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Magical Strike Force S2

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03-20-2012, 6:29 PM
To remind all of what the last thread was about I added this in Quotations:

NOTE.- (This Story borrows elements from a famous anime called Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, but in order to expand on the story further I have simply taken some of the elements and transformed it into a unique original story. Many things in this RP will have no relation to said anime because I want every participant to create their own spells and use their imagination too not just adhere to the existing elements of that anime. If you want to participate and don't know the anime, it's fine, but if you can look it up, specially the Third season called StrikerS, then you'll get an idea of what I'm aiming for.)

Dimensions, through time and space the Federation of Time and Space Security has watched over for the safety of the Multiverse. Magical forces of the FTSS have kept balance for over a hundred years. Now this balance is threatened.

Strike Force 10 has been decimated. Not a single unit member survived.

Their mission was clear. The Extraction and Safety of Federation officials from the Planet Sigmunde in Multiverse Sigma. The unit was decimated by a rogue group of Mages. However due to their efforts all Federation Officials were saved and extracted.

The Elite Division Nine has been assigned to the case. There are also reports of ancient artifacts resonating in multiple areas of the multiverse.

The Purpose of Division Nine is simple, to locate, secure and protect ancient magical artifacts and also to prevent the use of these artifacts through team effort.

You are now a cadet of the Elite Division Nine. Your Magical power is beyond that of an ordinary Mage, and your aptitude tests are off the charts, this is the reason why you were hand picked by the Division. The division is led by Commander Terra Carrington, with Captains Illya Terranova and Juno Aika.

You are now part of Forward Team Cobalt. You have recieved a Magical device during your basic training. This device when in standby mode can take the shape of anything, be it a jewel, card, book, headband, or basic jewelry. When activated in combat, the device will take the form of the weapon that the user gave it when he first activated it be it a gun, staff, sword, etc. The device also provides the user with a magical armor, the user when first activating it has to picture his armor very clearly in his mind, these armors go from light fabrics like dresses to knight armors, even though dresses or suits may look not as tough as an armor they have the same resistance as a fortified suit of armor, the only aspect that changes is the physical look as it adjusts to the user's preference in clothing.

The devices also have power limits depending on the user's rank or mage standing. The maximum mage rank attainable is SS which is pretty much unleashed and it's reserved to the Federation's highest officials and it needs permission to be activated. The highest normal mage rank that can be achieved is S. All cadets are B rank mages and upon their graduation they become A rank. The highest Mage rank attainable for Middle Rank Officers is AA.

When into the Division, you are expected to work as a team. There are several positions in a team, mostly consisting of four. The Two Close Quarters Specialists, The Mid-Ranged Combat Specialist and the Support Magic Specialist.

All cadets are broken into teams of four. Right now Division Nine has recruited only a handful of trainees. You, are one of them.


You all know these:
-No Godmodding
-No taking huge plot decisions without consulting me first.
-No offensive language except if it is in character.
-No one liner posts, try to detail your characters actions even if he doesn't have much to say, remember that body movements, and emotions can be conveyed through words.
-There will only be two character per person unless I state otherwise.

And now for the new part.

The Enemy revealed himself to be none other than Doctor Hyman, a noted geneticist and biologist specializing in the development of artificial mages created through the blood and genes of real mages.

After his research was stopped and his career destroyed for his discoveries, he swore vengeance as he disappeared in the borders of the Federation.

Now he has returned stronger than ever, with several artificial mages from his ultimate project, The Alphabet Mages.

A new unit of Magical Enforcement under the guidance of Terra Carrington and Captains Illya Terranova and Juno Aika, have encountered these mages in combat and sustained heavy damage. Shana Takeuchi, now Shana Terranova falling victim to Doctor Hyman changed to project P and thanks to the efforts of her comrades and sister she was able to separate herself from Pandora, the artificial mage that now swore allegiance to her and fuses with Shana in order to grant her more power.

