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Dune Sea

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 Silver X
12-25-2004, 8:31 PM
Grab a plane and start raining fire on the enemy and taking out there heavy stuff and killing units and you can rack in about 50 + kills and another for people don't like to fly is take a speed bike and catpure the TR CP at the back of the map or take someone with you on foot and take a speed bike with you to the enemy CP with the bunkerand capture it.
12-25-2004, 9:12 PM
I don't have a good Rebel/CIS strategy (I hate dealing with the Tusken Raiders so I don't play them on this map), but for the Imperials/Republic, here's my strategy:

You can be any class really, it doesn't matter. Spawn at the Sandcrawler, jump on a Speeder Bike, head to the Cisters and drive up the little path that overlooks the Bluff, park the bike on the path and lie prone on the cliff so you trip the Command Post. Once it's neutralized, kill any enemies that are camping there, and capture it. Get back on your Speeder Bike and head for the Homestead. Capture and hold it as the victory timer counts down.

Most of the time I win with 100+ reinforcements and never die once.
 Darth n00b
09-01-2005, 4:15 AM
This have to be done as an Imperial on SP.
Spawn at the sandcravler and jump on the swoop fast.
Get to the homestead and take the rebel tank.
Shot everything that moves and every rebel are after getting you.
Hopefully you can get to a r4 or be a pilot.
Just drive so you don't get hitted by the nades and you will be fine.
Now as every rebel are on you the Imperials got no problem getting to you and the homestead is under siege of the Imperials.
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