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How to win virtually any SP mission

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09-30-2004, 1:33 PM
This may seem overly simple and/or obvious but... get in a vehicle. More precisely, get in either the heaviest vehicle on the map (even if it isn't yours), or.. in the case of Hoth... whatever vehicle you have available. Also, always spawn as a pilot... the self-heal ability for vehicles is incredible.

I've found that every SP map where I have tanks/walkers available is ludicrously easy. The AI doesn't know how to effectively combat a large target like a walker when it's rampaging through their forces. They'll shoot at you, sure.. but you can shoot back and kill them in one near-miss :) Starfighters are also extremely good at killing enemy ground forces, as you can fire fast and do splash damage to where you hit. Great for mowing down concentrations of enemy troops...

If your side doesn't have vehicles... sneak to the other team's side and steal one of theirs. While you're CP camping them, jump out after clearing the spawn and quickly cap that CP. That messes up the AI considerably, as you'll have taken down their only way of staying in the game.

When playing on Bespin (not Platforms), Kamino, or Mos Eisley (maps without vehicles)... simply spawn as your chosen class and start killing. The most effective way to do this is to jump in a turret near a strategic location and continually mow down the opposition. Maps like these aren't won as much due to CP capturing as they are by simple attrition.
09-30-2004, 4:58 PM
Heh, I'll tell ya, vehicles are very effective against bots.

One time playing in SP, I was on the Rebels in Theed. We were losing but not too badly, and it got down to Rebels: 1, Imperials: 22. I was all that was left. I was running around capturing Command Posts, but they were following my path, and whenever I'd capture a Command Post, they'd capture the Command Post I captured before. So it would have been an endless cycle of running around capturing and recapturing Command Posts. So... at one of their posts, I saw a Fighter Tank, and I stole it. It was a tank against twenty-two enemy troops. I turned around and leaded in their direction. Sure enough, their entire team was all grouped together. I started blasting away with the dual tank cannons, and the Stormtroopers went flying. Won the match. :)
10-02-2004, 2:06 PM

had that happen to me earlier on yavin arena, i was rebels and was using 1 of their tanks i was a pilot, they had nicked all but once place which happened to previously been the enemys, so i went to my old base which was now imperial, and the score was about 40:1 and there must of been about 30 peeps grouped together just mowed em down lol i was cracking up
10-06-2004, 8:39 AM
I have to agree with the vehicles in general, however it is iffy on some levels in regards to being a complete success factor. Two actual SP scenarios to demonstrate:

1. On naboo, i killed 2 enemies & then had a phone call. For whatever reason i just let the game run while on the phone, came back to see that i had won.

2. On hoth (not the flying level but the other one) I learned a easy exploit in multiplayer by accident once... it basically involves getting in a vehicle and by driving into something you shouldn't which will end up placing you in the enemy CP. From here you can spawn camp like crazy. In the single player version i tried this. I had 70 kills exactly, and no deaths and my team still lost.

Moral of the story: The AI is sketchy and highly variable; therefore even high numbers of kills in a vehicle may not mean much.:deathii:
10-07-2004, 12:53 PM
Yeah, the SP missions are an exercise in frustration until you realize that you can easily win by simply cutting off their vehicles. Capture their vehicle spawn point, then get in one (except something wimpy like those cardboard speeder bikes) and there is no stopping you.

The infantry levels with no vehicles are hell though. The thing is your own team is as stupid as the enemy, but the enemy usually has more reserves, so in a war of attrition the larger force wins.

The Clone War maps are the easiest because you have so many great vehicles to use. A few times I ended up one on one with me and a droid. ;)