Now as the time for battle draws near, the team must overcome all obstacles and face one moral decision. Will they capture Doctor Hyman as was ordered by the Federation, or challenge the orders and kill him?


"The Altaira is out of maintenance, how are the teams doing?", Terra Carrington asked.

"They are doing good Commander, Captain Terranova and her sister should be arriving from the Test Facility any moment now", her secretary replied.

A lone shuttle entered the hangar bay and settled down near a Federation patrol. As the shuttle's loading ramp opened, Ilya Terranova and her sister Shana descended from it, with Pandora sitting on Shana's shoulder.

"Almost two months since we've been gone. It's good to be back", Ilya said looking at Shana with a smile. Shana returned her smile but she quickly went back to being serious.

"No word yet from Doctor Hyman and the Alphabet Mages?", Shana asked.

"No, not yet. It is strange that after securing what they needed, they just went off radar", Ilya said with a frown. But Pandora simply lept from Shana's shoulder and levitated near both of them.

"Awaking Project Z is not so simple as just plugging in some old relic and pressing a power button, it is a procedure that demands time. But we can not afford to spend much more just waiting. We need to find Doctor Hyman before Z's powers develop completely", Pandora said.

Ilya and Shana continued to walk and Pandora sat back down on Shana's shoulder. As they opened the gate to the Division 9 building, they were greeted by many of the crew of the Altaira. All of them were waiting to deploy once more. Even the teams were there. Shana began to scan the room for Kai, just to see if he was around. He hadn't seen him in a while, though most of them kept in touch through their mage links.
 Chevron 7 locke
03-20-2012, 7:04 PM
"So what your saying is that if we run into those two I'm supposed to run? C'mon Onii-san thats not fair! I want a chance at them! And bsides, they managed to beat you pretty badly the last few times you fought them on your own."

Kai sighed as he repeated what he had said a few moments ago. "Hizuni...those two are strong enough to beat me even when I activate my advanced form. Your going to need a lot more training before I even think about letting you fight them when we next encounter them. If you run into them then you need to run as fast as you can."

Hizuni muttered something under her breath. She was about to reply when a sudden smile appeared on Kai's face as he looked across the yard of the Division 9 building. Hizuni was puzzled for a moment and then she saw who Kai was looking at.

"Ohh...Onii-san's girlfriend is back..." She said slyly. Kai looked down at her and frowned but Hizuni simply continued smiling.

"Don't start with that again."

"It's not like it isn't true. I've seen the way you look at her onii-san, you really like her."

Kai didn't reply to that and for a moment Hizuni thought she had crossed a line. I don't know what my feelings are right now...he thought sadly. "Lets just go over and say hello." Kai said quietly as the two began walking over towards Shana and Terranova.

I can't believe it's been two months...Kai thought.
03-20-2012, 8:51 PM
Xi Ming walked through the Division 9 building. Two months later, and he was eager to get into combat. Admittedly, he was also looking forward to seeing his old squadmates again, though he would never say that out loud. As he walked through the yard of the building, he couldn't help but feel a little out of place. It was probably the trench coat; Ming felt as if it made him look like a tall shadow walking about, or more properly, a tall shadow with a straw hat.

As he continued to walk, he noticed two women walking in. One was undoubtedly Shana; the other was Captain Terranova. He also noticed a dark haired man walking towards Shana; no doubt that had to be Kai. Ming would recognize all of them from a mile away. He decided to walk up to where Shana and the Captain were; he figured that Kai would probably get to them at roughly the same time he would.

"Captain Terranova,'s, uh, good to see you guys again." Ming said when he came up to both. He felt a little awkward in being so abrupt, but he was excited to know he would be reunited with old friends.
 Cyborg Ninja
03-21-2012, 12:57 AM
A team reunion, what a happy event to witness. Friends who haven't seen one another in a bit get together once more. Its a shame Hank Coleman would be part of that reunion real soon. Almost nothing had changed about Hank in terms of appearance and personality. He was still the same guy they loved...or hated.

