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Relenzo2's mod review

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08-18-2006, 8:30 AM
Rise of the Empire #1: A New Era

Long and detailed review:

A good mod by a good modder. First in a series of mods where you combat the rebellion as the newly formed empire. This battle is on a Geinosis map with tons of wrecked transports and an AT-TE where you can operate the turrets. Also AT-RTs and speeders and STAPs that fly up in the air when you go over a hill. The modified armies. are nice, and the special units put it over the top. The rebel infiltrater has cloaks, holoshrouds, a fast sniping gun and an infamous "Heavily modified detpack" that blows up with 22x the explosive power, surprising anybody at all:) The imperial commando has attatchments for every weapon like sniping, rocket, and blaster. Also comes with a shield and cool viocepak. Good graphics and lighting. I give it a 4/5.

Really short and easy review:

*Tweaked armies wioth new special units
*Infamous explosives (HMDs)
*Wrecked vehicles and "Flying" STAPs and speeders
*Rating: 4/5

08-18-2006, 8:39 AM
Rise of the Empire #2: Outpost Overrun

Really long and detailed review:
A sequal to Rise of the Empire #1. This time you play the battle where the rebels aquire thier base on Dantooine. Tall grass makes hard infantry combat. Barrels at the rebel base explode, which I found nice, as barrels on all other game maps never blow up, And a AT-TE for the Empire. (This one can run!). About the same armies as last time, though you can play Vader as a special unit. 3.5/5, my final (suspect to change) verdict.

Really short and easy review:
*Tall grasses
*Bases/outpost for each side
*Vader special unit
*Rating: 3.5/5

08-18-2006, 8:51 AM
Hypori; Grevious Attacks

Really long and detailed review:

Based on the animated Clone Wars series. A small force of Jedi and clones camped at a crash site face a huge CIS army of super battle droids led by the General Grevious himself. Grevious has neuro poison in addition to rage in this mod, though it doesn't seem to work for me. In addition to nameless jedi and some guy called Daakman Baarak (Presumably from the show) you can play Ki-adi Mundai as your hero. What's hallarious to me is the Republic Gunships even have the painted shark mouth JUST like they had in the show.
I give it.. hmm.. 3/5.

Really short and easy review:
*Crash site on Hypori
*Jedi vs. Huge droid army
*Taken from animated series
*Rating: 3/5

08-18-2006, 1:08 PM
Coruscant City

Really long and detailed review:

Another perfect example of my inexplicable inability to find a bad mod map, no matter how random my selection. This is a map of coruscant city, including the chancellors office and other parts of the city. You can fly vihecles, which is a big plus. It is playable in CW (In CW you can play Anikan.. good! Finnally.) and GCW, and there is even a hero free-for-all! The only disadvantage is that none of the barrels on the landing platform explode. I have to give it a 4/5.

Really short and easy review:
*Fly Republic gunship and Courscant-unique craft
*Good Anikan
*Hero mode
*Rating: 4/5

08-18-2006, 1:10 PM
If you find this thread helpful... tell me! Message me on the forums! You can also send requests for mods to rate (please include links). Also can set up multiplayer games for these maps if you want. I know I'd like to play coruscant city on multi.
08-19-2006, 7:49 AM

Really long and detailed review:
I downloaded this one at a reccomendation from my buddie AceMastermind. It seems the droids were busier than we thought. They fought in space, as well as diversions on the higher (Coruscant:City) and lower levels of the city. This map just has a cool Metropolis feel, from being down there in the midst of the city. The only thing that confuses me is how grevious could be coordinating the battle on the higher levels, coordinating the battle on the lower levels, and STILL be on his ship where he was in the movie:) Can be played either era on conquest. One thing I've noticed is few mods have a CTF mode. Hmmm. But here you can also play TWO Jedi modes. One is the normal thing you'd expect, the other is one with a ton of made-up minor characters instead. Or from some obscure media. Not imnportant Now, because this is a reccomendation, it doesn't count toward my inabilities. A well-deserved 4/5

