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Demonic Spoon's Soldier Guide

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 Demonic Spoon
04-10-2006, 9:29 PM
Okay...we all know the basic soldier, armed with thermal detonators, a gun, and a pistol. This is a guide on effectively using them against all classes, seeing as how so many people online restrict themselves to engineers or rocket launcher classes.

Your weapons:

-Basic rifle. This is a fast firing gun, does lots of damage, and has a large clip. A tip: aim for the head. It does about 3-4X damage, and it's easy to hit due to the fast rate of fire of the rifle. You can drop most opponents fast with this.

-Pistol. Do not use this, except maybe to humiliate a target whom you are much better than.

-Thermal Detonators: very useful for close maps. Use these to destroy mines, detpacks, and enemies. Throw them through doors to clear the other side, or into a large group of enemies. While you will probably not get any kills for it since they are so easy to avoid, the real benefit of these guys is fear. Throw them into a group of enemies and they scatter, making them easier to pick off as they are running away.

Super battle droid weapons

Blaster-This is similar to the others, but not quite as powerful. Use it in the same manner, but while shooting, press 1 to switch to tri-shot.

Tri-shot-this is super powerful, a shotgun-esque weapon. The problem? Low rate of fire. The solution? Keep firing with the blaster, then press 1 to switch to tri-shot, then immediatly press 1 again to go back to the blaster. BE WARNED, when you switch from the tri-shot to the blaster, you will have to bring your finger up and hold it down again...if you just hold the Left Mouse Button down throughout, the blaster will not fire.

Rocket: Powerful, and can one-hit most people if you hit them directly. If they are moving, aim for the feet. It will do a lot of damage. If they are standing still or running at you, aim for the high torso. These, like nades, are good for killing detpacks and mines.

How to fight against...

Other soldiers

Aim for the head, and keep moving. If at long range, then you can crouch, scope in, and fire in quick bursts for the head. If you run out of ammo, roll away. Move side-to-side, and make your movement ERRATIC. Don't move all in one direction.


Not hard. At close range, aim for the head and keep moving. While they are snipers, a good one can aim without the scope, and drop you in two hits. It's nearly impossible to do this if you menuver correctly.

At long range, keep moving and zoom in, firing in quick bursts.

Rocket Troops

These guys are annoying. If they are aiming a rocket at you, roll away, pop up and keep shooting. Keep in mind they have low hitpoints. Keep track of how long it's been since their last shot. When they are about to fire again, ROLL, pop up, shoot. They will never land a hit on you.

If for some reason you joined a teamkilling off server, you'll find these guys will charge you and drop mines, since it wont hurt them when they go off. Simply roll to the side when they get close.


These guys are annoying. The most important thing is to make your movements erratic. Roll around, make it damn hard to aim at you. Keep up the fire and they will drop fast, due to low hitpoints. A couple head shots will kill these guys outright-exploit that.


Okay, if they have a radiation launcher out, then the principle is the same as with any other grenade launcher. They will try and aim for the feet, so move diagonally as well as side to side. Aim for the face and score a kill..

With the bulldog RLR out, keep in mind that one body shot may kill you-if not, a headshot will. He will most likely try and lead you and fire off a bunch at once, so make your movements erratic. If he fires to one side of you, IMMEDIATLY start running in the other. Chances are, he will have wasted all his ammo before he realizes the direction change...

Bothan Spy

Okay. Firstly, if you see a blur, BLAST IT. These guys are like paper; they die fast. DO NOT let these guys get near you. If, by some chance, they do, then do not bother trying to menuver-it's too easy to hit you with the incinerator. While moving around a little bit is good, the most important thing is to shoot them FAST.

Clone Commander

At long range, these guys are easy. Just zoom in and shoot, use bursts to make yourself more accurate.

At medium range, these guys are just plain nasty. Once they start firing, DO NOT ENGAGE THEM! Get behind cover and wait for them to stop. Pop out and blast them during the cooldown period

At close range, it's similar to medium range, just easier. If you can't kill them when you first see 'em, get behind cover. Pop out and blast 'em to death.

Imperial Officer

Chances are, when you see this guy, he will be using a grenade launcher. Use the same principle as when fighting a magnaguard-move diagonally and side-to-side, make damn sure you are moving. He needs a direct hit to kill you, or even do good damage.

If he is one of the enlightened who have realized how to use the Geonosian pistol effectively, then just keep moving and shoot. While a normal body shot wont hurt that bad, a head shot puts you near death from full health.

Jet Trooper

This guy is like a super rocket trooper. While his shot does not have quite the area of effect that a rocket does, he can shoot two before reloading. Menuvering is important here. Roll around while he fires the EMP blasts, and when he reloads, waste him with the tri-shot/blaster trick I showed above.

If he jumps up into the air, STAY BELOW HIM. He cannot shoot you. Also, follow him with your crosshair, and blast him as soon as he lands. There is a couple second window when he lands where he is completely defenseless. Use it.

Dark Trooper

Menuvering is super important here. Two hits with the arc caster will kill you-and if the guy is smart, he will shoot you once then spam you with the commando pistol almost always resulting in your death if he's a good shot.

Try to nail him while he's landing since, like the jet trooper, he cannot shoot or move for a couple seconds after he lands.


These guys have lots of firepower. Don't bother trying to outshoot it, you wont win. Shoot him once and his shield will start to decrease. Eventually he will turn it off or start rolling in order to recharge it...the second that shield goes down, blast him-they die fast. Also, you can throw a couple thermal detonators to expedite the process of taking the shield down. If you are really good at timing, throw a thermal detonator right before you think he is going to turn off his shield to recharge. One thermal detonator=one dead droideka if he has no shield.

Wookiee Warrior

Okay...this guy has a grenade launcher. If he uses it, follow the same principle as above.

If he uses his bowcaster, which is more likely, try and get close to him and move around. His bowcaster fires an expanding arc of shots, all of which do insane damage. At close range, it's hard for him to hit you ,and easy for you to get the shots you need in on this high-hitpoint monster.

Gunner Heroes:

All of the gunner heroes have weapons that fire in short bursts. Make your movements ESPECIALLY erratic, and aim for the face.


Well, there is SOMETHING you can do against these annoying pansies with glowsticks. Firstly, aim for the face-self explanatory. If they come at you, drop a thermal detonator at your feet and roll off to the side. He will miss you and, if you're lucky, get himself blown up on your thermal detonator.

If he has saberthrow, move side to side, and roll if he throws.

If he has lightning, push, pull, or choke...then pray, as you are screwed barring some circular, explosive miracle (ally with detpack, rocket or mine that happens to love you very very much).

04-13-2006, 7:52 AM
Nice job on the guide.
04-15-2006, 5:09 AM
good going... could you do a guide explaining where to find the time to do this kind of thing? i wanna do an exp gained for everything during KOTOR 1. has that been done yet?
04-15-2006, 3:07 PM
Nice guide, though Rocket Troopers have high hitpoint, not low hitpoints.
06-28-2006, 7:06 PM
This is a good guide, and the only one useful to me here. I try to stick with a regular trooper, since an expert is someone who excels in one area. While that can be a weakness, i'm trying to show people a regular trooper is just as good as an engineer. I recommend any regular trooper of any faction to give this strategy guide a try since it has helped me a lot in game.
04-11-2007, 9:51 PM
This is the most helpful guide I've found for the game so far. Nice one! :yoda3 :dtrooper:
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