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08-30-2005, 8:22 PM
Alright, I haven't seen any good walkthroughs or anything related to it. So I'll make this big one. Prepare to read. I will answer questions after I post.


Clone Wars Era

Naboo : Plains Playable side : CIS

You start as the Sepratists wiping out the Gungan forces on this level. You can start off on the far right command post, which doesn't carry any vehicles. Or you can spawn at your main CP that has 3 AAT's and 3 STAPs. The Gungans have a beginning advantage with having 4 comman posts. Although 2 of them are destroyable. I would suggest to win this one, choose a Droid Pilot and hop into an AAT by yourself. I say this because usually an AI unit doesn't shoot the area you want it to. Now cruise your way towards the Zambaas (Destroyable CP's that create the shield). Usually there will be Gungans running out of the shield and throwing bombs known as 'Boomers'. If you don't watch your health, you will be annhialted pretty quick. After shooting down some pesky Gungans, go through the shield and attack those Zambaas. Usually a back-up AAT will follow you thru it and assist you. Shoot at one for a while with your main guns. Until it over-heats then switch position to your Co-Pilot or Big Gunner. Shoot at it then switch back. Do this for a while. If you fear that the Gungan's are harassing you too much, look around to see if you can take down a turret shooting at you, or take down some Respawning AI. After taking one down the shield will fall and then your troops can attack from a distance. If your AAT is low on health retreat to the Center and find an R5 unit to heal you. Welcome AI units to come into the ship. Go after the remaining DCP and take it down. If you die at all during this process, respawn near an AAT on your map. Try to chase it down and hop inside. Now that both those CP's are gone, the Gungan's should have 2 CP's left. Usually your side will have taken their far left command post. If not don't worry, just blast down turrets and plow through any surviving opposition.

Naboo : Theed Playable side : CIS

Now you must take on another native faction : the Royal Guards. This one is a bit more trickier because they now have vehicles to take down infantry and vehicles. Also the Droideka has been added to your choice of unit. First off start as a pilot once again, or any unit that can hop into a vehicle. Usually your team-mates will be respawning under the AAT's and lower your reinforcments...unfortunatley. That's why get in there real fast and move it out of there. Again you are on your own. Take the AAT towards one of their side CP's. They are fairly easy to capture. Take a couple of nearby droids into the vehicle and transport them to your destination. Beware the Royal Guards, for they respawn a lot thanks to your Droideka. So fend off the side CP that you've taken and then get back into the AAT. Try to take back any lost command posts, if any. Then after capturing the side CP's go for the center command post. You must take down any turrets because they are known to take you down fast. Usually the Royal Guards are overwhelmed in the center respawning a lot. If you die in any of this process, respawn and find the nearest AAT. If you can't, choose a droideka or a droid sniper and stay in the back finishing off any survivors.

Kashyyyk : Islands Playable side : CIS

This level is ridiculous to beat. That's why you get some REAL assistance. Count Dooku helps you and you get a beefed up Super Battle Droid. For this one you yet again *rolls eyes* face another native force : the Wookiees. Very tough to take down and having a load of them standing shooting you, prepare for a lot of deaths. Start off at the Landing CP (Vehicles) And hop into a Droid Starfighter. Shoot a couple of times at clutters of Wookiees. After a LITTLE while, land near the Village Center. If you are a droid pilot, I wouldn't suggest running into battle. Switch to you health/ammo dispenser and run into the cabin. If you get slightly damaged, which you most certainly will, drop some down will running and pick it up and hide behind the hologram of the CP. Stay there crouching until it goes white. Then you can relax for a while, but expect to lose on of the harbours, east or west. After capturing the Village Center, go out and try to kill any Wookiees as a kamikaze attempt. After that, respawn near to a lost or almost losing command post. Try to fend off Wookiees. It's hard, but keep at it. After that, go for the far right CP of theirs. It's fairly easy to get. Choose a Super Battle Droid for a higher chance of survival. Stay and use your wrist rocket to blast off any opposing Wookiees. After that is done you can rock on near the center command post. The native's will be overwhelmed and lose. It will probably take you a couple of times to beat it or spawn killing to win, but don't give up. You have Dooku!