Really short and easy review:
*Lower-Level Metropolis battle
*Conquest and assault for both eras
*Alternate Jedi mode

08-19-2006, 4:05 PM

This planet/message was destroyed at the request of General Tarkin.
08-25-2006, 10:48 AM
Space Over Coruscant

Really long and detailed review:
Well I saw this map and I thought, hey, great. We get space hearoes, multiple flagships, and a good coruscant. Well I was a little dissapionted. When all was said and done, it just didn't live up to my expectations. I finished installing, played it, and found the heroes were as units on selection instead of earning. Oh well. Then I found the Republic has nothing but ARC-170's and and V-wings without proton bombs. :(. I flew into space, saw a CIS control station. Cool, I thought, but unfortunately it has no interior, just a ton of auto turrets. The ship interiors were not improved, in fact, there are no auto turret conrols! It crashes often too, and freezes if you try to host it on multiplayer. But it does have multiple command ships, and nice cockpits for 1st person. Also it IS good for flying into the republic spawning hanger as dooku and force collapsing everyone that spawns:). And I think I found a tiny jedi starfighter in a hanger once. After debate, it's a 3/5.

Really short and easy review:
*Multiple capitol ships
*Space heroes
*1st person cockpits
*Rating: 3/5

09-02-2006, 7:42 AM
Un Hareth: Lava Fields;68053)

Really long and detailed review:
Sorry that this one was a little late, but I had some browser problems Friday night. This mod looked good, although a little confusing. Un Hareth? Looked like a Mustafar Lava fields to me, even had the mining facility arms. Of course, there was no facility... probably, this is another thing I missed from the animated series. But I get to play the map. The map itself was mediocre, lot of the the fighting was at the CP, and on hero mode, none of the fighting was near the dangeous lave, a REAL bummer. But it's passable, you can even just go snipe from the arms if you like. Another feature was the units. No Dark Troopers, but Lava Troopers with a couple different blasters and explosives. Don't worry, he still has the jetpack. And the MagnaGuard got called a MagmaGuard and got a cool new body job. My verdict? How about 3/5.

Realy short and easy review:
*Lava fields
*Lava Trooper and MagmaGuards
*Hero mode
*Rating: 3/5

10-04-2006, 5:44 PM
Kinda surprised this thing is still here. Anyway, I'm back on the job (for now) and I'll have some more guides to the BF mod world soon. Tommorow , if i can help it.

Didn't think I was comin back, did ya? Nope, neither did I.
10-05-2006, 2:15 PM
Rise of the Empire #3: Hidden Surprise;69722)

Really long and detailed review:

Well there was some other stuff I wanted to check out, but I just had to do this first since I really like this series of maps. In this one, you bring the Imperial Shock Troopers to Naboo to eradicate a rebel force. The map is big, and it's frustrating at times to get where you need to go, but the problem is minimized. The rebels, this time, have help from the local gungans, some driods, made with some old CIS technology, (you can play rebel version super battle driods and droidikas) as well as a very impressive armored convoy. The empire, though, has greater numbers. They also have, I might add, General Thire. He's exactly like a normal shock trooper except for his electro binoculars. But they are so cool and useful on such a broad and extremely mist obscured battleild. Set your weapon to the binoculars, press zoom, and use A and D to zoom in. The only thing that dissapionted me much was there was NO hunt mode where you could play the millitagungs. 4/5 again.

