, and if you behave maybe you're gonna live to see it."
11-25-2007, 9:20 PM
The loading ramp to the Vagabond was not down when he arrived, and thats the way he had it when he left. Sefton lowered the ramp remotely and readied his double barrelled flechette launcher. There where some crates nearby, he walked over to them and stood behind. If somebody was coming they were going to get a chest full of shrapnel.
11-25-2007, 10:37 PM
"Really, sir, you did say you didn't know who the gentleman was, so I must insist you let me handle this. Please, sir. I am trained for such matters." Hopefully, Mr Slycks holds to our agreement, HX-20 thought to himself. Just why is Mr Rand so terribly hostile towards me? Oh, dear me, I have been warned, but I am trying my very best to be friendly.

The droid and his Jedi had arrived at a small, remote landing pad, out of sight of the bustling crowds. They saw a seemingly abandoned ship that HX identified to be the Vagabond. The knew it so he didn't really need to check but there was no way he could let the Jedi in on this. Yet. The ramp was down and there were no maintenance droids around.

"Protocol override: Mr Rand, this is not a standard procedure. I must warn you that danger may be imminent. Please, be alarmed and keep any means of defence you may have ready to use. Thank you. I may administer provisory medical help should you malfunction."

"Whatever. I'll stay right here and since you asked for it, you're gonna go up there and see if you get shot. Maybe I'll even drag you to a tech to repair you."

"How considerate, sir. Thank you indeed."

"Don't push it, HX, I just don't wanna get blamed for ruining Mical's toy."

"I beg to differ, sir. Master Mical is not my master. I was made by Bao Dur. I have valid credentials." Oh, stuff it, Mr Rand! If you knew how you make my circuits hurt...

HX slowly stepped forward to the ship. If I just walk up there and say 'Oh, Mr Slycks, how nice to see you again,' this won't go down too well with Mr Rand, I'm afraid. I will have to tell him someday, however. Adopting a stance of carefulness as best as his motivators allowed him, the two metres tall droid approached the ship's ramp. He forced himself to give no heed to Mr Rand's chuckles.

"Hello? I am looking for a Mr Sefton Slycks on behalf of transportation for Mr Atton Rand of the Jedi Order and myself. We have seen your advertisement and wish to employ your kind service to take us to Dantooine."


Giving up his silly stance, HX-20 briskly walked back to join Atton again.

"There seems to be noone aboard, sir. Unfortunately, I am not provided with sensors to scan our surroundings. May I propose the purchase of a T unit equipped for such matters in the near future? I am provided with the necessary credits."

"Give me a break, OK? Where did you get credits? Not from the order, I would know about it. So?"

"Pazaak is a favourite pastime of mine, sir, and I am quite a prolific player."

"Pazaak? You? Hey, OK, forget about it. If we ever find a T droid, you pay. Now get back to the ship."

"That seems to be futile, sir."

"Look, I lied, OK? I know Sefton from way back on Nar Shaddaa. From my not-so-great past. I'll go check the ship myself."

Atton walked over to the Vagabond and tried to look casual. He felt the droid grin behind his back. Droids can't grin, he told himself. That one sure does. Drat.

"Hey, Sef!" he shouted, "You in there? It's me, Atton! Hey, come on out man, I need a ride, badly! Nice ship, by the way!"

He felt a presence close to him.
11-25-2007, 10:53 PM
Sefton stepped out from behind the crates pointing his flechette launcher at the both of them. Sefton approached them, still pointing the gun back and forth, finally lowering it to his side. Both of them did not seem like they intended any harm and he wagered on the thought that Atton didn't have the balls to arrest him.

"Atton Rand, a Jedi? Do they pay you well?" Sefton said. He pulled out his pack of cigarettes and lit one for himself, then offered another to Atton.
11-25-2007, 11:07 PM
"Hello, there. Trina Gormo, at your service."

As she shook the young girl's hand, a smile spread across Trina's face. So this is the daughter of Bastila and Revan.

"Your mother told me about you. As for me..." She changed her tone to whispering.

"I usually fly ships." She laughed. "Sorry. Bad joke."
11-26-2007, 12:08 AM
Teran smiled as he overheard the conversation going on. "Sorry. Bad joke." Deciding to make a "grand" entrance, he walked in. "So you had a daughter, eh?" Teran said, suddenly appearing in the cockpit. "That's interesting. Whoa, hang on, don't cut my head off yet - let me explain. My name's Teran. I'm going to help you."
 Empress Padme
11-26-2007, 2:17 AM
Raven ignited her lightsaber. Batila gave her daughter a annoyed look. " Rav , you know I taught you to only use your lightsaber as a last resort. You could have put him in a Force Choke instead. I've found that to be more effective. Plus I sensed him already. Had you been meditating like I told you to, you might have sensed him as well."

