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Clone Wars Walkthrough

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 Darth Newfie
11-19-2006, 2:15 PM
Mission 1 - The Battle of Naboo - Episode 1
Faction - Confederacy of independant Systems VS Gungan Grand Army

Objectives - Destroy the fambaas to bring down shield.
Wipe out the gungan grand army.

Spawn at your base cp on the hill as a battle droid. Man any of the AAT's and get a co-pilot, use the left side of the center cp to reach the shield and blast gungans as you go. You can pass through the shield. Focus all your fire on the first fambaa. Beware of boomers. They may look harmless but over time they do deal damage. Once the first fambaa is eliminated, move on to the second one. Both go down easily. You can then move in on the last gungan cp. Use the AAT to destroy the laser turrets and exit the vehicle.
Blast any gungans who remain and capture the cp.

Mission 2 - Rebellion on Theed - Episode 1
Faction - Confederacy of independant Systems VS Royal Naboo Security
Troop Upgrade - Droideka

Objectives - Hold the city at all costs.

Spawn at the left cp as a droideka. Wheel to the cp nearest to you. Exit ball mode and fire at the enemies closest to you. Wheel yourself up the steps and capture this cp. move into the plaza and start blasting away at enemies. You are guaranteed to die. When you die search the map for the AAT and spawn as a battle droid there. Hop into it and move to the gate way to the plaza. Blast guards and look for gian speeders. If one fires at you, get out and blast the operators. Then get in and help the droids to capture the plaza. Then scan the map and blast all the guards you can.

Mission 3 - Aggressive Negotiations - Expanded Universe
Faction - Confederacy of independant Systems VS Wookies
Troop Upgrade - Super Battle Droid
Troop Upgrade - Count Dooku Assist

Objectives - Destroy the wookie trade settlement.

Spawn at the west harbour as a SBD. Head into the villages and start blasting wookies. When you clear the area out a little run into the north village to capture it. Use the SBD to clear out the village center where most fighting takes place until you die. Then respawn at north village as a droideka.
Move to the entrance into the central village and bring up your shield. Fire relentlessly at the enemy until they are cleared. Then they should be headed to the east harbour to capture. Capture the center and roll to the harbour.
The wookies are thinned out by now so scout out survivors with the big map.

Mission 4 - The Battle of Geonosis - Episode 2
Faction - Republic VS Confederacy of independant Systems
Troop Upgrade - Mace Windu assist

Objectives - Destroy the Techno Union Ships.
Capture the great spire.

Spawn at the assembly area as a clone trooper. Mount a gunship and call in a full crew. Take off and speed past the spire to the techno union ships. Unload all missiles and blast the first ship with a vengance. after you destroy the first, head back to the assembly area and hover over the 3 droids until you have full rockets. Rinse and repeat for the other 2 ships. Once all ships are down land at the door to the spire and order your troops out. get some to follow you and storm the spire. Once its captured you should get full health and start fighting on foot. Diminish the reinforcements with the aid of Mace Windu.

Mission 5 - The Assault on Kamino - Expanded Universe
Faction - Republic VS Confederacy of independant Systems
Troop Upgrade - Jet Trooper

Objectives - Defend the cloning facility.

Spawn at the cloning center as a clone trooper. Head out the top hallway and capture the first cp at the top of the map. It may take a bit of a struggle to capture the platform next to it. Then the basic thing you will be doing here is to try to capture each platform, eventually pushing them back to their cps at the bottom of the map. The best classes to do this with are the clone and jet troopers.

Mission 6 - Mountaintop Defenses - Expanded Universe
Faction - Republic VS Confederacy of independant Systems

Objectives - Capture the Harbour of Rhen Var

Spawn at the base cp, not the ice caves as a ARC trooper. Place mines at the ice cave entrance and walk all the way to the CIS ice cave exit. Use grenades, rockets and your pistol to ward off enemies until you die. Respawn in the ice caves as a clone trooper. Keep blasting enemies until there is an opening. Dash out the caves and up the starcase on the left. Head to the citadel cp. Crouch behind the light emitter and wait for it to slowly convert this to your side. Scout the outside to destroy enemies near it and go to the cp across from it. Hide behind the walls as you convert this one, making a perimiter aroun the sep base. Then you should regroup and assault the last sep cp.

Mission 6 - The Battle of Kashyyyk - Episode 3
Faction - Republic and Wookies VS Confederacy of independant Systems
Troop Upgrade - Native Wookie Assist

Objectives - Prevent seperatists from establishing a base.

Spawn at the peir as a jet trooper. Walk across all the platforms to the very last one. Jump and fly across tp the CIS island. Hide by the light emitter crouched and slowly convert it to you side. The rest is a straightforward Star Wars Battlefront battle , spawn-run-shoot-die-respawn.

Congradulations, you've defeated the CIS!
12-06-2007, 2:12 AM
thnx! this really helped me out. Must've taken u a while
 Darth Newfie
09-14-2008, 2:22 PM
thnx! this really helped me out. Must've taken u a while

Yeah, it did!
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