Really short and easy review:
*Rebel armor, like the MTT
*Rebels have old droid tech
*General Thire, with techspecs
*rating: 4/5

10-06-2006, 12:45 PM
Dogfighting Death Star;60764)

Really long and detailed review:

I founds this map when failing to get that Verena Defence map. You fly out of the hanger on yavin, see the Death Star from a distance, and then you're at the battlefield. Kinda Cute. But not enough to impress anybody. On assault mode, there's nothing to do, the score isn't even counted. I suppose you're just supposed to go around shooting enemy fighters, and even that isn't quite as fun with the (way) many turrets on the death star. There's a 1-flag CTF mode, where you have to get the flag to the end of the trench (which, I thought, was very out-of-proportion). It's a little change from the other space CTF I suppose, and very hard, because of the turrets. But if I want to play the Death Star Dogfight, I'm gonna go to my friend's house and play Rebel Strike. This gets a 2.5/5

10-08-2006, 8:01 PM
Capital Down 2;65124)

Really long and detailed review:

This is te second Capital Down map. Many of you probably beg to differ, but I don't really think this map is as good as the last one. There's not a lot of action, nor much unique about it. In some ways it improved on the last map. but in some ways those improvements were lost. The heros are normal now, but who wants to play them anyway, they will die so soon. The map has cool, rough asteriod terrain that adds a little more to the fight than the last one, but you can't get inside the hanger anymore, and it can be frustrating when you can't accas a fighter of Anikan to access those toough spots. If you want to collect all the map, go download this one. If not, or/and you not huge on mod maps, don't bother. I say it loses half a point on the last one. 3.5/5.

Really short and easy review:

*A Venator cruiser crashed on an asteriod
*Well matched, normal heros
*AT-ATs get to beat the holy crap out of AT-TEs
*rating: 3.5/5

10-12-2006, 6:12 PM
Capital Down 3;66061)

Really long and detailed review:

The third capitol down map. This one reverts to the hero system used in the first map, which I don't like. There's a hanger again, too, which I do like. The map's big, but there are plenty of fast vehicles around. This map is more grassy, but you'll see in the distance it gets snowy. There are some frigates in the sky now- you can accually fly around them, in to them if you want, they're not background. Other than this, I can't see a huge difference from the other capital down maps. I rate it the same as the last one, 3.5/5.

Really short and easy review:

*Army select hero's back
*hanger back
*Frigates... solid, frigates (I should know...)
*rating: 3.5/5

10-27-2006, 2:34 PM
Capital Down 4;67237)

Really long and detailed review:

The final Captial Down map. After having played the other 3 maps, this doesn't impress me much. Same old story. The only differences are...two Republic Starfighters... little easier on the AT-AT's... not much to tell. Shortest Really long review I've ever done. It's acually also the longest Really short review I've ever done. 3.5/5

Really short and easy review:
*Republic starfighter
*Downed Imperial cruiser
*'Member those CP's are under the capital ship that don't make sense on the map. Wanna save you 20 mins flying looking for em.
*rating: 3.5/5

11-04-2006, 8:10 AM
Bakura Town Assault;58475)

Really long and detailed review:
First of all sorry that I forgot to post Wendesday. It slipped my mind. I'll make two posts to make up for it. Bakura Town Assault is nice. I like the exploding barrels, the only other place you can have exploding barrels in BFII is Dantooine, and that't not NEARLY as many as here. Nice tactics fighting here. Fun to use jetpacks. Gives you an advantage, of course this IS a town. I rate it a, hmm, 3.5/5

Really short and easy review:

*Exploding barrels at every turn
*Lake and mini-courtyards/gardens
*Architecture provides... walls to go around, um, roofs to walk on.
*rating: 3.5/5

11-04-2006, 8:19 AM
Ryloth Fueling Station;68830)

Really long and detailed review:

This is an interesting map. Not acually one of the best, but interesting. A kind of 360 bunker in the clearing. The rebels have Twi'lek units, and super-troopers and Chewie both have punch moves. Most of the feild is a "Speeder track" But noone ever uses it. It would entertain a LITTLE longer on multi, but I don't think there have ever been more than one player on this map :D. 3/5.