" Sorry mother." Raven mumbled.


Aren walked into the Crystal Cave on Dantooine. She inhaled deeply and sighed. ' I have missed this place.Many memories good and bad but it's always felt like home.Definately much better air quality than the Unknown Regions. Now to find a new crystal for my new double bladed lightsaber.' She spotted a glowing crystal that seemed to call to her. ' Perfect. A Cyan crystal.' She left the cave and right outside the cave she decided to meditate and ponder whether she should go to the Jedi Enclave or not. A memory of Atton fluttered through her head. ' I can't get you out of my head not that I would try to. I wonder if.....I tried to contact him through the Force. Besides Traya he was the one I bonded with the most.At least I could apologize for leaving without telling him. Worth a shot though he's probably playing pazzak in his head to sheild off anyone trying to invade his mind. I got to tell him that trick came in handy over the years.' Through the Force she tried to contact Atton. ' Hey it's the half naked Jedi.' she laughed as she remembered their first meeting on Peragus.' I'm back or what's left of me is. I mean I'm physically fine it's more...well anyway. I'm on Dantooine by the Crystal Cave. Hmm to prove it's me....Got it! Remember when I had too much juma juice after we defeated Darth Traya and I kissed you but you pulled back and told me to sleep it off. I was so mad but you said that if anything were to happen between us that you prefered me not to have juma breath when it did. It was late at night so noone else was awake and you let me cry on your shoulder. I never thanked you for that. Someday I will.'
11-26-2007, 6:35 AM
Trina laughed. "Interesting. This young girl is always ready for action. Just like me..."

Continuing to fly the Jedi shuttle, Trina spoke to Teran.

"Alright, sonny! State your position!" She laughed again. "Don't worry, I'm not old."
11-26-2007, 1:43 PM
"Thanks, man. *COUGH* Yeah, well they don't pay as such *COUGH*, but Mr Tinhead here's got lots of credits. He says." ... Jedi ... "Hey, anyone *COUGH* care for a quick round of pazaak, I feel someone's..." ... it's me ... "Forget *COUGH* about it, guys, we gotta get going. Move it, HX. I'll tell you more when we're on our way, Sef."

Having assured Sefton that they did not intent to arrest him as long as he didn't bring his 'business friends' into the equation, Atton described their situation: "... so now you know it. She left when I slept, and didn't even leave a note. And I can't get over it. *COUGH* Hey, stop grinning, the two of you!"

"I'm afraid droids cannot grin, sir. It is beyond my means to display such a feat. May I add that you appear to be somewhat excited?"

"Anyway, once we've found her, we should join the others to find Revan. I'll go and meditate."

That said, Atton withdrew to his cabin and let his mind fly. He caught glimpses of Aren and himself, a mix between dreams and memories and echoes in the Force.

Dantooine... She must have been there again... Crystals in the cave... So close...

The thought of a mouthful of juma juice shook him out of his meditations. He never enjoyed it anymore since then. I wish she had spent more time with me to make our bond deeper. I can feel her. Somewhere. Out there. ...Aren?... Unlike some of the other Lost Jedi, Atton had hardly trained his force powers. He had practiced his sabre techniques instead and become a respected instructor.

If I ever see you again, I'll keep you long enough to... The door opened. "Sir, we have almost reached Dantooine."

At peace with himself for the moment, Atton replied: "Thanks, HX. I'll be with you in a bit."

"Very good, sir. I shall retire to the cockpit." How very peculiar to see such a change in Mr Rand. I wonder what the General must be like when the mere thought of her can invoke such a change in people. Obviously, I haven't been told the whole story.

"Mr Rand will be with us shortly, Mr Slycks. Nonetheless, I am afraid we must still keep quiet about our meeting on Nar Shaddaa. Were you able to find a suitable blaster rifle for me? I have equipped the vibroswords with shock cells, as you requested."
11-26-2007, 5:37 PM
"Don't worry, you don't look old either." Teran replied. This went better than I hoped. "My position? Here, helping you guys. Just as a little accessory to your search party, in case you get into some rather 'sticky' situations. I might know a few things that you don't, being an ex-Jedi turned bounty hunter."
11-26-2007, 7:03 PM
Sefton looked over the computer console, the tracker stated that the Hawk was flying way out towards the outer rim. So perhaps there are bigger things going on here. Stick with them long enough and I'll find out, somebody is going to pay well for this information. Sefton closed out of the program and locked the computer. He walked to the cockpit to find the droid in there, waiting.

