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Heroes RP (D&R)

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11-23-2007, 1:49 PM
The world is changing and its inhabitants are changing with it, people are becoming aware of abilities that may be described as special or un-natural. These people seem random gaining these ‘powers’ without any reason or explanation, some use them for good, others for evil and some simply do not use them. Many are not yet aware of their own destiny and those who are have kept it secret from the world, but some do know and mysterious groups are taking these ‘special’ people for reasons that remain unclear…

Meanwhile in the city of Seattle a young scientist has discovered his own abilities and began studying them, he has also began looking for others with abilities in the hopes of better understanding. However a mysterious group have taken an interest in the research the scientist has undertaken and wishes to use it for their own means…

The Story

Hey everybody it’s the starmark2k’s monthly RP (yes it’s early, Shhhh) and this week I’m doing a semi resurrection with my Superheroes of New York RP, but this time I’m basing it around the popular TV show Heroes. You don’t have to have seen the show (but if you haven’t go watch it! It Rocks!) to join this RP as we can pretty much catch you up and we won’t be meeting any of the characters from the show or experience any major events as it is based at the same time as the beginning of the series.

You play one of the ‘Specials’ who has recently discovered they can do something thought to be impossible for a Human to do. Your character would have or will either be contacted by or have gone looking for my character ‘Jason Hawk’ as he has written a paper on the internet about the phenomenon. After we meet up there will be fights with a group of not so good ‘Specials’ and a plot line of epic proportion to save the city of Seattle (a little parallel to the actual show in New York)

Rules- RP forum rules are standard.

No killing PCs without permission
Minimal Char Control (it’s unrealistic to RP without it creeping in)
Thread master controls all 'plot sensitive' NPCs
7 day Absence rule- don’t post for seven days your character becomes a NPC until you return.
No one-liners
3 PC Max (2 ‘Special’, 1 Normal)

Character Sheet

Name: (i.e Peter Petrelli, Bruce Wayne)
Sex: (Male or Female)
Nationality: (Anywhere in the world)
Appearance: (Picture or description)
Power and Abilities: (What they can do, See below for limitations)
Bio: (History and personality.)

Powers and Abilities

Ok all pretty much anything goes but if a character is too powerful it can ruin the RP and make it Un-fun and Unfair. So I’m going to state the limits to what a character can do and give examples using ‘Heroes’ Characters to prevent any confusion further down the road.

Firstly no Peter Petrellis or Sylars (or if you’re an X-men fan, no Rogues). You have to pick a single power and stick with it, we can’t have people who can do everything everyone else can do. Also avoid characters like the Haitian who can stop other special peoples abilities.

Secondly no one can have a power as strong as Hiro, Time Travel will just start confusing everyone and mix up the RP. Characters like Hiro will need to be ‘dumbed’ down so his teleportation would be limited to a distance of say half a mile and freezing time would be only seen to last for 30 seconds from his perspective.

Your power can only give you one or two abilities. IE if you were to play a Hiro character his power would be ‘bending the space time continuum’ and the abilities would be ‘Teleportation’ and ‘freezing time’.

If you were to play a Claire character her power would be ‘Regeneration’ and her abilities would include ‘Regeneration’ and possibly ‘Immunity to poison’.

If you were to play a D.L character his power would be ‘move through solid objects’ and this would also be his only ability.

Name: Jason Hawk
Age: 25
Sex: Male
Nationality: American
Appearance: Hawk (
Power and Abilities: Fire Generation
Flame Thrower- Jason can ignite hands with fire and then throw the flames up to fifteen meters in the form of a ball.
Fire Proof- Jason’s skin does not burn and he can not feel high levels of heat.
Bio: Considered somewhat a child prodigy from childhood it’s unsurprising Jason took to a life devoted to science. His preferred field was biology and more specifically Genetics, his intelligence led to good grades and these got him into Cambridge university in England where he went to Study genetics under the greatest minds in the world.

While at university Jason began a case study of some of his classmates and noticed oddities within one of their genetic codes. He claimed that the classmates code could allow him to do special things but his professors dismissed these claims. Despite this setback he left university with a first degree and a doctorate, but swore he would prove that his theory was correct.

Returning to his home in Seattle Jason began working for a company that specialised in researching and treating Genetic illnesses but spent most of his free time on hid own project. While working on his project he accidentally started a fire at his home and was somehow not burned. He realised that he had somehow started the fire by mistake as the flames originated from his own hand, a quick study of his own D.N.A. proved his suspicions.

Jason is intelligent and determined; if he sets out to do something he won’t stop until he finishes it. His work has made him a bit reclusive and has very little in the way of a social life.

Name: Sarah-Jane Jones
Age: 16
Sex: Female
Nationality: British
Appearance: SJ (
Power and Abilities: Earth Movement
Tremor- SJ can cause the ground around her feet to violently shake like an earthquake although the distance of these tremors is limited to a 20 meter radius.
Perfect Balance- SJ’s ability also allows her to keep her balance at all times whether it is on her feet or standing on one hand.
Bio: Sarah-Jane, or SJ as she prefers to be called is a popular young Gymnast at her school in a London suburb. Her life seemed normal enough until one day her boyfriend had dumped her at school and in her rage an earthquake destroyed half her high school. Without anyway to explain the small quake the authorities left it as a freak accident but noted that the tremors did seem to create a circumference around SJ.

She’s a fun loving good time girl but has a short fuse and is quick to anger, this wasn’t a problem until her power’s started to surface now a tantrum can destroy the house.