Really short and easy review:
*Elevated bunker for shooting from.
*Punches and Twi'leks and Supter-troopers(well, something like that)
*Speeder Track
*rating: 3/5

11-10-2006, 7:53 AM
Acid World of Vjun;59072)

Really long and detailed review:
Overall original map. I would like it if it weren't so... I don't know, sloppy, no offense to the guy who made this thing. The CP are weird. Where you see them, where they show up and map, and where you stand to capture them are ALL different. Secondly, it would be nice if there was was something to shoot at with those 24 concussion
turrets, but there isn't. There are also a few mountainsides that you can go right through and fall off the edge of the world. It's worse when the radar says that's where the CP is, and that IS where it is (actually, that's the one CP I ever saw that was out of this world). I think I'd like it if somebody fixed it up, though. Until then, it will sit here as a 2.5/5.

Really short and easy review:
*Map composed of rain, turrets and glitch. Nice recipee.
@ The sea goes up and down. So does all else, my freind.
@The difference is under $
*rating: 2.5/5

11-17-2006, 7:53 PM
Ancient Research facility;64356)

Really long and detailed review:
Very "finished" map, particularly in comparison to that last map. Conquest, CTF-1 and CTF-2 for both eras, and a hunt mode for CW. In it you hunt brown wampas as rebels with a hundred Chewbacca clones. With help from an Acklay. The wampas always win. It's not that the Acklay can pwn wampas with utter reckless abondon, it can, but there is only one, and wampas just KILL so much, like that ask a ninja dude or something, you don't know what hit you. I say it is a good 3.5/5.

Really short and easy review:
*7 play modes
*Wampa hunt mode
*one glitch: rockets fo through wampas, far as I can tell
*rating: 3.5/5

As my little brother told me, "When life gives you rockets, blow up a base!"
11-21-2006, 5:42 PM
The Realm of Chaos;72405)

Really long and detailed review:
I decided to give you this early 'cause I'm leaving early to a faraway state because of Thanksgiving. The Realm of Chaos is a place where mysterious things happen... like pwnage being taken to the extreme with 50 super rockets, 75 highly explosive mines or a droidika blaster the size of a double-wide. Seriously, this is the map where everything went crazy. Balance, now, is thrown to the winds, but it IS very modded, and BOLD, the only mod of its kind, which I like. All the texts (overheat message, kill notices, awards and that stuff) have been changed. Oh, it has a two or three minor glitches. Seriously, I thought the fun does start to wear it off after a while, so I have to only give it a 3.5/5. But try it for yourself. EDIT: looking back on that, I must change it to 4/5.

Really short and easy review:
*crazy pwnage
*crazy pwnage
*crazy pwnage (seriously, how am I supposed to cram all the unit changes into this???)
*rating: 3.5/5

"Truth is like a many-faceted gem. Reflections and distortions from every side. The only clear view is from the center" -Asandir, The Wars of Light and Shadow
11-29-2006, 3:48 PM
A little ditty I composed in honor of Christmas

The twelve things of Christmas, are on my mind you see,
twelve space frigates,
eleven droidakas,
ten snipe awards,
nine chaingun rounds,
eight bacta packs,
seven clone leigons,
six imperial battalions,
Five, Dual Blade Lightsabeeers,
four termal detonaters,
three cave wampas,
two jawas on caffine,
and a just off the line E-5s.

I didn't bother to go through every verse adding one each time like the song. Just sing it that way. Merry Christmas.w
 Darth Newfie
11-29-2006, 4:14 PM
Lol, a parody, and its a good one at that.

EDIT: No I didn't notice that post. :(
12-01-2006, 12:43 PM
Did you notice the post in bold telling you not to post on this thread.. but then I have to let you by this time, since its a compliment to my song : ).

