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Portable MP3 Players

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 Tall Guy
01-17-2003, 6:41 PM
I'm looking to buy an mp3 player, 128mb memory if poss, does anyone know any good sites where i might pick one up from for a reasonable price? I have considered and i'll be looking there too.
01-17-2003, 8:54 PM
MP3 players are stupid. 128 megs? Blah. An MP3/CD player can have 700 meg discs that cost ~$1 or less a piece, as compared to $40-$75 for a new memory stick.

If size matters, there's mini-cd/MP3 players now.
 Darth Eggplant
01-19-2003, 1:06 PM
you should try searching in america
Tall Guy cause hardware and computer
stuff is way more expensive in the UK
plus if you shop Canadian your pound
is worth 2 of our dollars, so you get
more for less.

*hey I hear George Lucas
is installing an MP3 player
into CP3O in the next Star Wars,
plus adding in some Borg technology too.

yes he will then be known as MP3O
and he will say things like:

'Resistance is Futile.
Your music will be assimilated;
Oh how Rude!*
01-23-2003, 9:18 PM
Check out the new Sony NetMD players. The sound quality is outstanding the media is cheap and they're really small.
 Tall Guy
01-26-2003, 6:45 AM
I've decided to go with the 64Mb Freecom Beatman Flash MP3 & WMA. bit on the dear side but i've seen good reviews all round. sorted.
 Darth Eggplant
01-28-2003, 10:31 AM
this might be a silly question, but here goes anyhow, midi and mp3. they are different. I know, but I have razor lame which can comvert encode decode from wav to mp3, but how does a midi file get made? and is there a way to make them ie software applications etc? and most midi's are instrumental, cause I guess singing in midi would be like the chipmunks singing, any one have thoughts on the subject?
 Tall Guy
01-30-2003, 2:14 PM
i assume there is somekind of special software involved to convert them but im not sure how its done. im no sound man :(
01-30-2003, 5:44 PM
I used to have something which came with my sound card to make MIDIs. It's pretty basic. I'm no sound man either, but I think MIDIs tell your soundcard what notes come where, rather than playing 'em on their own like an MP3, hence the vast difference in size. It would explain why MIDIs sound different on different on different sound cards.
02-04-2003, 7:58 PM
You can always find incredibly low priced items at I love that site. I've bought a ton of stuff from there because they have really low prices.
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