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Is BioWare Trolling Us?

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02-25-2012, 10:18 AM
For those of you who check the SWTOR site a lot, you should know that BioWare just announced TOR is being released in Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong and Singapore. Seriously?! There's tons of bugs that have been here since day ONE and you're messing around with releasing TOR in a bunch of foreign countries? This sounds a lot like a greedy money grab to me. I hope BioWare enjoys the money they make now, because once the morons rush into the English servers speaking another language, I'm out, and I'm sure I will NOT be the only one. And no, I have no interest or faith in Mass Effect 3.

In conclusion, BioWare needs to cut the crap and start focusing on their only hope of long-term success: SWTOR. MA3 will crash withing a few weeks like MW3 did. The same thing will happen to SWTOR if they don't fix the bugs and make a balanced PvP...
 Lynk Former
02-25-2012, 10:34 AM

lol... i'm not going to close this just cause it's classic.

*walks out of thread*
 Jae Onasi
02-25-2012, 10:42 AM
Huh. Imagine that. A company wanting to make money. Who'd have thought it was possible?

And make the game available to a substantial region of the world that has been asking for the game since day 1.

That's just...awful.

I think I'll go back to playing TOR now.
02-25-2012, 11:21 AM
And Americans wonder why everyone else in the world hates them.....
02-25-2012, 12:59 PM
And Americans wonder why everyone else in the world hates them.....
Yeah, because Americans are all the same... :rolleyes:
02-25-2012, 2:11 PM
This thread needs a sticky...

I agree, if those Australians or New Zealanders come in and start talking their wamba jamba foreign talk, I'm outta here. Don't even get me started on those Canadians... BioWare should just sell the game to Americans...hell just Texans for that matter. ;)
02-25-2012, 9:23 PM
MA3 will crash withing a few weeks like MW3 did.

This one's my personal favourite line. Everyone knows how MW3 released to horrible sales and ended up causing Activision to reconsider the Call of Duty franchise before scrapping it altogether and focusing on new games.
 Darth Avlectus
02-26-2012, 4:48 AM
This is a trolling thread dammit and I demand to know why there isn't any tr--wait, what?:wonder:

@OP: What does Marcellus Wallace look like?
02-26-2012, 6:03 AM
Good news then. Anyway I wish we'd get that Dragonball MMO released outside of Korea finally :(
04-19-2013, 10:02 PM
It's a game, you know. Nothing more than a means of passing time. Yes, they should look into fixing bugs, but do you think they will? Probably not, unless you manage to meet one of their high-ups face to face.
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