Name: Byron Jones
Age: 47
Sex: Male
Nationality: British
Appearance: Professor Jones ( (yes it’s Luke crossed with Obi-Wan!!!)
Power and Abilities: None
Bio: The Scottish Geneticist is considered highly in the field and has been lecturing at Cambridge university. He was one of the Professors that dismissed Jason Hawk’s theories on evolution and how the human genetic code had began to change and at a phenomenal rate. Byron has recently began to notice the strange tectonic activity that seems to happen around his daughter and is now beginning to believe his former pupils work.

Professor Jones is sceptical about most things until he has solid undisputable proof, this makes him seem quite stubborn.
11-23-2007, 2:29 PM
Name: Lara Caldwell

Age: 23

Sex: Female

Appearance: Image: Lara Caldwell (

Nationality: Australian

Power and Abilities:

telepathy; ability to ‘read’ peoples’ thoughts and memories, as well as basic mental manipulation
telekinesis; ability to manipulate things without physical contact

Bio: Lara was born in a small Australian town, and raised in Sydney. When she turned eleven, she began hearing peoples’ thoughts. Initially, she and her family thought she was experiencing the preliminary stages of some form of multiple personality disorder. When the truth was discovered, Lara began working hard to understand how the power worked. The greater control she got over it, the more she began to understand that she could do. Soon, she had full control of her telepathy.

At seventeen, Lara’s telekinesis began to surface. In contrast to her eagerness to learn how to master the telepathy, the telekinesis frightened her. She tried to suppress it, but was not successful at all. After graduation, she explored a number of different colleges, finally settling on one in Seattle, Washington. On the plane to the US, the man sitting next to her offered her the chance to come fully in control of her abilities. By telepathy, she confirmed that he was telling the truth, but she chose to ignore the fact that he had been thinking about ways she would be able to repay her debt if they taught her to use her abilities.

Currently, Lara has a comfortable grasp on her powers. Occasionally, the group who taught her the restraint she needs to control her powers will send her to talk to another ‘gifted’ person. In some cases, she has had to kill, but most often, she can ‘persuade’ someone else to go with her back to her ‘employers’.

Name: Kevin Waters

Age: 28

Sex: Male

Appearance: Image: Kevin Waters (

Nationality: American

Power and Abilities:

technopathy: the ability to control and manipulate technology into doing whatever you want it to... within the limits of its capabilities, of course
electronic data transception: the ability to intercept, generate, and interpret electronic, digital, and radio transmissions with one’s mind

Bio: Kevin Waters has always been a genius with technology... one with a habit for poor scheduling. He frequently stays awake late into the night and sleeps late into the morning, just to work on whatever piece of technology happens to hold his attention at the moment. It was on one of these late nights that his electronic data transception surfaced. Initially, he thought he just needed rest... but he couldn’t sleep as the sheer mass of information flowing through his mind was overwhelming. Finally coming to an understanding of just what his mind was taking in, he actively began working to control it. It took him three weeks of poor sleeping to learn control... and then he slept for two days straight before his alarm finally woke him. Attempting to turn it off, he slapped at it and the display flickered and went out. Two hours later, he awoke.

When he finally woke up, he noticed the display on his alarm was blank. Puzzled, he picked it up and turned it over. At his touch, the display flickered to life and the alarm buzzed again. Puzzled, he switched it off and began his daily routine. Over the next three months, he became aware of his technopathy and began to make use of it as well.

Though he has full control of his abilities, he uses them very rarely as he can’t justify doing anything he’s thought of... except for manipulating small electronic devices so he doesn’t have to spend money to get them repaired...
11-23-2007, 3:25 PM
Name: Elisa Velasquez
Age: 17
Sex: Female
Nationality: Cuban American
Appearance: 5' 2", 123lb.; Fairly dark skin tone; black, curly hair that is gelled and kept in a stick-twist; she is exceptionally beautiful (as for those details, i leave them to you ;) )
Power and Abilities:
Shape-Shifter: Able to transform her body into any animal, human or otherwise (as long as the creature/person is a female). She is, however, prone to transforming during very intense emotions into creatures that she cannot control. When transforming into another human form, she can only transform the body and not clothing.
Self-healing: As a shape shifter, any wounds on her body are healed the next time she transforms. It is not a perfect solution, however, as she can still be scarred from her wounds.
Bio: Elisa has had a fairly troubled life as her father is apart of a crime syndicate in Miami. Although her father is quite rich, he does not spend his money recklessly, and he does not get Elisa, her two brothers, or her mother everything they want. In order to reduce public suspicion, he has also raised the family in a small apartment located near the rest of her family.

She discovered her ability on accident during an incident in which her father was going to be tortured and executed in front of Elisa and the rest of her family. However, Elisa became enraged and was able to transform herself into a cougar. After the quick transformation, Elisa quickly mauled and killed each of the men that were holding them all hostage.

Despite what had happened, Elisa's family sheltered her and did their best to hide her ability from the world as they moved from Miami to Seattle to escape the crime syndicate.
11-23-2007, 5:05 PM
I'm a little leery of this, but what the hell. I'm in.

Name: Jacob Wallace

Age: 26

Sex: Male

Nationality: American, Scottish/Welsh ancestry

Appearance: Jacob is of stout build, with short black hair and green eyes. He's fairly muscular, and generally wears comfortable clothes, jeans and a shirt, although he usually wears a jacket over it to conceal his sidearm, a heavily modified Colt M1911.