Geonosis : Spire Playable Side : Republic

I bet you guys remeber this bad boy field fight. I love playing on this level, although I don't prefer it over other levels. Here, Mace Windu assists you in this battle of the Clone Wars. Choose the Assembly Area as a Clone Trooper or a Clone Pilot. Hop into an LAAT/i and tell people to get off if they are on. Fly towards the Techno Union Ships. As you fly over there, you will notice the bunkers and spire, have vehicles waiting by. If you can, destroy the Spider Walker(s). They go down after some time. A good strategy is to switch through 4 of the 5 positions to take down the Spider. After destroying it, assuring the safety of your AT-TE beasts, hover over to the T.U.S. You can evenly use 6 missles on each ship if you don't want to over-power on one and be a long wait on another one. Use your main lasers on your pilot, then do the switch-a-roo thru the 3 other positions. The 5 position is the stand-by view, which is pretty useless I think. After a long wait destroying them all, take out any other Spider Walkers. I'm sure your team has taken the Spire or one of the Bunkers. You are most likely to lose the Derelict, which can cause droids to storm your DCP (Assembly Area). If this happens, you won't get your LAAT/i's back. Take the Spire if you haven't and take a bunker. Once that is done, their vehicles will not respawn. They should only have the Derelict left. Hop into an AT-TE and finish off any pesky droids. If you die in the process, try foot combat as a Jet Trooper or normal Clone Trooper.

*Deep Breath*

Kamino : Tipoca City Playable side : Republic

Ok, you thought the droids were tough then, pfft. On this level you start off with one, measly CP. And guess what, it leads you on a dash to death. Your nowhere near any close commands and the droids have the upper hand here, but don't worry, you have about 50 more reinforcments. Also you get the Jango Fett -like Jet Trooper with a Jet Pack and an EMP Launcher. Spawn as him and go to the right hallway and fly to those 2 CP's. Usually a Droideka will come rolling in. Don't fear. Use your EMP launcher and switch to your Commando Pistol. Fire away. Now the Cp is yours and now head to the next one. The droids will most likely be here already so brace yourself. Fend them off until you die or they die. If you die, respawn to that CP you got and go for it again. Do that until you have it. Now you have 3 and they have about 4. You're in for a loong battle. The droids give no mercy, and will stop at nothing to take YOU down. Fly down the bridge and take down any squatters at an area. Once you die, respawn at the Cloning Facility. Jet your way to the far left hallway and take the nearest command post. Now your reinforcments will have drained a lot and the droids will be maybe a little higher than yours right now. After getting it, go up a bridge and take on MORE droids. I know, it's tiring and you'll probably die again! Expect a high death level for yourself. Don't worry, even the best of us die in a battle against Droideka's and Droid Snipers. Beware of the CP you just got. Turrets love to pick off any respawning allies and your Reinforcment count goes even lower! Now you should be left with maybe 10 or less count. They will have around 20 or so. Choose your gut feeling of a best unit and camp out on your friendly CP. Wait for droids to storm in. On your map see if you can see any arrows coming up the bridge. If they are, toss a grenade there and see what happens. Just hope a Droideka doesn't decide to pay you a visit. I know this is a little late, but if or when the CIS capture your Cloning Facility charge in there as a Jet Trooper and fend off any respawning droids. You don't want to lose that. Try a couple of times on this level and you should have it down. If you like early getting a CP choose an ARC Trooper and lay mines on the bridges, let the droids find a new version of death.