"Get out, you're not allowed in the cockpit. Don't ask questions its just my rule. I'm going to check up on Atton, discuss payment. When I come back you better be gone or you'll be scrap metal. Don't take this personally." Sefton took one last drag of his cigarette and put it out on ashtray nearby. They were laying around all over the ship. Collecting their fee for the ride wasn't his priority, but it would be best to ask for one, keep them from suspecting him of any ulterior motivs.

Sefton strolled down to Atton's quarters. Stopping by his refrigerator on the way that was stocked with beer and sandwiches. He wasn't really that hungry yet, so it would be just a beer for him. Atton was in the regular meditation position. Sefton popped off the cap to the bottle and took a mighty swig. He thought that might get his attention but Atton remained silent.

"We need to discuss payment Atton. Or what I'm going to get out of this endeavor. Lending my assistance out of generosity never put cigarettes on the table. And, if I may ask, what makes you think going to Dantooine will help you find your dearly beloved Jedi friend?"
11-26-2007, 7:48 PM
Atton looked up: "Hey, Sefton. I was just about to go and look for you. So, you want credits? OK, you get paid one third in advance, the rest when we're finished. Plus expenses. I'll tell HX to pay you right now. But don't play pazaak when he offers. He only says he's a mediocre player. I was gonna ask if you want to team up with us for the time being? I could use another pair of eyes watching our backs. I don't wanna have to rely on HX only.
Since you asked: There's a Jedi Academy there, but there's also a cave that has a special meaning to myself and Aren. I need to go there first and see if can find a trace of her. As I told you, I'm no great Jedi, so I'm not as good at contacting her through the force as I should be. Going to Dantooine is my best bet."

He stopped, concentrating. "Wait a minute, Sefton. HX-20. HX-20. HX-20." He looked at the smuggler's face, without a word. "Why does that droid's name make you twitch?" Atton shook it off. "Ah, never mind, I'm no good at the Force. I'm a swordsman. I guess I'm imagining things, now that we're close to Dantooine."

Half-turned, he added: "I'll go and clear the Vagabond for landing. You better lay low and stay in. We shouldn't take chances as long as we don't know who set you up. Friends of yours from Nar Shaddaa, maybe?"
11-26-2007, 9:24 PM
"I got friends all over the galaxy. All I know is that it's going to take more than a cheesy advertisement to scare me. Anyways, I have business of my own on Dantooine, just a side thing but might as well take care of it while we are there." Sefton took another swig of his beer and thought about what to say.

"I was a starfighter, for the Sith. Back when Revan and Malak ran the show. My fighter was shot down over the skies of Rakata Prime. Crashlanded it on a beach. I watched the Star Forge explode in the sky and that's when I knew the war was over. Republic search and rescue party picked me up and took me to a POW camp. After that I had nothing. Stole me a ship..." Sefton patted the wall next to him.

"...started smuggling the usual...guns, drugs, fugitives, dont do slaves though. Little piracy and side jobs here and there. But I told myself that I'd never be a mercenary. Oh well, could use another adventure anyways. Just make sure the gold doesn't run dry."

Sefton turned around to get back to what he was doing. Leave Jedi to his meditation. Sefton stopped. "Oh yeah, nobody pilots the Vagabond but me and make sure the droid stays out of the cockpit. There's beer and sandwiches in the fridge if you get hungry. Sandwiches are good, and all I know about the beer is that the only people that drink it besides myself are damn dirty Gamorreans." Now that was everything.

Sefton walked back to the cockpit and commenced landing procedures. He turned on the ship's comm system. "We'll be hitting the atmo in 2 minutes."
11-26-2007, 10:08 PM
Atton made a face when he entered the cockpit to watch the Vagabond land at Khoonda spaceport and to give the Jedi code if they should need it for procedures.

"You were right about that brew of yours, man. I'll give it a miss, I don't really feel Gamorrean today. Besides, I need to keep my head straight, at least for a while.
You know, I just saw HX walk down the corridor with a blaster rifle. I mean, a brand new one. Not a standard one, either. He says he got it of you. Tell me, Sefton, did he pay you that well?
- Er, no, DON'T tell me, OK? I feel I don't wanna be able to answer that question anytime soon. I'll just tell myself I'm confused because I've felt Aren, after fifteen years.
Can you believe she forgave me my past? With the Sith? I mean, she was in the war, too, but I wasn't a pilot. You know I was out there with the really bad guys, remember?
And she looks at me and she says: I forgive you. Wow."