Powers and Capabilities:

Photographic Memory: If Jacob sees, hears, smells, feels, or even tastes something, he will remember it. He could take a look at the inner workings of a clock, and then ten years later assemble a completely new one, provided he had the correct equipment. His brain is capable of many times more storage than a normal human brain.

Intuitive Aptitude: Jacob is capable of learning new skills much faster than a normal human being. For example, simply by watching a sparring match between two Black Belts in Karate, he could learn a great deal about it and be able to fight marginally competently, although he'd need to do actual training to master it.

Biography: Jacob was born to a middle-class family in downtown Chicago. He was soon tagged as a genius, learning to walk at four months and read at one year. Over the next five years, he rapidly learned, and by entering kindergarten, was reading at a sixth grade level and had already mastered nearly all of his classes before he even began attending. The school, seeing that he wasn't being challenged, moved him to the third, then the sixth, then, by his eighth birthday, he had graduated high school. To date, no one had noticed his powers. Jacob, bored with what he had been doing, did not move to college and chose to educate himself.

By his thirteenth birthday, Jacob had discovered his capabilities and began putting them to better use, absorbing Jackie Chan movies, and was enrolled in a Karate school. The teacher noticed his odd fighting style - although he progressed much faster than the other students, he never seemed to make an error in his strikes or use unorthodox attacks. Nevertheless, by fifteen he was a black belt in Karate and moved on.

At eighteen, he joined the United States Marine Corps and was deployed to Afghanistan. He was honorably discharged a month ago, and returned to the States. He's been living in Seattle since, as he has little interest in returning to Chicago.
 Jason Skywalker
11-23-2007, 5:37 PM
What the heck, i'll give it a shot, Heroes rules.

Name: Alexander Stanfield

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Nationality: 3/4 American and 1/4 Portuguese.

Appearance: ( Dark brown eyes, short unkept dark brown hair, medium stature, sports a 5 o'-clock shadow and of slim build. Usually wears a matching pair of dark blue jacket and pants with a white shirt inside.

Power and Abilities:
-Air/wind manipulation:
Alex can either gather the air around him and focus it into various shapes or onto various spots.

Due to his manipulation of the air and wind, Alex can levitate for a short amount of time before the fatigue starts kicking in.

(I just noticed how awesome this power is. :) )

Bio: Alex had lived a normal life with normal parents, a normal annoying older brother and younger sister, normal. He would always be middle in everything, never be good enough or bad enough to receive help. Just normal. He would usually do good at school but while he's slim, he's not good at athletics.

The earliest manifestations of his power came on his 13 years of life. Alex would have found himself lost on a street where he saw many strangers. One stranger approached him from behind and then he had passed out. When Alex had woken up, he saw the stranger in a stretcher with an ambulance nearby and a broken wall where blood was seen.

Personality wise, he had always been shy and weak hearted, not even able to withstand somebody crying without feeling bad or to start crying himself. After his 13 years, he started to go on a tough persona, which ended badly for him so he would just try to go by unrecognized and not associating with anybody. By 15 years old, he would be more sociable.

After graduating from high school with neither weak nor excellent scores, he took up a job on a coffee shop up until now, where once again, his power has manifested again, on the form of breaking windows when frustrated (which was given the guilt of simply some kids playing with a rock), and the fact he once tore down the door to the ground with simply a flick of a hand.

Hope everything is okay.
11-23-2007, 6:21 PM
Name: Christan Stewart

Age: 24

Sex: Male

Nationality: Scottish

Appearance: Medium build, tall, over 6ft, with medium length sandy blonde hair and bright blue eyes, has a burn scar on his right cheek. He has a very "rugged" appearance. Usually seen wearing slightly baggy jeans, with a medium sized t-shirt on, showing off the tattoo of a Celtic cross on his right arm. On special occassions he can be seen wearing the kilt of his family. ((Hunting Stewart if you know, seen as the Royal Stewart is not a clan tartan but strictly speaking property of the Royal Family :P))

Power and Abilities:

Ice Generator - Christan is able, through his body, to generate ice out of his hands to either attack, protect himself e.g. an armour of ice, or create "Ice Speedways", in which he can form a speedway for himself to ride along made out of ice.

Immunity to very low temperatures - Keeping cool is out of the question, Christan can keep below sub-zero. He has immunity to harsh, cold temperatures.

Biography: Born to a Scottish mother and father not too far away from the Northern Highlands, he grew up wanting to follow in his fathers footsteps of being in the Police Service. That was until at 9 years old, his father was killed in in a raid upon a local bank.

Vowing never to want a part in law, he became rebellious. At the age of 14, he was well known to be a thief and a thug. In the same year, he decided to quit school and run away from his troubles, ending up at the peak of a mountain. This is where he discovered his power. He lived in temperatues no person could, and also relalised he could make ice in any weather and season, even summer.

After several months of wandering around cities and towns, he came to Edinburgh where he made a friend, Hayden who had a power aswell, the ability to run at a superhuman speed. The two became best of friends and decided to help each other, along with helping others. After another couple of months, the two tried to do their best but were rejected. Their final time as a pair was when a building caught fire, Christan and Hayden tried to help the people trapped inside. It ended up with Hayden burning to death and Christan serverly injured.

After many more years in the country, Christan decided to move on, although he couldn't forget the horrors of the flames, as told by the burn scar that runs down his cheek. At 24, he travelled to England and got on a flight to America, New York, before moving onto Seattle. Upon arriving he sought help with his "condition" although no one was there to help. Deciding to restart his life from scratch, he now works as a mechanic.