I think I will put off my review until Saturday, to play this mod more, and make some decisions. K?
12-02-2006, 9:02 AM
Yavin: Arroyo Pass;72406)

Really long and detailed review:
Man, when I got this I had no idea what I was in for. If I had the time and technical transendance to mod, THIS is the kind of thing I would make. This also is actually a map pack. In addition to its main map, it adds "Jedi support" modes for some of the in game maps, which is just the normal with the modded armies. Sometimes I think Jedi support had more game modes than original, as nearly every one had XL. The modded arimies have every original unit, plus one extra special unit for each side, AND two good or bad Jedi units, a padawan and a warrior, all with new force powers. The main map is a map of a ravine on Yavin. It had a temple and huts like those on Kashyyyk, only much higher. Lots of good sniping points and turrets in this map. It had both eras. In conquest there are goals, such as unlocking Jedi at five command posts, and can't capture the enemys command post until their reinforcements is unere forty-five. It had all modes but hunt, and Assault for GCW, and in CW, Assault is a mission level. AND, in all modes, the AI team gets a bonus! I can get real challenge on this map. I think that this surpasses even Majin Revan's maps, individually anyway. Let the occasion be marked with a smilie. :). Below you'll find some of the things it had on Majins maps. This had acheived the elusive 4.5/5 rating. DAH, DAH DAHDAHDAH!!!

Really short and easy review:
*No long walks to get to action, ever (but set it to 32 AI or they will be spread out)
*missions. goals.
*Not necessarily vs. majins maps this one, but this is still VERY balanced!
*Rating: 4.5/5 DAH, DAH DAHDAHDAH!!!

Confucious say: Pizza waits for no man, but makes an American of many.
12-09-2006, 10:05 AM
Denial Insanium;58730)

Really long and detailed review:
From all I can tell, this is some asylum simulater for insane troopers. Its basically a space map with some platforms coming off of the star destroyers. At the highest platform there is a turret arena. But that is it. Rather dissapointing. 2.5/5

Really short and easy review:
*space battle
*with fighting on the destroyer
*and turret arena
*rating: 2.5/5

We are living in a unenlightenment. We only think we know we are here. I too, live in denial, not a lot if any, less than others.
12-15-2006, 3:35 PM
Jedi Temple;72836#Download)

Really long and detailed review:
I know, I know. There already is a Jedi Temple map. And, after playing this, I kinda agree with you. They said "You'll feel just like you were in the temple beating off clones or jedi." But I think that that was from a guy who didn't play it. The clones fight the CIS, and the rebels figh the empire. There's no jedi defending round, although there is an "Unknown sith" unit for the CIS and the Empire (which coulod make a little more sense). And there is an Easter egg inscription in the level which I liked. So for those things, its ratings stay up. Now, it adds more than "Denial Insanium", but it isn't as good as "Ancient Research Facility". It's closer to ARF, so I rate it 3.5/5.

Really short and easy review:
*You knoew, out of the corner of my eye, I could swear I saw a pillar falling. But it was probably my imagination.
*"Unknown Jedi" and "Lancer Class Trooper"
*A weird, crashed reddish fighter thing is in a corner of this level... don't have a clue why.
*rating: 3.5/5

"deedle dee BANG!" My brothers toy cowboy gun. "WHoowhohwoohohwho!" My remote to my flying disk, which is his phaser. That kid loves to shoot me.
12-21-2006, 6:38 PM
No review this week, I'm going out of town for Christmas
12-21-2006, 7:03 PM
Jedi Temple;72836#Download)

Really long and detailed review:
I know, I know. There already is a Jedi Temple map. And, after playing this, I kinda agree with you. They said "You'll feel just like you were in the temple beating off clones or jedi." But I think that that was from a guy who didn't play it. The clones fight the CIS, and the rebels figh the empire. There's no jedi defending round, although there is an "Unknown sith" unit for the CIS and the Empire (which coulod make a little more sense). And there is an Easter egg inscription in the level which I liked. So for those things, its ratings stay up. Now, it adds more than "Denial Insanium", but it isn't as good as "Ancient Research Facility". It's closer to ARF, so I rate it 3.5/5.