PS: You guys are right, destroying the Shield Generator on Endor is a major pain in the ***. It's not even worth the effort... at least if you're doing it solo, since the bots will never organize with you on a strike mission.
03-30-2005, 6:49 AM
On tatoonine dune sea i was the only man left and i got into a speeder and mowed down all 25 troopers and thats the way to beat that mission
 Sam Fisher
03-31-2005, 10:51 PM
Yea, all that said and done the bots can still be a major pain, like on time the whole opposing force all suddenly spawned as the pilots and made like 30+ of those blasted cannons and totally killed my team ^^
04-01-2005, 7:03 AM
Ive never been able to use those turrets effectivly against anyone bots or humans, it seems whenever i get into one and turn it around and start firing all the bots gang up on me start launching rockets at the turret before I can get one shot off, but you can own the bots in almost any vehicle, once I was playing Endor and I was the last rebel alive vs maybe 20 imps, I controlled most of the CP's but they were being captured fast, so I took a speeder bike, (couldnt take an AT-ST as I controlled that post) and started hunting them down, I took them all down easily, exect for one who got lucky with a concussion grenades, and ended up winning the game! But even if your owning with a vechile it still wont do you any good if the rest of your team is having a staring contest with the wall...
04-06-2005, 5:04 AM
i've had it both ways... on rhen var w/ clone or imperials, all u gotta do is spawn in the ice caves and rush a tank... once i killed 105 droids on one life... another time, i was playing in yavin temple, and it was about 1-22, but i still had the vehicle CP, and it would be an easy comeback... then when i got them down to about 5, i realized that i still had a teammate alive, and he was about to get killed... stupid comps respawned and got killed...
08-27-2005, 6:42 AM
the LAAT on Geonosis was the best ever. I got 111 kills with no deaths just by hovering over the field and blasting whatever i saw. I didnt take one CP but took out as many bot as possible to ensure victory. AAAH what a great day that was...
08-27-2005, 9:39 PM
The AI players are not too great at distroying vehicles, but they have perfect aim (at least on hard) when in a vehicle attacking other vehicles. They seem to be good at vehicles vs vehicles. Human players distroy vehicles much faster when playing online, so I haven't been using them much in SP mode.
09-20-2005, 6:45 PM
a simple way to win on the dune sea map if your clones or empire is to get a speeder bike as a pilot and zip back and forth under that arch near the homestead. Fire your laser cannon aswell as just running straight into people and you'll find your kills will increase quite quickly.

if your the Empire on Hoth then at the start spawn at the furthest away ATAT and quickly get in and start moving forward as close to the other as is reasonable to prevent speeders attatching cables. Then while the other ATAT goes to destroy and attack the Rebel outpost nearest to the hanger (it has a joining tunnel under the snow). You can go and attack the shield generator.

if your Rebels on Endor spawn near a speeder bike as a Wookiee and follow the paths as far as the ATAS spawn points. Then just drive straight into the forest (avoiding the trees obviously) and keep following the map until your ABOVE the entrance to the bunker. Then just lightly zip over the edge of the bunker entrance get of the bike and run into the bunker. The laser turrets wont shoot your bike, and wont kill you if your quick. Then place your time bombs on the CP, remember to stand near the health droid while doing this. Watch out for any imperials who follow you down, use your bowcaster to kill them. Once all your time bombs are used, use your grenade launcher aiming just above the CP and bounce the grenade off that display screen so it lands roughly behind or ontop of the CP. Use all your grenades then use your remaining bowcaster shots and you'll find the bunker will be destroyed.

If your the droids on Bespin Platforms then start as a droideka and get to the middle platform ASAP turn on your shields and pick of the first few clones running down their tunnel. You will find your own team will be about 10 seconds behind you and will eventually all arrive behind you to capture the CP and back you up. Once you have so many of your team on the middle, because most havent been killed by clones, move on to capture their central CP this will disrupt their team completly.

thats all i can be bothered typing for the moment lol and if i made spelling errors i apologise, im tired, ill and type to fast.
10-08-2005, 5:42 PM
Okay...The map was Geonosis, and I was a Clone.

I was in the Clone Gunship.

It was 1 - 30-ish

I was the last surviving member of my team.

The enemy had ALL the CP's except (obviously) the Clone's (destroyable) CP. I hovered in the air. When I saw an enemy blip on the map. I lined up with the enemy that I saw on the ground and ... blasted them ( :blast5: )back to SW I (lol).

Eventually, I destroyed all the droids that were rolling/walking towards my last CP. I started to fly around searching for the others. THAT'S when I found 1 surviving Comp Clone, fighting against a droid. I offered him assistance, killing the droid...
..Winning the game. (I was in the air, shooting at droids, all alone on my team for ROUGHLY 10-15 minutes!!!)
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