((Hope everything checks out okay, anything wrong just say it and i'll change it :) heroes for the win :) ))

EDIT: Right moved him to Seattle ;)
11-23-2007, 6:33 PM
Name: William Fleetwood
Age: 36
Sex: Male
Nationality: Canada
Appearance: Fleetwood Thunder (
Power and Abilities:
Electric generation and manipulation- Allows him to produce electric charges of any power he desires and is able to manipulate the charge. So far he has learned how to send the direction in a certain direction (i.e. into a person) or to use the charge to power a machine (i.e. laptop batteries)
Bio:(Warning: Contains Angst)
Born and raised in Niagara Falls, Ontario, William had a rouge up bringing because he had no idea who his father was and his mother brought in income for waitressing in shotty bars around the city. William's upbringing was reflected in his behavior in school with once resulted him being kicked out of a school. The hard responsibilities of raising a child and trying to get a steady income eventually got to he and she fell into the wrong crowd, and fell in love with a man called Laszlo. This Laszlo introduce Williams mother to a new darker world including swinging and drugs. After two years of dating, Laszlo picked up "bad" drugs which resulted and his death along with Williams mother.

William was the one to discover their bodies and the finding was so traumatic that even 20 years after, he still has to visit a shrink. After being taken by child services, he was moved around many different families (usually a family every five or six months). When he was old enough, he got a job in a motor scrap yard so he could earn enough money to rent a small apartment so he didn't need to relay on a care family for a home. 10 years ago he moved to Seattle to take over a garage and motor scrap yard business, and to escape his unfortunate past. He learned of his powers when he was 30 and was since been using his scrap yard at night to practice his powers, however he feels he's only mastered a small portion of his potential.

Even with his troubled past, William, with the help of psychology and social skills, is able to keep up an upbeat and friendly personality who is very skilled in his job of fixing and demolitioning most cars.

(Sorry if this isn't very good, I'm writing this at half past eleven at night. Anyways, now that I'm done... I'm going to hit the sack)
11-23-2007, 9:38 PM
Name: Josй Federico Hernбndez
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Nationality: Spanish
Power and Abilities: Smoke Generator
Federico can produce smoke and manipulate it.
Federico has learned to make a some sort of “Smoke Storm” with his powers.

Bio: Born in Valencia, Spain from a good family. His father a Sociology teacher and his mother an artist. Jose was well educated, he finished his high school and he is currently studding in Flight school. He discovered his powers at the age of 16, when he begun to smoke cigarettes, one day the some how he managed to manipulate the smoke coming out of the cigarette, he then by the years learned to generate and manipulate smoke … he even learned how to make a some sort of “Smoke Storm”. After finishing flight school he decided to go to live to New York, where his destiny awaits.
11-23-2007, 9:57 PM
What does this Smoke Storm do?
11-24-2007, 11:10 AM
What does this Smoke Storm do?
It can create like a small tornado, but the real important effect is that it can easily can intoxicate someone to death.
11-24-2007, 3:06 PM
Uh...intoxicate us to death? Exposure results in severe boozing?
11-24-2007, 3:19 PM
I think he means poison. Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm pretty sure intoxicate is another word for poison or an action to prevent oxygen getting into the lungs.
 Jason Skywalker
11-24-2007, 3:27 PM
Smoke inhalation is the primary cause of death in victims of indoor fires. The smoke kills by a combination of thermal damage, poisoning and pulmonary irritation caused by carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide and other combustion products.

There you go.
11-24-2007, 3:28 PM
Intoxicate can be used as a verb meaning to Poison so it is used correctly, but as it seems to have confused people I believe he means it will poison them with a deadly fast acting toxin. In future if you are unsure of a word someone else has used try and read a Dictionary.

Edit: Steven i think you are thinking of Asphyxiate, meaning to cause to die or lose consciousness by impairing normal breathing, as by gas or other noxious agents; choke; suffocate; smother.
11-24-2007, 4:22 PM
Name: Adrian Asch
Age: 34
Sex: Male
Nationality: Israel
Appearance: Black ski jacket, jeans, sneakers, long dark brown hair, fair skin
Power and Abilities:

Teleportation: Can teleport short distances
Freeze time: Can freeze time temporarily until ability "recharges"

Bio: Adrian was born on the year of the Yom Kippur War. Both his parents served in the IDF during the time, and both were killed. Adrian was then raised by his godparents. You could describe him in his childhood and teenage life as quite the deviant. A trait that was supposed to be fixed after serving a decade in the Israeli Defense Force. During his last couple months before his discharge, Adrian discovered his ability to manipulate space and time itself. An incident occured and after Adrian was discharged he left Israel for good, moving to Seattle and never looking back.

(Seattle is just a 30 minute drive for me, this should be fun)
11-24-2007, 5:14 PM
Well done on your imagination Count, wherever did you get the idea for those powers?

All characters are fine, but just to make sure everyone is aware we’re in Seattle not New York, I only bring it up due to the number of people who have put their characters there as the two cities are on opposite sides of the continent.

I’ll be getting started in a couple of days, but I don’t want everyone converging on the exact same location at the same time, it’ll confuse things so if your character has travelled to Seattle because they read Jason’s e-paper have it so they can’t find his exact address. When I think it’s time for them to meet I’ll let you know and we’ll make up a plausible situation for it.