Really short and easy review:
*You knoew, out of the corner of my eye, I could swear I saw a pillar falling. But it was probably my imagination.
*"Unknown Jedi" and "Lancer Class Trooper"
*A weird, crashed reddish fighter thing is in a corner of this level... don't have a clue why.
*rating: 3.5/5

This map should have been a lot better, Vyse's files got corrupted so the CW jedi vs clones
As for the ship, its a model for a map he intends to do later, the wii message and credits message are personal touches.

as for your review of denial insanium, how does it deserve a 3, its a pathetic excuse for a mod. It is extremely easy to do what he did. as with ARF
01-06-2007, 9:05 AM
01-06-2007, 9:16 AM
Battle for Saleucami;74360#Download)

Really long and detailed review:
I didn't post the last two weeks because, as I said, I was on Christmas vacation. But I am, back, and this is what I downloaded. It is a nice map mod, very spooky, with nice struggle between the AT-TE and the Droid Gunship. But a couple of the CPs have off center capture zones, and some other small problems. So 3/5.

Really Short and easy review:
*Command vehicles
*Asteroid/Swamp battlefeild
*Not entirely solid trees.
*rating: 3/5

If you liek RPing, or you like the movies, click on teh link and join Alien vs. Predator vs. Terminator
01-14-2007, 12:37 PM
Yavin 4: Sunken Temple;74612#Download)

Really long and detailed review:
Sorry. I should've got a map on Friday, but a lot of stuff was happening and I forgot. But it's not the end of the world, as I doubt there are many people checkin this weekly, and half of them, I'm sure, know better than to expect me to post every Friday! But shut up my bantering and let's get to the good stuff. I'm starting to really like Yavin. Arroyo pass was good enough, but now we have two gems. The entire map is a temple ruin, and if you go to the low parts, it's sunk in water. It was made by the same guy who made Manaan: Underwater Depths, and the Havoc Trooper and Storm Commander are back : ). It had te same quality as the Manaan map, there isn't a single glitch or problem to speak of. It's very atmospheric, too, with the storm going on at this ruin... There's a hero unit called Clone Feild Commander, but in my opinion, it sucks. I'd rather have a 3 5 or whatever Flame Spitter any day. This map is 4/5

Really short and easy review:
* Modded clone units
*Bombing run mode... when you capture that post, GET OUTTA THERE!
*A really stupid hero
*rating: 4/5

Bzzzzak! It says it all.
01-14-2007, 3:10 PM
I was at a home improvemnt show today with nothing but a paper pad, so I composed a parody to "Down that Red Dirt Road." Hope you like.

"In Battlefornt 2"
Now the en'my doesn't like me much,
so I'll have to use my strike beacon,
with the knowledge that pistols and carbines
are inferior to rifles by heapins,
gotta go fly a STAP like an X-wing,
and spawn camp with a sonic cannon,
and playing now tonight, I think I'm go to
high score land...

Refrain: Ts'where I sniped my first headshot,
It's where I held CP's
It's where I wrecked my first fight-
er man, I blew to peices,
I learned lasers beat plastic,
that fun's a word for speeders,
learned that trigger happiness,
ain't just for und'racheivers,
I've learned, I've come to know,
there's guns in both your hands
In Battlefront 2.

The Yavin 4ians must be real religious,
'cause all over the place there's temples,
sunken, really tall, or ruined, they're
great base jumping locations,
when you walk throught the front door, you get shot,
I think they wanna' kill all pagans,
I'll say, me a prayer right now, that there's no snipers
helping them... (refrain)

Everything's gone but the ARC-170s,
why'm I in this crummy hanger,
I wanna fly a nimble V-wing,
annoying random pilot strangers,
our sheilds are down, and maintinence,
is sick with some stragne space plaugue,
we're losing atltitude the only way I'm, going home,
is in a body bag... (refrain)
01-19-2007, 7:04 PM
Agmar: Forest;74074#Download)

Really long and detailed review:
Wow, got here on Friday. But I'm not sure exactly what I got here on time to review. This is a forest battle CIS vs. modded clones. The biggest difference is that the clones are black, they have their reward weapons, and there is a Clone Commando. :0. Did Majin do this map? I didn't check, so I don't know. The map is not exeptionally high quality, there are landed ships and crashed LA-ATs, and a hole in the gorund and ruined base for the droids. And trees. But not a lot. Soon they just stop, and it feels weird. You can't play heros on this map, but the AI is playing them. Bet you never saw that before! One last thing... the Magna Guards have lightsabers. Which absolutely doesn't make any sense. Perhaps Greviouses personal training has taken a different route, eh? I will call it 3/5.

