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Last Day on the Job.

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 Deft Aklin
05-20-2003, 5:54 PM
Takebi was an experienced Squib. ( He had long collected junk for the Empire. Well....not exactly for the Empire, more for himself, but in association with the Empire. Many a day he had spent doing battle with the shapeshifting Ugors of the galaxy, hungry for their own piece of the Imperial gold mine the humans called 'trash'.

Calmly, the stout Squib stepped from his vessel, a modified YT-1200. He pulled up his belt, holding his black leather pants up. His bright blue fur, standing in deep contrast to the skin tight garment. His ears perk around, searching for danger in an almost uncaring manner.

Today had been his last day. He had finally amassed enough to retire. A dozen years of cleaning up after the Empire, and a score of destroyed Ugor vessels had left him a hardened and cynical creature. He quickly approached his last drop off, a shipment to a Mr. Watto. ( Some Toydarian who had recently been bankrupted by an apparent gambling debt. Takebi cared not for such matters, he had precious cargo to unload. After that, he was free to do as he pleased for the rest of his existence.

Confidently, the diminutive Squib walked the streets of Mos Espa, making his way to the business place of his final customer.

This will be an in depth RP, please do not pose in if you do not intend to stay involved. For serious RPers only. Also, I implore you not to overwhelm this thread with OOC chatter. Thank you for your cooperation.
 Thew Rydur
05-23-2003, 9:06 PM
Lothas Akor, a rather portly Zabrak strolled down the street. In his mouth was a lit cigarra that he puffed while he walked. He seemed to be taking his time, and yet still purposely heading somewhere.
 Deft Aklin
05-27-2003, 9:06 PM
An ordinary day, an ordinary job. His last day yet, felt much like all the previous days he had undergone. Tomorrow the business would be taken over by one of his many younger brothers. An endaeavor that had been passed down through his family for many a generation.

A warm wind from the south gently rustled his blue hair, mussing it a bit more than it already had been. Takebi glanced around with a sudden urgency. Something didn't feel right. He always trusted his gut, as it had always proved right in the past. Something big was about to happen, he could only hope it didn't involve him. Never-the-less, his hand gently caressed the holstered heavy blaster at his side.
Nearing the meeting point, Takebi slowed his pace, glancing around for the Toydarian merchant.

"That's him!", he heard from the shadows. Out rushed four Imperial Storm Troopers.
Without hesitation, or question, Takebi unholstered his weapon, hiding it behind his back in hopes they weren't approaching him as it appeared.
 Jatari Bazrak
05-28-2003, 1:22 AM
Jatari Bazrak, (a tan skinned zabrak with black tatoos and blood satined horns) was walking towards a terminal stormtroopers started running toward him infront of him was a squib talking a barge of equipment to some where. Jatari got his his dual blaster-pistols out and rolled behind the barge, soon waves of lasers from the several stormtroopers came pooring in as the squib coward and hid behind a wall as if he didn't want any part of this.
Jatrai threw a thermal detonator at the stormtroopers...Beep,beep,beep, Beeeeeep! 4 stormtroopers flew into the air then lay lifeless on the ground.

More stormtroopers then came over to the area jatari activated his jet-pack and flew on top of the cantina he just exited. Wth his ID scanner on he scanned the crate full of 'trash' interesting piece was an engine fuel sell. As more stormtroopers entered came towards the cantina Jatari threw out a thermal detonator... "beeeeeep!" The crate exploded and the stormtroopers lay on the ground.

As he loward to the ground he saw the squib looking at the place where his crate used to be dumb founded. "sorry about the crate." said Jatari while hading him 500 credits.
Just then the toydarian gave the squib a wave, like he was signaling to the squib to go to him.
05-28-2003, 2:52 AM
OOC: Must you be so...explosive Jatari? You blow everything up before questions.

IC: Vessen sat in the cantina, a female zabrak massaging his back; which had been injured in his lastest mission. Vessen was a blue zabrak with intricate black sith-like tatoos covering his body. He was an "Imperial Grunt Man" as it were. He had to do infiltration jobs for the empire, clean up here and there etc. His current assignment was sent to him by comlink. It read:

Your Assignment: Infiltrate a Hutt warehouse and destroy the shipment of spice and weapons.

Confrontation: There is estimated 27 guards inside the warehouse, and two outside. Each assumed armed and dangerous. Avoid confrontation if possible. You are not to be seen. If they set eyes upon you then kill them.

Reward: 100,000 Credits

After reading the message he dismissed the female zabrak and gave her 30,000 Credits for her troubles. She smiled and walked out of the murky cantina. Time for work.
 Deft Aklin
05-28-2003, 10:56 AM
OOC: Yet another thread assassinated with a thermo. Bastage. Must you blow up my plot builders? No need to be hasty in killing them, I always post the NPC intent before their action to give you an out. Should you not take that out, well then it's not my fault. :)
For future reference though, don't kill more than two NPCs in your post unless it's a necessary heroic act.
Creeping back, now that half of the street was missing and the other half was littered with Stormtrooper remnants, turned to head away. He wasn't sure if they were after him, and there was no way to find out now.

He ran down a back alley, pausing for a bit to catch his breath. Looking over his shoulder, he checked to see if the psycho with the thermo was following him, then proceeded towards the rendevous point.

He couldn't help but wonder. He was pretty sure those Stormtroopers were after him, but why. He hadn't done anything wrong, had he?