This does not mean that your character can not interact with other PCs, if some of you decide to have chance meetings go ahead, it’ll make things easier and you won’t feel left out.
11-24-2007, 5:27 PM
hey, cmon now, hiro's power is my favorite and somebody already took telekenesis which is what i would have chosen.
11-24-2007, 5:39 PM
Look if you just want to copy an example given in the first post, which already based on a pre-existing Character go ahead. I’m just saying it shows a lack of imagination, I’m not telling you to change it, if you’re happy with it, carry on.

And if you want telekinesis, have telekinesis. I didn’t say two people couldn’t have the same power, however you encounter the same imagination problems as someone else does have it. Besides Telekinesis is kinda boring anyway (no offence writer, but it is).
11-24-2007, 5:42 PM
well, maybe its a lack of imagination, but im gonna stick to it. Plus I didn't get the idea from your example specifically. ill just make it up with creative rping
 Jason Skywalker
11-24-2007, 6:35 PM
Great, can't wait to start this.

Also, lol, nobody took up the flight power xD
11-25-2007, 2:33 AM
Name: Malin Ellison
Age: 26
Sex: Female
Nationality: American
Appearance ( Malin has shoulder-length light brown-hair (often worn in a twist or bun), grey eyes and a lithe build. She usually wears lightweight clothing, facilitating easy movement as well as quick use of her powers.
Power and Abilities: Omni-morph 'husking'
Husking - Malin can shed the outer layer of her skin at will, revealing new skin underneath composed of different substances including, but not limited to, steel, granite, wood and glass. She must first come into contact with a substance to be able to morph her skin into it. She can stay in her 'husked' state for up to an hour without adverse effects before she must revert to her normal state; any longer and it becomes extremely uncomfortable.
Healing factor - As a side effect of her power, she is able to 'husk' away most minor injuries she may have suffered, effectively leaving them 'behind' as she transitions from her morphs. More serious injuries will not go away immediately, however.
Bio: Malin Ellison was born to an affluent New York family. Her parents were both successful business-people, working for rival corporations. Their busy schedules often kept them from spending time with their daughter, and as a result, Malin developed a rather insular and independent personality. She did not possess the business aptitude of her parents and attended a liberal arts college in the city, studying languages and set to graduate early in December of 2001 in order to pursue a modeling career.

Just as summer wore down and Malin was ready to return to school for her final semester, she had a particularly acrimonious argument with both of her parents just before returning to her dorm, leaving her frustrated and her parents bewildered. She regretted fighting with them almost immediately, but had to get through the first week of classes before she could contact them again. On the morning of September 11th, she called her father at work to make amends and ask if he'd like to meet up for coffee. When she couldn't get through, she was puzzled, but decided it was probably a technical problem. She decided not to try her mother, as Mrs. Ellison was leaving that morning from Boston for a meeting out on the West Coast. Only when she turned on the morning news did she realize the awful truth.

Having lost both her parents in the terrorist attacks (Her father worked in Tower 2 and her mother was aboard one of the hijacked planes), Malin is left orphaned and distraught. In the following days, she would join in the rescue and recovery efforts at Ground Zero, working side by side with the NYPD and the FDNY. This experience changed her, in more ways than one. While picking through debris, her power manifested itself as a steel girder fell on her from 20 feet above. Her body turned to steel itself and was able to resist the impact of the girder. Not understanding what had happened, she ran from the area all the way home. Only as she tore the flesh away from her face did she realize the extent of her mutation.

Malin decides to finish the semester out and get her degree. The day after her graduation, she takes the New York City Firefighter Exam. She passes that and all her subsequent tests with flying colors and on her 21st birthday, becomes part of the Fire Department of New York City. She serves with distinction for several years, becoming known for her knack for rescuing people from burning buildings. She is able to do this because of her power, which allows her to morph into a number of different fire-resistant forms.

She has just recently come to Seattle on loan from the FDNY to train new Seattle Fire Department recruits in dangerous rescue protocol. She has also come after being contacted online by someone who spoke of 'Specials'... Malin isn't really sure what it all means, but she is curious enough about her own powers to want to know more.

((Sorry it's so long! I didn't plan for it to be. Hope everything is okay! :)))
11-25-2007, 3:53 AM
Name: Alex Dark
Age: 25 years and 6 Months
Sex: Male
Nationality: Australian
Appearance: Meh.... (
Power and Abilities: Psionic Energy

Psionic Blast: Can create psionic energy from his hands and shoot/throw at target. Though depending on the size of the blast, it can consume a certain amount of energy within Alex
Levitation: Can use psionic energy to levitate himself and fly great distances.

Bio: Alex Dark grew up in Brisbane, Australia, where he studied law enforcement. He later on became a bounty hunter whie learning the trade.

A few months ago, he was hunting a wanted fugitive with a $20,000 bond. As he caught him face-to-face, the fugitive threatened Dark with a gun. Caused by reaction, and self-deffence, Dark accidently killed him unleahing his revealed psionic power.

He then moved to Seattle in America, where he could start a new life and continue bounty hunting. Ovetime, his powers developed and eventually learned to fly (by accidently falling out of his Apartment window) by using psionic energy to levitate his body.
11-25-2007, 5:16 AM
Big fan of superheros and the show Heroes. Hmm lets try one.

Name: Devin Ull
Age: 32
Sex: Male
Nationality: Asian American
Appearance: Long dark hair and beard.
Power and Abilities: Water manipulation
Molecular level: can heat and cool water by exciting/slowing down the water molecules of anything with water in it(ie how a microwave works). semi uncontrolled, purely based on emotion(joy=warming, anger=cooling).