Rhen Var : Harbour Playable Side : Republic

Ok, this level shouldn't be too tough. In fact, it's a lot of fun! On this level you get an AT-TE to spawn at. Go there as a Jet Trooper and go to this hill on the left. Follow it to the lighthouse (Neutral CP) and go to a large bump. Fly high and towards the Lighthouse and capture it. Once that is done, your victory will most be assured. One very important thing is don't let them capture the Ice Caves. You need that badly. If that goes, most likely your Western LZ will be taken. It's where your TX-130s spawn. They are your battle vehicles. Usually Droidekas run up the cave's entrance and rock out your silly AI. Try using the ARC trooper or the Jet Trooper to destroy their shields. If you see the Lighthouse dying out or the Ice Caves, respawn there real quick if you can. Once things get boring, spawn at the AT-TE and play as a Pilot and plow through the AAT's and turrets. The game should be yours.

Kashyyyk : Docks Playable Side : Republic

Ok this one is a lot tougher. But this time, you get the Wookiee natives. A big disadvantage is that the droids get 2 Spider Walkers and 3 AAT's and 2 STAPs. I would be afraid if I didn't have a good experience on taking down vehicles. Try the Jet Trooper towards the Beach Head to stop their vehicles from coming back. Otherwise just try sniping or full out grenade throwing as an ARC Trooper to take down enemy forces. No real advice on this level. Leaving mines on the walkways is great for taking down pesky Droidekas. If you want at the end, you can hear the 'Defeat is imminent' and you can respawn quickly at a Pier that is friendly. Change to your best unit that you are good with. But be sure not to choose a pilot. Droids will storm the PIER for being the last CP on the level if you're losing. Snipers are a good choice because they have the Recon Droid ability. You can use it to see droids below you and hurt them a bit. One very important thing is to make sure that the Health/Ammo droids are functional. If they aren't, you better hope you have a pilot left on your team in the pier.


Tatooine : Dune Sea Playable side : Empire

This is you first encounter against the Rebels. I just love this level. If you have a hate for this level, hop in a vehicle or practice on Instant Action. Here is a level where the Native units are against both sides. They are the Tusken Raiders. I have a little fear of them myself, but I choose to ignore them for the best. Start off at the Sand Crawler as a regular Soldier. Hop into a Speeder Bike, then turbo your way to the HomeStead. Usually the Rebels are just spawning so you will make it there safe. Get into the bunker and stand near and Ammo Droid. Throw grenades at the stairs incase of a sneaky Rebel income. It's really easy to obtain this CP. Usually the Rebels will be gone from there. If there are any stand-byers shoot 'em down and secure that Home Stead. The game is easily yours because now the Rebels have one CP : The Bluff. Here they spawn their vehicles. X-Wings, Combat Speeders and turrets. I wouldn't suggest running in there with your AT-ST and not having a couple of pilots following you because having their only CP and Vanguards standing by in turrets and dual-shot missle launchers, your destroyer will be destroyed. If you want there is the little over pass between the Sand Crawler and the Home Stead. You'll see it and think you can't get on top. But you can. Infact you can get up there with a vehicle! Go to the entrance of the HomeStead and look towards the Dune Sea Command Post. You'll see a runway upwards that leads to the top. There you can snipe and rebels that are spawning and killng any Imperials. The level is yours.

Tatooine : Mos Eisley Playable Side : Imperials

Probably the best level in the game, you play here as the Empire. Darth Vader assists you in this battle. Also you get the Dark Trooper with a Blaster Cannon and a jet pack! This unit is great for hiding on top of buildings and roofs. Start off at the Warehouse (Bottom CP) and choose a Shock/Storm/Dark trooper. They all are great for storming the Cantina. If you are quick enough you can throw a grenade right at the entrance of the Cantina and knock off a few kills. Do this until you have no grenades. Usually a Wookiee or Pilot escapes. Just poke him down and continue into the Cantina. If you chose the Shock trooper run into the first square and lay a mine. Run back and find any health or ammo from dead comrades or enemies. If no Rebels die from your mine your should be safe. Get some allies to bolt in there with Vader and kill remaining enemies. The Rebels have a real high chance of capturing the Market (Top CP) and it doesn't really matter. Now your next objective is going to the Hangar. If you capture it you get an odd AT-ST spawning outside the entrance! Although it takes a while to spawn, it might be worth the wait. You can either take the Hangar (hard) or follow what I say. Keep walking past the entrance, and go near the Shops (Far left CP) and go up a stair case. Usually some real strange Rebels will be standing there and just waiting. Throw a handy grenade down there and you will most likely hear *Get Down! Grenade Grenade!* Bang. There goes their defence. Hop down there. If you are a storm trooper it'll be easy to take down other defences. Just shoot down some stand-byers and take the CP for yourself. Now if you lost the Cantine/WareHouse/Market/ or Housing go capture it back. They should still have the Market and you should have this battle. If you die, respawn as anything you prefer.