Hank started to make his approach to the group coming up behind a very familiar boy. He grinned from behind his mask as he got closer to the boy, suddenly putting an arm around him.

"Kai!" Hank said happily. He looked down to see Hizuni. "You made a new friend." The alien looked to see Shana, Captain Terranova, and Ming as well.
"Captain, you're looking as attractive as'am. I even threw in a ma'am. Uncle Hank missed you Shana, you look so pretty and uhhh...hey there uhhh Mang" harmlessly flirting with the Captain, complimenting Shana, and teasing Ming...It was good to be back.
03-21-2012, 5:31 PM
"Three on one pal, it's over.", one of the other cadets said, a wry smirk on his face. (

"No, now it's fun.", Tai Letō replied, throwing his Ninjatō onto the ground.

As the three attempted to surround him, he punched the one closest to him, breaking his nose and causing him to collapse on the ground. He spun and backfisted the second - staggering him back. The third one attempted to grapple him, but Tai twisted the man's wrists and headbutted him. As the second one got back within reach, Tai spun and sidekicked him in the stomach - knocking him to the ground. As the other two got back up, he crouched and did a 360 degree kick aimed at their legs, knocking both of them down again. As the other tried to hit him again, he sidestepped and palm striked his infra-orbital margin, stunning him and knocking him to the ground.

"So, what was that about 'it being over'? You three are too hamfisted.", Tai said, shaking his head.

Leaving the three, he walked at a brisk pace until he noticed the group of five or so people. He walked up to them, acknowledging Captain Terranova.

"Captain.", he said, curtly nodding.
03-21-2012, 9:52 PM
Ming looked over at Hank. He wasn't too sure how to react at first to be getting called "Mang," but tried to play along.

"Mang? Has it been that long you've forgotten my name?" he said, raising an eyebrow, but then burst out laughing, something of a rarity for him, as he was unable to keep a straight face. "Hank, it's always a pleasure to see you. You too, Kai," Ming said, turning his attention to his other friend. "This a friend of yours?" he asked, motioning to Hizuni.

Then he noticed a man in black, Tai, walk up to the Captain. "Who's the new guy?" he wondered out loud.
03-23-2012, 1:53 AM
Ilya and Shana smiled as they were finally reunited with Kai, Hizuni, Ping and Hank. Ilya was the one who spoke first as she surely noted how Shana suddenly got a bit nervous since she saw Kai come into view.

"It's been a long time guys", Ilya said and then noticed Tai come along. "Tai, have you met these guys?", she said motioning Tai to meet the others. "Tai, these are the original members of Division 9. Kai, Ming, Hank, my sister Shana and Hizuni".

Shana moved a bit closer to where Hizuni and Kai were and she merely smiled at both of them.

"Hi Hizuni, and hi Kai", Shana said and noticed how Ilya forgot to introduce Pandora, the doll sized woman on her shoulder. "One-chan, you forgot to introduce Pandora, she's a full member of division 9 now".

"How do you do?", Pandora said with a small curtsey.
 Chevron 7 locke
03-23-2012, 4:19 PM
"You made a new friend."

A small grin appeared on Kai's face as he heard Hank's voice and felt the arm across his shoulder.

"Hank!" Hizuni said in delight as she saw him. "Onii-san told me you might be coming back!"

Kai rolled his eyes. "Sometimes with a friend like Hizuni you don't need enemies." Kai said as Hizuni attempted to elbow him in the ribs. And yes...I've told Hizuni a few stories about you. It's good to see you again Hank. How have you been?"

"Hi Hizuni, and hi Kai"

"Hello Shana!" Hizuni said happily as she ran over and hugged Shana. "It's been a while since me and Onii-san saw you!" Hizuni looked over at Kai slyly and saw him shaking his head.