Move water: Able to move large amounts of water.

Bio: After being a failed musician in several bands in different states, Devin headed off to Seattle in hopes of finding a band he could play with. He strapped his bass on his back and headed up to Seattle. His discovery of his power was accidental.

His van was overheating from the road trip, and he got angry with the van. Suddenly the water temp on his van dropped. A coincidence he thought. While performing at a show, he accidentally killed a bar owner when he refused to pay the band by causing ice crystals to form in his veins.

He didn't believe in his power until he had a strange dream where they pushed him to use his powers beyond where he wanted to. He retained some memory of what happened, mainly the feelings, but not everything in the dream. He began practicing the "lessons" from his dream.
11-25-2007, 7:00 AM
Husking - Malin can shed the outer layer of her skin at will, revealing new skin underneath composed of different substances including, but not limited to, steel, granite, wood and glass. She must first come into contact with a substance to be able to morph her skin into it. She can stay in her 'husked' state for up to an hour without adverse effects before she must revert to her normal state; any longer and it becomes extremely uncomfortable.

Quist....that must be the MOST disgusting power i have heard of :P

Don't come near my character, he'll end up throwing up :P ahh Kidding ;)

Nice power's everyone, great imagination :)
11-25-2007, 2:39 PM
Ok Tommycat you have four abilities with your power and I put a limit on four so lose two and then it is fine.

Now a lot of people have joined this and that’s not necessarily a good thing as it can clutter up the both the RP and D&R thread. This means I’m going to be strict with rule enforcement, basically break a rule and you are out, I have admin and mod support with this so that means no arguments and no exceptions. If you are unsure if you are about to break a rule ask me before you post but it is mostly common sense.

If you engage in a conversation with another player in character please do joint posts, these can be done using a shared IM or the forums PM system. If we just keep getting response after response between the same two people, it will be classes as spamming and I’ll start ‘splittin’ wigs’.

Keep the D&R thread on topic, if you post something with nothing to do with the Heroes RP it will be considered spamming and you’ll be making a hasty exit.

The long and short of it is My way or the high way, don’t like it or think you’ll be unable to follow the rules I’d request a moderator delete your post from this thread if I were you.

With that out of the way those who have chosen that they will carry on with this the RP has begun Here (
11-25-2007, 9:18 PM
Ok Tommycat you have four abilities with your power and I put a limit on four so lose two and then it is fine.
Cool, Removed weather control, as that is a bit hokey(and a bit pointless without the full weather control ala Storm).

I also removed walking on water, because well with freezing the water, you kinda don't have to walk on water when you can skate on ice :D

Thanks for having me.
11-25-2007, 9:40 PM
SM, I'm adding a third character. Don't worry... this one doesn't have any powers. I'm still playing by your rules :)

Name: William Banes

Age: 27

Sex: Male

Appearance: Image: William Banes (

Nationality: American

Power and Abilities: None

Bio: Will Banes is Kevin Waters’ best friend and has been since grade school. Whereas Kevin was always the tech-obsessed geek, Will was an athlete through and through. He played several sports throughout school, including baseball, soccer, and tennis, and he ran track. He was most successful at football and went on to college with a full-ride scholarship thanks to his talents.

Will played football in college and kept in touch with Kevin... which was easy since they went to the same school. They studied together and since Will was on an accelerated graduation program, they graduated at the same time. Now, they’re roommates, and Will is the only one Kevin has told about his powers. Initially, Will was doubtful, even when Kevin showed him what he could do. Then, he was enthusiastic about the potential for what they could do. Since then, he’s settled down a lot. Still, he can’t help but throw the occasional joke about his friend’s abilities... always when they’re the only ones around, of course.

Will was the one who found Jason Hawk’s article online and showed it to Kevin. Though Kevin was initially reluctant to speak to the geneticist, it was due largely to Will that he’s seriously thinking about arranging a meeting with Jason Hawk.
11-28-2007, 11:06 AM
Hope there's still room to join.

Don't want to intrude after all.

Name: Jaydon 'Jaz' Hoshi
Age: 18
Sex: Male
Nationality: Japanese American
Appearance: I am such a nerd, but it's a good picture (;) Height is 6'3" and still growing
Power and Abilities: Bone Manipulation
Full Body Control- Jaydon can manipulate his skeletal structure, density, and flexibility, allowing him to use his bones in a variety of defensive and offensive ways.
Bone Growth- Jaydon has heightened bone growth, allowing him to repair, and regenerate broken or missing bone at an amazing rate, he can even replicate bone, making it impossible to say that he has a definite amount of bones in his body at any one time.
Bio: Jaydon grew up in foster care with his younger sister. His first home was with a military family at Nellis Airforce Base in Nevada. He was always a rambunctious and cheerful child and had an odd habit of pulling his thumb all the way back to his wrist. At first this never bothered his foster parents, but as he grew older, and became much more wild, they grew more and more disturbed as he began bending and twisting other body parts in odd ways.

After taking him to the doctors they found he had Hypermobility Syndrome, or as it's more commonly known as, double jointed. The doctor said that they had nothing to fear, but that they should keep him from continuing his habit, however, the doctor was confused to find that there weren't any common symptoms of HS, such as collagen defects, like EDS. And what puzzled him further was that his X-rays showed perfectly normal joints, where as most people with HS have misaligned or abnormally-shaped joint ends. "He's probably just a natural contortionist," the doctor had said with a chuckle, which confused Jaydon, considering he was too young to understand any of it anyways.