Really short and easy review:
*modded "commando" army... I don't think is deserves to be called that..
*big arrows on the map that show you which way each side is supposed to go, if you didn't know :P
*blow up the Victory cruiser with remote rockets. You'll thank me later.
*rating: 3/5

"It is the leader's job to avoid war, the general's job to end war quickly, and the soldier's job to right war dutifully." Quote, The Federation Wars
02-21-2007, 12:09 PM
Rise of the Empire #4: Plains of Chaos;75907#Downloa) d

Really long and detailed review:
Here it is, Majinn Revan's own ROTE4! We have all... well, I've been waiting for this. It's set on Kashyyyk, and the Rebels have three different wookie units, two with cool swords. The Empire has four of these AT-UT's though, which are quite the hazard. It goes on with the CIS tech from last map, the Rebels have their Super batte Droid and two battle droids, one with a blaster and one with a rocket launcher, although no droideka. Oh yeah, and an AAT or two. I'm not sure this should go on another map, unless there's something totally new. Uum, anyway, there's commander Bow, who is just like commander Thire except he's not red. Oh yeah, and the Rebel Infiltrator had the high power pistol and Holoshroud back, so meesa no compaining that she's human. Who cares? This map is just the same quality I've seen in the other maps, so 4/5. Oh yeah, keep the lighting quality down and it'll run fine.

Really short and easy review:
*Rebel AAT's and battle droids
*Imperial AT-UT's
*Wookie warriors
*rain. I mean, rating: 4/5
03-03-2007, 10:16 AM
Abuot the Jedi Temple map, thet unknown sith whas darth revan from star wars knights of then old republic !!!!!!!!
03-03-2007, 2:38 PM
Yeah I figured that out by now, but I didn't know then because I don't play KOTOR. And please, this is for display, not discussion. Does everyone have trouble understanding that for some reason? I've only said it like three times
03-11-2007, 1:09 PM
nice review thread
03-11-2007, 8:18 PM
Oh, forget, with all these people like you on the forum. It's lost anyway. Post to you hearts delight, everyone. I probably won't be posting any more reviews anyway.
03-13-2007, 9:43 AM
If jou stop doing it i will begin a review.
03-13-2007, 8:52 PM
Heres a better idea, if you want to know about a mod, go to If it sucks, they will say so, if it doesn't, they wont. You will be able to talk to the developers and suggest changes. Filefront is a bad place to look for reviews because 90% of the posters have no idea what it takes to make maps so they think that its totally ok to just rip on maps for things that are unchangeable because the engine is outdated and ****. Or they bitch that the CP sucks because it has some bugs, because even though it is about the same size as the game and made with less resources in less time, they shouldn't release it until it is perfect. Maybe they should have done that with the game, its about as buggy as a mod pack made by modders who don't get paid and actually know what the community wants. *nasty look at Pandemic*
03-20-2007, 5:27 PM
Well, if you want to do a review, kid, stay the heck away from this thread plz when you post. Start a new one. But personally I stopped because in my opinion there just aren't enough quailty maps arounda anymore.
03-20-2007, 7:33 PM
Thats because most of the modders are currently doing maps for the up coming map pack.
 Darth Newfie
04-07-2007, 6:41 PM
Hey that was a good parody also. If you make more, post em on, they are pretty good. But you need 10 songs in order to make a name for yourself, and they shouldn't all be about Star Wars.
05-10-2007, 8:23 PM
Relenzo, are you Majin Revan?
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