Overwhelmed, Atton sank into his seat and watched Khoonda draw closer.
 Empress Padme
11-26-2007, 11:25 PM
Bastila frowned. " Bounty Hunter? This just got a whole lot more interesting and complicated."

************************************************** *

Aren was playing pazzak with her old Ithorian friend. " One of these days I will beat you."

" Not likely.Your troubled , Jedi. You reek of fear." said the Ithorian.

" Reek? Lovely choice of words. Yes fear has seemed to overcome me. So many things happened at the Enclave. My masters dying in front of me. Kreia's betrayel. I never was good at controlling my emotions. Maybe Vrook was right when he called me dangerous. A Jedi who leads with her heart is a very dangerous Jedi."

" Khooda would have been destroyed had you not followed your heart. Make peace with your past or the future is pointless. "

" Ithorians have always been wise. I shall follow your advice.....after I beat you at this game. I'm beginning to think Atton let me win. I really suck at this game!" Aren laughed.

" You really do, Aren, you really do." the Ithorian agreed.
11-26-2007, 11:58 PM
HX-20 walked down the ramp to meet one of the local protocal droids. He saw any elderly Ithorian and yes, the General he had come to find. Strictly obeying his orders, he kept his fellow droid busy and showed no sign he had recognized the General. With his rifle slung over his right shoulder, he followed his 'collegue' towards Khoonda.

At the bottom of the Vagabond's ramp, Atton froze. He had been so busy thinking about Aren that her real-life presence in the Force struck him like a ton of lead. Ten tons of lead. OK, make it twenty. Where have you I have Why I You been missed This true is AREN!

Atton's feet gave up on the mess in his head, took control and sent him running towards the Exile. She was still playing pazaak with the old Ithorian who had no idea that soon, HX-20 would happen to him and leave a good impression. Just before Atton would have run into the pazaak players, his feet stopped and kicked his mind awake.

"Hey Juma-breath, how's things? Still practicing?"
 Empress Padme
11-27-2007, 12:21 AM
Aren froze and smiled.She looked up and saw Atton in the flesh. Her heart skipped a beat. " If it ain't my favorite scoundrel." She leaped up still smiling, her jaw actually hurting from her smile. It had been so long since she had smiled. " Is it really you? " she pinched him." Your real and not a memory." she hugged him. " Thank you for being real. It's been so long. How are you? Tell me everything that's happened to you. Yeah I still suck at pazaak, some thing's never change."
11-27-2007, 12:50 AM
Sefton watched the happy couple from the top of the loading ramp, cigarette in hand. He walked over to them smiling. "I hate to interrupt this lovely reunion, but do we have anymore business to conduct on this planet? I have some cargo to sell if we aren't leaving right now."
11-27-2007, 12:55 AM
Still holding Aren, Atton turned his head sideways: "Yeah, go ahead, take your time. We won't be in a hurry. For a while."

Everybody seemed to have forgotten about HX.
 Empress Padme
11-27-2007, 1:10 AM
" I don't even know if the Enclave is used anymore. Is it? I've been hesitate to go in there considering my last time in there. " She looked back at the Ithorian." You win.I'm gonna be distracted for a while." She kissed Atton. "I've been meaning to do that....well when sober."
11-27-2007, 1:41 AM
"Beer and sandwiches in the fridge." Sefton said as he walked back up the loading ramp. When he came back out a swoop bike from the cargo hold was ready, he started it and sped off into the countryside. They wouldn't be going anywhere with his ship, he had locked the controls.

After an hour of traveling he arrived at a small farm house. Two guards stood outside, armed with blaster rifles. He hoped off his bike and approached them with a smile on his face. Best to look friendly.

"I'm here to see Del." Sefton called out, they pointed their rifles at him and came closer.

"We were not warned of your arrival." One them said coldly.

Once they got to him at point blank range Sefton replied, "It's unofficial." He then followed this up with a kick to the groin on one guard. While simultaneously moving the barrel of the other out of his chest. A punch to the face knocked that one out cold and the other Sefton merely shot with his blaster, it was only on stun though.

He approached the house and kicked in the front door. Everything seemed normal and in place. Few decoration here and there, he was probably in the basement. Sefton kicked in that door too to find Del, and sly looking Twilek sitting in a chair reading his datapad. Del got up and reached for his own pistol laying on a table next to him.

Sefton had his blaster pistol up first. "Don't try anything Del."

"What is this Sef?" He replied.