"Hello Shana..." Kai said quietly. "It's...well it's been awhile. How was your trip to the testing facility?"
 Cyborg Ninja
03-24-2012, 2:45 AM
Hank joined in Ming's laugh. "Good to see you again Ming," he said.

Hank watched the silent exchange between Hizuni and Kai, very amused by it. The girl already checked out in his book. She already seemed to be a fan of him, and she liked to tease Kai. He gave Hizuni a thumbs up though in approval.

"I've been good Kai, much better to see this gang again though."

Hank gave a nod to the new guy of the group. His named rhymed with Kai's which he thought was amusing. Hank glanced over at Pandora, but only for a few seconds...she creeped him out a little.

"So should I expect to see anyone else from the old gang?" he asked.
03-26-2012, 3:55 PM
Shana smiled when she was hugged by Hizuni and returned her hug just as happily as she did. She turned over at Kai, barely holding his gaze, she was very nervous to see him again, even though she had been eager to meet him once more.

"It was fine I guess, a little tiring. Pandora and I had to undergo a lot of training just to use the unison form correctly", Shana said and Ilya put a hand on her shoulder.

"Shana and Pandora may have given us an edge over the Alphabet Mages, a unison form boosts the magical power exponentially, taking it to new levels. And for a mage as powerful as Shana is, as all of you are too, this is particularly strong", Ilya said.

Captain Juno Aiko walked over to them to greet them as well. She addressed Hank first.

"Well, the commanding officers are all back. We did however lose some of the old gang. Commander Carrington... Terra made it perfectly clear that all those who wished to spend time with their families could do so, and return if they wished to carry on the fight. But, we have problems", Juno said.

Ilya walked over to Juno with her usual quizzical face. Juno hesitated to speak but ultimately knew she was with people she could trust.

"The Federation is in conflict right now from within. The Militia, which we all know is comprised of mostly non mages, is revolting around the "fact" that Mages get special treatment in the Federation, they are given more commodities. Which is actually not really that far from the truth but there is a reason behind that. From all the children in the federation only about 3% are mages. Every single child is exposed to a device to see if they can resonate with it, most children don't, so those who do, like you guys, are considered valuable. Not to mention we comprise the first line of defense for the Federation, but the militia feel they are cannon fodder. At least, Admiral Heiner is making them feel that way with his speeches", Juno said.

"So there is a probability that if we ask for help, the militia won't help us", Ilya said coldly.

"I'm afraid so", Juno said.
 Chevron 7 locke
03-26-2012, 9:46 PM
"It was fine I guess, a little tiring. Pandora and I had to undergo a lot of training just to use the unison form correctly"

Kai was slightly curious about what this new unison form could do. He hoped it was enough to take on some of the enemy forces that they had fought before especally the two mages that they had last ran into. Not that he wasn't looking forward to fighting them again, he just thought that Shana should be allowed to have a shot at them as well.

Hizuni moved in front of Kai and smiled at Pandora and Shana. "It just wasn't the same without you here. Onii-san was driving me crazy since it seemed that I was the only one he was comfortable sparring with while you were gone."

Kai sighed and Hizuni laughed again. "Thanks to Onii-san I was able to pick up a few new techniques. I hope that I can show them to you soon."
03-29-2012, 8:08 PM
"So there is a probability that if we ask for help, the militia won't help us,"

"Heh, I'll give them something to complain about if they refuse to help," Ming said, somewhat annoyed towards the militia already. Then a thought occurred to him. "This Admiral you think he's in league with Doctor Hyman? He could be disrupting the Federation to help out the Doctor. I'm thinking we should pay this guy a visit."
 Cyborg Ninja
03-31-2012, 2:38 PM
Hank listened to the conversation, snickering every now and then. He found it amusing the soldiers were annoyed with the mages getting this "special treatment". To him it sounded like a bunch of kids being upset because it's the other's birthday and he gets to wear a little crown. At the same time he was a bit excited by this news. He chuckled this time before looking to Juno.

"Well I say who needs them. The way I see it is we get a nice little challenge now," he said rather amused.