Rhen Var : Citadel Playable Side : Empire

Oh boy! If you are bad at this level, I don't envy you. Practice this one a lot if you play vehicular levels. This one is just straight choke points and grenade lane. Choose the Dark Trooper and quickly jump towards the right. If you can get near where the Rebels main CP (Courtyard) is. Once you are at the Keep, toss grenades down the stairs the Rebels come up. It's hilarious watching innocent Rebels fly off the ledge. After your grenades run out, you'll probably die really fast. Now wait before you spawn and your Imperial friends will have captured the Keep or the top right command post. Sorry I can't remember that one. After that spawn there and Rebels will have taken the overlook (top center CP). You MUST claim it back or your Keep will be in trouble. I prefer you use the Shock Trooper in this level. After getting your CP back, go to the Crypt. If it's in the hands of the Rebels take it back, if not, run towards the Terrace. I think this one is a little easy to get. There might be someone in the turret and a sniper by the window. Pick off the turret with your Missle Launcher. After that kill the sniper. Defend there by reloading your Missle Launcher and killing and respawners. The Rebels will be overwhelmed and lose. Claim back any CPs you lose in this one.

Yavin 4 : Arena Playable side : Empire

Most of the players who own this game, hate both Yavins. Well that's too bad. Learn how to play different level you newbs. Okay, I don't want you playing in your AT-ST because the enemy vehicles hardly attack your base. And you have some handy turrets and mines laying down there. Okay, start off at your West Box. DO NOT SNIPE! It doesn't help you in this level, no matter how gosh darn good at sniping you are. Run to the left and turn right. You should be between the Enemies main CP and the Arena. Duck down behind this block and pick off any pilots or Wookiees. They are your main enemy. After there is no body left over there. Hop over the block and rush towards the CP. If there are any enemies spawning, there is a little base to the left that you can hide behind stairs. Just throw a grenade to take them down. Run in there and hide between the Ammo/Health droids and kill any respawners. It is easily yours. Take down any stand-byers and make sure nobody tries to come up the hill. Here you can play as the Shock/Scout/Dark Trooper. I would like you to become familiar with those. Take the Arena if it already isn't yours. Victory is in your hand my friend.

Yavin 4 : Temple Playable Side : Rebels

The destruction of the Death Star was a great success! "Admiral Ackbar" Okay, here is one of the tough levels. From here on, the levels get harder. Probably the biggest disadvantage is you get speeder bikes and your enemies get AT-STs and a speeder bike :xp: Hop into a speeder bike and safely make your way to the Forest Ruins (Neutral CP). Take it over while taking down any incoming imperials. Now turbo your way to their back CP. Make sure their vehicles have left and that there is the enough helath for you to fend it off for a minute and a half. Stand near a Health Droid incase you get fired at. Crouch down so you don't get easily noticed. Usually the Empire will just spawn and go down the hill. After capturing it, or trying to. DO that a couple of times if you fail. After getting it, take the Fountain. It's a good CP if you haven't got the main Empire CP. After that, the Empire might have taken the Forest Ruins, if not you are real lucky. Now go towards the bridge near the Dry Pool. Under there is the Empire CP of death. It's real hard to get because Imperials can see you, and it's hard to see if they are in turrets. If you can get some back up bring some. Try the Wookiee or Soldier. If you are good at sniping, stay up on the bridge and snipe a few. If you can protect the Altar and the Forest Ruins. If not go try to recapture them. Try a couple of mines on the left side of the Dry Pool, to really hurt those menacing AT-STs. It's a hard level, but try it out.