Sefton closed in and took the blaster off the table still ready to put a beam in his head. "Have your men been using the product." The place looked like a farm house from the outside but it wasn't. Del operated a spice processing lab for the Exchange. Sefton came here regularly to make pick-ups, and Del usually knew what was up. But he wasn't supposed to be here unless told to. To his left Sefton saw about a dozen protocol droids just staring at him. Del used droids to run the lab, was a lot easier that way.

"Get back to work." Sefton barked. They right away followed his orders. Like a bunch of chefs in a restaurant on a busy night.

"What do you know about the witty advertisement on Corusant?" Sefton asked him. But he did it with a smile as usual. There was no need to be serious for people to know he meant business.

"I know nothing!"

"Exchange set that up? Or the Hutts?"

"No, you've been doing jobs for them for years, and doing it well. Why would they?"

"You don't know anything?"


"You wouldn't lie to me would you Del?"

"No, I have no reason to." Sefton knew this to be true. Del was a sneaky bastard, but usually on his side.

"Alright, well your going to be my eyes and ears. You know people in government, Exchange, and what not. Just call in a few favors and look under some rocks."

"And why should I do this for you?" He asked.

"Because I'll pay." Sefton pulled out a fat stack of Republic bills from his pocket and placed it in his hand. He pulled out another stack and placed it in his other hand. Sefton knew what the language of these underworld types were, money.

"And that one is for the government bounty on my head. Get it cleared for me. We have a deal?"

"Sure, but you better not come in here like that again."

"Won't be a problem as long as you deliver, send whatever information you get to my datapad." Sefton lowerd his blaster and handed Del back the one he took from him.

"You know credits can be wired electronically now!" Del called out to him as he ran out.
11-27-2007, 8:35 AM
Trina grinned. "Bounty hunter and ex-Jedi? Hmmm. That's sounds like a big help! To me... you can help out."

She turned to Bastila and Raven. She could tell the wondered look on their faces.

"What do you both think?"
11-27-2007, 1:39 PM
Atton grinned like a schoolboy. OOH-YEAH "You taste so much better today, gorgeous."

He returned Aren's kiss

... and the screen faded to black. Feeling lonely and somewhat jealous about the two having fun, the screen decided to go on strike for the time being.

Kiss as much as you want, it thought, I'm not going to play nice and watch you lot having fun.


Call me a spoilsport, I won't be displaying this.

Humanoids full of hormones firmly attached to each other.

You don't even care about your surroundings, do you?

See what I mean? You're not even listening.

Pshaw, again.

And again.

Being miffed is perfectly alright for any screen having to display the two of you.

Yes, everybody's got the picture by now. You do mean it. Are you going to stop anytime soon? No?

My encyclopedia says that your likes have to BREATHE to survive.


HAH! Short notice my diodes. And the graphics port you rode in on. You'll never find another screen like me, boss.

{{ ... }}

OK OK OK, I'll pan over to the droid, OK?

HX-20 watched as Sefton sped off into the farmlands. Thank you for this excellent rifle, Mr Slycks, he thought. I shall aid the general public by picking off a few kinraths for target practice. First things first, however.

He found Akkere at the back of Khoonda, mending a worn-out swoop. "Good afternoon, sir. My master sends his regards. Here is a holo message I brought for you."

The tech specialist watched the small, blueish figure of Bao Dur among a clutter of bustling droids.

"Greetings, Akkere. Fifteen years ago, when we first met, you agreed to help me establish..."

"I shall go and busy myself with a little target practice in the meantime, sir." HX-20 said.

"Yes. I send comlink message when I listened to your master."

Accompanied by blaster shots in the far distance, the technician watched the holo. A long time it has been, my friend Zabrak. Yes, I will keep my promise. So full of ideas you are still. Your friend the merciful general, she is here now.

"...if HX-20 hasn't been to Nar Shaddaa yet," Bao Dur went on, "please, remind him how important that part of his mission is. He needs to find..."

"Hey, Akk! Watching holos during work? Did you check the enclave?" a Khoonda soldier called out to him.

"Yes, Janned, everything in place, safely locked and secure. Ready for return of the Jedi."

"...because that mischievous ronto's bum has hidden at least one backup somewhere. I have found traces in different parts of the galaxy and now that I've finished my work on HX, I've set him on the trail. I hope you and your family are well, and maybe we'll meet again someday."

HX-20 returned a short while after. "Is everything in order, sir?"

"Yes, young droid. HX-20, you are called? Have you fulfilled your master's bidding on Nar Shaddaa?"

"Yes, sir, that mission is accomplished. I have the device. What a lovely green face you have, sir."

"Yes, I see. I will contact you as soon as I find traces you are looking for, young one."
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