Hank turned and glanced at Ming.

"As much as I'd love to hit someone...I mean pay a visit, I think we need some proof before we can."
03-31-2012, 4:30 PM
"We need a lead. Facts. Not wild speculation", Tai said.

Tai paid much attention to the conversation, and found himself shaking his head. Soldiers being annoyed that mages get special treatment? What's next, being annoyed because mages get this so-called "magic"?
04-04-2012, 10:55 PM
Juno agreed with both Tai and Hank, but Ming also had the right mindset.

"Yes, we do need proof of it, but right now getting to Admiral Heiner is tough, there's a lot of bureaucracy involved. We have some people working closely with High Command. So if there really is anything, we'll find it. But for now, we focus on Doctor Hyman", Juno said.

Shana smiled at Hizuni.

"I hope you can show me your new moves soon, and I also hope Kai hasn't been putting so much pressure on his sister, otherwise I'll get mad at him", she said turning to look at Kai, giving him an almost embarrased smile, she just couldn't really control her nervousness so she focused on her breathing just to calm herself.

Ilya looked around the room.

"In any case, you are all free right now, so make sure to keep your comm channels open, we may depart very soon, just once the Altaria is cleared for take off", Ilya said and went with Juno after giving Shana a gentle push forward to Kai and Hizuni's direction. Shana simply looked at both of them, Hank, Ming and Tai.

"Well Tai, since you are our newest addition to the group, how long have you been with the Federation?", Shana asked.
 Chevron 7 locke
04-05-2012, 6:26 PM
"I hope you can show me your new moves soon, and I also hope Kai hasn't been putting so much pressure on his sister, otherwise I'll get mad at him."

Hizuni smiled again. "Onii-san said that I should try sparring with other people. I guess he's getting bored of sparring with me. Or maybe he's afraid that I'm finally starting to catch up with him. And besides...compared to the training I was forced to go through with the mage a few months back training with Onii-san has been easy."

"It looks like I'll have to work on your training regiment." Kai muttered under his breath.

Hizuni smiled sweetly at Shana and Kai. "Onii-san...if it's possible do you think I could spar with Hank and Shana at some point? I want to see how strong they are."

Kai sighed. "I would think it would be alright with them but as long as they agree to it you are more than welcome to."
04-07-2012, 5:02 PM
"Well Tai, since you are our newest addition to the group, how long have you been with the Federation?"

"A few months.", was Tai's curt reply.

How is this relevant? Tai thought to himself. Something else was occupying his thoughts though. He was concerned with this "Doctor Hyman". Leave a man alone with his toys for a year, he won't come back out sane. Should he speak up? No. If these mages are half as good as they think they are, they'll figure it out themselves.
 Cyborg Ninja
04-13-2012, 6:50 PM
Hank looked over at Hizuni and let out a laugh. He wasn't trying to insult the girl, it was more a laugh of approval.

"I like her Kai, she knows who to good ones on the team are. Mr. lightshow over here would have done nothing but blind the poor girl," Hank said teasing Ming in the process.

He hoped they'd get called into action soon, as he was anxious to use his abilities. Perhaps this little sparring session might not be so bad after all. Maybe he'd even get to see Shana fuse with that very creepy Pandora...creepy to him at least.

"I guess I'm up for whatever you had in mind Hizuni," he told her.
04-14-2012, 7:01 PM
"Lightshow?" said Ming, raising an eyebrow. "Oh please, I don't glow that brightly." He allowed a smirk to appear on his face, to acknowledge it was all in good humor. "Besides, you look like a demon in that armor of yours." He turned to Hizuni. "Despite what Hank may say, I actually don't blind people. I could spar with you, but I think Hank would make it more fun." Ming was just being polite here; he didn't actually want to get into a sparring match, as he believed in conserving as much energy as possible. Nevertheless, he was itching to see some action, as he always felt a bit bored sometimes when he wasn't fighting.
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