On his eighth birthday he discovered one of his abilities. At his party he had received roller skates as a present, and being too impatient to wait on sombody to help him, he went out with them on. He seemed to quickly acquire a knack for it, but being young and stupid, he fell and slammed his arm straight down onto the curb, all the time he had been going at a high speed, the impact fracturing his humerous. He was taken to the hospital, and after a couple days his arm was put in a splint and he was sent home, the doctor saying it would be two months before his arm was fully healed, but the baffled doctor found himself taking it off in only two weeks.

At ten Jaydon moved to Seattle with his foster parents. Only a few months later he was moved to a different foster home, with different foster parents, his sister however, got to stay with his previous ones, though they still keep in touch. Years went by, with Jaydon, or Jaz as he was called by his friends, slowing discovering, mostly by accident, his odd and quite fascinating abilities, slowly attempting to develop them on his own. But along with these abilities he discovered problems, such as an extremely high matabolism, and an addiction to milk, due to the fact that his bones grow at such high rate it requires him to eat large quatities of food. On the other hand his body is the envy of super models everywhere ( :lol: ).

As the years went by, his wild streak slowly dissapated, until he became nothing but an unenthusiastic, unmotivated, lazy good-for-nothing, with a practical mind. He dropped out of high school two months before graduation, and moved out to live in an apartment on his own with nothing but a minimum wage job, a pair of rollerblades, a cellphone, and a toothbrush.

Hope this is okay. If not tell me the problem and it will be fixed.
11-28-2007, 6:39 PM
((Ok, Starmark, I finally got my act together and came up with a character. :) ))

Name: Milila (Milly) Cheveyo
Age: 20
Sex: Female
Nationality: Native American/Canadian
Power and Abilities:
Super Vision — super long distance , extreme magnification, X-ray, and infrared vision (so she can see in near total darkness)
Healing factor - When in close proximity with her brother, Milly's body is able to heal itself at a greatly accelerated rate.
A biology student at the University of Washington in Seattle, with the dream of eventually going to med school and becoming a doctor, Milila has come across Jason Hawk’s ‘Special’ paper on the internet while doing research for a school project. As her mother, Ingrid, died five years ago, she lives with her brother Cass, a homicide detective with the Seattle police department. Her Native American father, ‘Bob’, abandoned the family when Milly was still quite young and she has very little memory of him.
 Rogue Nine
11-28-2007, 6:50 PM
Name: Catahecassa (Cass) Cheveyo
Age: 23
Sex: Male
Nationality: Native American/Canadian
Appearance: pictar hurr hurr (
Power and Abilities: Probability Manipulation
Altering probability - Cass has the ability to manipulate probability to his favor. With this power, he is able to make improbable things happen within his line of sight. In other words, he has exceptionally good luck.
Healing factor - When in close proximity with his sister, Cass' body is able to heal itself at a greatly accelerated rate.
Bio: Cass is a homicide detective in the Seattle Police Department, the youngest in his unit. He joined the force when he was 20.5 in order to help pay for his sister Milly's college tuition following the death of their mother, Ingrid. Their father left them when Cass was only 4 and Milly was still a baby. As a result, Cass has some vague recollections of him.

The siblings' powers first manifested themselves following the death of their mother. Milly's power became apparent first, as she astounded her brother by accurately identifying a plane's fuselage number as it flew overhead. Cass discovered the full extent of his own ability when the Cheveyo house mysteriously burned down a month after their mother's passing. He was able to save his sister by carrying her from the top floor and out the back door, all while dodging burning debris. It was then they also discovered their secondary power. Milly had been burned badly on the way out, but after holding onto her brother for several minutes, had completely regenerated her charred flesh. Whether this is a byproduct of their powers being in close proximity to each other or a separate power entirely is unknown to them.

They have used their powers to help each other out over the years, though Cass has insisted upon secrecy. With Milly's discovery of this 'Jason Hawk' person, both siblings are intrigued at the possibility of an explanation of their seemingly supernatural abilities.
11-29-2007, 11:45 AM
I'm sure none of you noticed, but I edited my sheet. Jacob is now in Seattle. I really couldn't think of anything to do in a Player-less city.
12-01-2007, 3:46 AM
Ok peeps I set a couple of things up here for the story line.

Firstly as a few of your characters are students Jason will be giving a talk on genetics and this’ll be an opportunity for your guys to meet him.

Secondly I need four volunteers to be captured by the bad guys that we saw in my last post, don’t worry your guys will escape them a little later but it’ll get characters into the story.

Also can everyone remember what I said about waiting until I tell you that our characters will meet before setting something up.
12-01-2007, 5:40 AM
I'll be captured. I can't think of a good reason for Jacob to go meet with Hawk.
12-01-2007, 6:27 AM
I'll volunteer. Like Corinthian, my character has no reason to go to Hawk either.
12-01-2007, 12:19 PM
If it'd help the story, I wouldn't mind my character being captured. :)
12-01-2007, 4:05 PM
Hey all! These are the main Bad guys in the story and are the four mentioned in my last post with Nicolay.

Name: Jackson Cole
Code Name: Phobia
Age: 42
Sex: Male
Nationality: American
Appearance: See your nightmare (
Power and Abilities:
Fear Hallucinations- Jackson can cause people to hallucinate their own fears.
Touch of Sleep- If Jackson touches a persons forehead he can send then into a deep sleep for around six hours.
Personality: A traditional Hell’s angel type biker he’s fowl mouthed and pretty violent in contrast to his power, he enjoys using his power to ‘scare the bejesus’ out of people.