Hoth Playable Side : Rebels

I'm not sure about you, but I hate this level. Most owners love this level, and I'm still baffled how. On this one, it's a battlefield of white. The main visible things are 2 AT-STs and believe it 2 AT-AT's! These behemoths WILL hunt down any attempt to destroy them. Luckily you get 4 Snow Speeders to try and cable their legs. Tricky, because you have to pilot it and the AI units on your team aren't exactly smart. Just about as dumb enough to actually run the vehicle into the ground dumb. Another 2 disadvantages are you have a big bad Destroyable CP and it's the Shield Generator. If it's not protected, Imperials will take some almost stupidly placed turrets and start shooting at it with the assistance of 2 AT-STs and maybe 1 AT-AT. That's why your job is to get in a Snow Speeder with and AI unit and head towards their AT-ATs. Once you get near them switch to Co-Pilot and try to hit their legs. Hopefully they don't hit you because that'll be the end of you. It takes about 5 passes to take down them. After taking them down, which isn't easy you may die so retry. After taking them down head near their only CP : Forward Camp. Here, their AT-STs will stop spawning and you get some turrets to damage the Behemoths before they get moving. P.S The AT-ATs are Mobile Command Posts. Enemies can spawn at them, so don't let them get near your CPs. You are most likely to lose your Bunker or Rebel Outpost, so let them. If it's the Bunker, go recapture it because Imperials will run through the tunnels and shoot away at the Shield Generator. If they take the Rebel Outpost, try to lure them near the Echo Base. They will take the center CP which will be between the Echo Base and the Rebel Outpost. Now quickly take the Rebel Outpost and they will be stuck in the center ^_^ Use turrets and Vanguard mines and Missle Launchers to finish off any AT-STs. If you lose the Forward Camp do you best to get it back. If you have troubles with enemies spawn camping, look for Luke Skywalker. I forgot to mention it before, but he helps you (hardly) in this vehicular battle. Try this level a lot. It may get frustrating but just try your best. Maybe snipe a bit ontop of a hill.

Bespin : Cloud City Playable side : Rebels

Yes! Another fun level that nobody can hate. No vehicles, and tons of choke points and easy snipes! Start off at your bottom command post I think it should be called the Forward Entrance. Choose a Wookiee, and head down the hallway towards their CP. This is most likely the biggest brawl in the level. Rush real fast and firing your Bowcaster. Once a clutter of them are there, aim high and shoot a grenade from your launcher. You will most likely die a few times before being able to capture the Hallway. Try the Vanguard/Soldier attempt. Once you have that there will be a big circle infront of you. You can manuever around it. Usually there are a few snipers and Stormies standing there. Shoot 'em down and proceed. Now you'll find more snipers in a box. Move around will shooting at them so they don't hit you. Do that a couple of times and continue to their next CP. I am not familar with the Empire CPs because I usually capture Rebel CPs when I play as them. So take it and they should only have the CourtYard. Snipe away and the level is yours.

Bespin : Platforms Playble Side : Rebels

Ok, probably THEE most popular map for online and favorite for offline, here you take on the Imperials in sky and on foot. I'll give 2 little walkthroughs because this level is just grenade throwing and sniping.
Sky: Hop into an X-Wing and take down AA Turrets first then take down opposing TIE Fighters/Bombers. It's really easy and your comrades usually take the enemy back CPS :) It's really easy so don't worry about losing.
Foot: It's a little tougher than the air assault, but waaay more fun. Run as fast as your legs can take you to get to the Extractor. Once you capture it, the game becomes intense. Fend off Imperials until it is yours. Respawn as a sniper and climb up a steel cage and snipe from a high elevation. Or take the Wookiee or Vanguard and throw grenades, blast missles, and plant mines between entrances. Note: There will be explosions viturally everywhere. Keep the Extractor in your possesion and the battle is yours.

Endor : Forest Playble Side : Rebels

I personally don't like this level because the vehicles are useless and trees are everywhere. Okay, don't worry about the Shield Bunker because Imperial Pilots will usually restore it (it can happen) and the fact that it takes a long time, even with the Wookiee timebomb. The Imperials have a disadvantage. They don't have little Ewoks throwing spears and rocks, and that their vehicles will be destroyed because of booby-traps. Start off as a regular Soldier and work your way to the closest CP. It will be constantly explosions and blaster fire over there. Look out for sniping soldiers on the tree tops. Keep moving while trying to take possesion of the CP. Shoot down any respawners and if you can bring tons of Ewoks and allies. The time will be cut in half to capture it and you'll have cover fire! After that, defend it for a while still as a soldier and take down sniper in the trees. After that snipe away or soldier it out for more kills. Try to keep all of your command posts yours. AT-STs can be problems, because there are only so many traps they can set off. Try this strategy a couple of times and you should have the game. If you want, you can Kamikaze towards their next CP, but be warned, they only have 2 command posts and you have now 4!


I can't really walkthough all of the levels again, so just read the levels up there.^^

Here you duke it out on any planet as any faction. Take over both levels from a planet to make it in your possesion. After 4 victories you get to take over a planet or destroy/blockade it. There are special advantges for every level you posses. Here is the list

Bespin : Sabatoge : Enemy vehicles come into battle with %10 health.
Naboo : Bacta Tanks : Your troops slowly gain health over time, equivilant to standing near a health droid.
Rhen Var : Orbital Sensors : Your troops see more enemies on their maps and the enemy can't see snipers that are well hidden.
Tatooine : Jedi Hero : Vader/Windu/Skywalker/Dooku assist you in the battle.
Yavin 4 : Elite Training : Your troops become better snipers and know a lot more in combat
Kashyyyk : Reinforcments : Not known to anyones knowledge, best guess is only used on levels for finales IE Endor/Kamino/Hoth/Geonosis. Gives extra troops in battles


Regular Troopers
- All except the Super Battle Droid, have Blaster Rifles, Blaster Pistols, grenades, and Concussion grenades. A SBD has a Tri-Shot Wrist-Rocket and Wrist-Blaster

- Rebels have a Blaster Cannon, Clones have a DN Bolt Caster, Imperials have Mortar Launcher, Droids have Radiation Launcher

- Rebels have a dual-shot Missle Launcher, Clones have 1 shot with 2 ammo per reload, Imperials have single shot, CIS have single shot.

- CIS and Rebels have double zoom guns and clones and Imperials have single.

- Wookiees for Rebels, Droideka for CIS, Jet Trooper for Clones, Dark Trooper for Imperials


-X-Wing, Y-Wing, Combat Speeder, Speeder Bike, SnowSpeeder
-TIE Figher, TIE Bomber, AT-ST, AT-AT, Speeder Bike, IFT-T
-Droid Starfighter, MAF, STAP, AAT, Hailfire Droid, Homing Spider Droid, Geonosian Fighter
- Jedi Starfighter, LAAT/i, IFT-X, AT-TE,


You can write any questions or comments under this and I will do my best to answer them.
 Melrek Krakan
08-31-2005, 1:47 AM
Great Walkthrough!

A couple of things though...

you forgot speeder bike for the republic

You also might want to mention that the rebel rocket launcher is only accurate at long range if you lock on

clones and imp snipers have more ammo

When Rhen Var special bonus is used against you, you can't see any units on the mini map

You can use only one special bonus at a time in galactic conquest
09-01-2005, 1:02 AM
I'm trying not to focus on Speeder Bikes. I was doing a walkthrough on the game, not the vehicles and units. The Orbital Sensors already have a description, I was giving it for against AI units. Most users don't know what it does to them.

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