Name: Achara
Code Name: Enigma
Age: 29
Sex: Female
Nationality: Taiwanese
Appearance: Deadly Enigma (
Power and Abilities:
Invisibility- Enigma can bend the laws of physic around her person, this includes light and she can become invisible
Pass through Solid Objects- her ability to bend physics allows her to pass through walls or let bullets fly through her without causing harm.
Personality: A mute from Thaiwan and an expert in martial arts, with her power she is considered the perfect assassin.

Name: Kate Cameron
Code Name: Pestilence
Age: 19
Sex: Female
Nationality: American
Appearance: Infectious (
Power and Abilities: Hive Bacteria
Bacteria incubator- Kate creates a bacteria with unique properties making them susceptible to certain psychic signals. When the bacteria connects to a persons brain they to become susceptible to psychic suggestion making them easily controlled. The infection can be fought off by an immune system but this can take up to a week depending on person to person.
Hive Queen- Kate is psychically connected to the Bacteria she creates meaning she is the only one who can control it. She also is the only person who can infect people either through her saliva or small injectors on her finger nails.
Personality: Due to the fact her power requires some form of contact to get the bacteria into a another person she will come across as quite promiscuous with both sexes, whether this is an act or actually just her way is unknown.

Name: Unknown
Code Name: Brute
Age: 34
Sex: Male
Nationality: Kenyan
Appearance: Bullet-proof Boyo (
Power and Abilities:
Bulletproof- Brutes skin is entirely impervious to any type of damage be it a burn or a bullet.
Super Strength- Brute is strong enough to life a whole lorry over his head and throw it over twenty meters.
Personality: A hunter from his small village in Africa he uses his skills now to hunt the ‘specials’ for Globe-net.

Quist, Steven and Corinthian I’ll give you more details on the capture once we get volunteer No. 4.
12-01-2007, 4:13 PM
Well, though we've set up for Kevin to meet with Jason, he could get swiped after the meeting... I'd be alright with that.

Only if you get no other volunteers, though. Let's get others involved, shall we?
12-01-2007, 5:47 PM
umm, id rather be a person going to save a captured one.
12-01-2007, 10:39 PM
Well, I don't know if my character's been ok'd or not, but if he's in, then I'll volunteer him for capture.
12-02-2007, 12:51 AM
Hey, Starmark, does The Company exist in this RP, and did the events of Heroes Season One happen?
 Rogue Nine
12-02-2007, 12:55 AM
we won’t be meeting any of the characters from the show or experience any major events as it is based at the same time as the beginning of the series.

12-02-2007, 1:29 AM
Ah. Okay. I really need to pay attention to those kind of things.
12-02-2007, 1:53 AM
i wouldn't mind having my character take on one of those guys, but i don't want her to get captured. ;)

if not, i could always have my character volunteer for some rescuing duties. besides, its easy enough for her to go to Jason's lecture and meet him.
12-02-2007, 8:32 AM
So the four to be captured and eventually escape are Corinthian, Steven, Quist and Master Archon. Each one of you will have one of the four bad guys come after you and bring you in, You can engage in a small fight, conversation or whatever but the result of it has to end up with you being taken to the secret Lower levels of the Globe-net building where you will initially be but in cells where your powers don’t seem to work. You control the Bad Guys so try and stick with the ‘Personalities’ I have given them but they are pretty vague so you have some freedom with this.

The Bad Guy who comes after you is as follows;
Corinthian- Brute
Steven- Enigma
Quist- Pestilence
Archon- Phobia
If you guys wish to swap let me know and I’ll change them for you.

I’m presuming that Stinger, Jasra and one of Writers characters will meet Jason when he does his university talk. Also I’ve set something up for Rogue with the mysterious death of the millionaire.

Tommycat, Phantom, Jason Skywalker, Count, kotor_freak and Padawan I’ll try to set something up with you guys involving a Mall in Seatle and some kind of disaster where you use your powers to save People. I’ll have SJ with you guys aswell so I can keep track of the goings on and make it easier for when all the characters finally do meet up.
12-04-2007, 2:34 AM
thanks starmark. But first, if you don't mind, I intend my character meet with Jason's character in the Cafe where he works. Then, my character will go to the mall. cool?
12-05-2007, 9:41 AM
Not to sound impatient or anything SM, but Jaydon can't really be captured until I get a response from that PM I sent you, seeing as it pertains to the capture, and my character(s). :)

But I'll post regardless, Jaydon just won't be captured right off.
12-08-2007, 4:38 AM
OK Guys I can’t move on to the next day until all the volunteers have been captured, Once that happens I’ll do a post with the bad Guys explaining why they have been captured.

Also I obviously need to remind some of you that the Globe-net ceremony in only for characters that are Students of the university.
 Rogue Nine
12-12-2007, 12:23 PM
So are we just waiting on steven's character to be captured? If so, steven can you please do up a post for that so we can move on? Thanks. :)
12-12-2007, 12:52 PM
Actually, he's already breached the Seven Day Post Rule. Somehow, I don't think he remembers this RP.
 Rogue Nine
12-12-2007, 1:09 PM
Maybe, but I prefer to give people the benefit of the doubt. I know he still comes onto the forums, so I figure a little nudge is better to start out with than an outright takeover. :)
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