Approaching the end of the street, again he mingled with the crowd, at least as well as a 1.2 meter blue creature ever could. His height was his only true concealing factor, as his fur was a loud cry from the tan and brown of this world.
05-28-2003, 12:16 PM
OOC: Nice Save D_S.

IC: The cantina rattled as an explosion went off. Vessen got up hastily and looked at his radar, there was an explosion that went off down the street from the cantina. Vessen picked up his rifle, left a tip on the table, and hastily exited the cantina. He hurried down the street where there was a mass of people fleeing the scene. He noticed in the crowd a bright blue squib trying to conceal himself. Vessen chuckled and shadowed the squib.
 Jatari Bazrak
05-28-2003, 1:16 PM
OOC:Sorry, Whatch I'll make up for it.:D

IC:As he watched the squib run into the alley more storm troopers came.."I can't keep this up." said Jatari and soon he was running down the alley.
But they seemed not to be running after him. Why not he had a bounty on him...but mabye they were after someone else maby that squib. thought jatari So he scanned the squib...

Crimes stolen imperial artifacts

but when he looked for the squib again he was no where to be found...
 Thew Rydur
05-28-2003, 6:47 PM
Lothas heard the sound of thermal detonators exploding, and divereted his course towards the noise. There were bodies of dead stormtroopers strewn all about.

"Some pyscho on the loose..." He murmured to himself.

Detecting the faint scent of burnt rocket fuel in the air, he wondered "Another Fett wannabe perhaps?"

He adjusted the blaster inside of his jacket to regain his sense of security, then headed down the same street as Vessen and Takebi, stilling puffing his cigarra.
 Deft Aklin
05-29-2003, 8:57 PM
Quickly and quite smoothly, Takebi disappeared into a local cantina. Casually, he made his way to a dark corner booth, trying to make his presence go unnoticed. An easy task in such an establishment.
Several Stormtroopers stepped into the doorway, glancing around quickly. They exitted with nearly as much haste as they had arrived.

Slightly calmer now, Takebi slumped in the chair slightly. He pulled out a small box from his jacket, openning it slightly to look at the contents. The small metal object had drawn little attention when he placed it on the holonet for sale, only Watto seemed intrigued by it. It's value, he still did not know. Just the usual junk the Empire dumped before hyperspace jumps, at least, that's what he thought.

Apparently the rest of his cargo was unimportant, having been left behind somewhere along in his hurried retreat. What was so blasted important about this thing? Only time would tell.

Takebi, glancing down at his wrist chronometer, suddenly realized it had been off the whole time. He powered it on, and it made a slight hum. Oversized for the average wrist chronometer, this one had some special properties that in itself could lead to an Imperial interrogation. The electronic time keeper doubled as a military strength com. It had also had some modifications so that he could pick up those special encrypted Imperial and Rebel messages as well. He really tried to avoid the Galactic Civil War at all costs, and this ability often assisted in attaining that goal.

*beep beep*
"Takebi, are you there?", a subtle yet slightly frantic female voice came across the com.

"Yes, Heptela. I had an odd....", his words were cut short.

"You need to get out of there, now.", her voice implied the dire situation he was in.

"Don't you think I already know that?", he asked.

"I don't think you understand the severity of your situation sir.", she hesitated for a second, "Can you put on your headset?"

Fumbling for it for a moment, he finally placed a small unit in his right ear. "Go ahead.", he confirmed.

"Sir, shortly after you left, the Empire put out a two thousand credit bounty on your head.", the worry in her voice detectable even without facial expressions.

"What? Did it say why?", he was now becoming seriously disturbed by this entire situation.

"It said you stole something from them sir, and worse yet......", she again paused, "It jumped to fifty thousand when you killed those Stormtroopers."
 Jatari Bazrak
05-29-2003, 9:30 PM
Stormtroopers had now coverd a larg area in and around the alley. Jatari took a right and ran into a cantina, he was surprised while looking around to see takebi.
Ran over to a seat next to him took off his arnor and teleproted it to his ship.

"Takebi, if you want to get out of here alive you'll have to listen to me. I have a bounty on myself and have escaped the empire for some time ether you follow me or stay but do as you wish."
05-30-2003, 3:57 AM
Vessen watched all of the troopers flood the streets. They were hunting furiously for the murderer of their fellow comrades. He noted that there were some Imperial Officials scouting the streets also.

"Everyone must be excited by the huge bounty on that squib's head," Vessen thought to himself. He walked quietly through the street towards the cantina, where he slipped into it unoticed. There was a squad questioning the patrons of the bar. He pulled his hood down and walked over towards the bar. He noticed the squib in the dark corner with the other zabrak. Across the bar were two bothans with blasters showing.

"Bounty Hunters...the scum of the galaxy," Vessen muttered.
06-01-2003, 6:20 PM
OCC: I hope you dont mind if I jump in DS, but I hope ive proven my self by now =\

IC: A thin mist of dust floated down from the ceiling, a low bass rumble of a not so distant explosion could be heard, laying a light blue hand across the Ruby drink, Cyn sighed in annoyance. How many time have I been in this tavern? And rarely do I ever get a day with out an explosion or fire fight of some sort... Leku twitching, they too belaying her frustration. Removing her hand from the drink and sipping at it again she glances over her shoulder as a small squib, his fur a light blue, a shade or two lighter then her sking tone in fact, enter the cantina, and weave him self through the patrons to a booth in the back, once again, lossing intrest she returned to her drink,

"Stormies coming." then holding his hand to his ear he listend intentelly."ETA thirty seconds.

Her heart jumping a beat she casaully reached over her sides and unclipped the blasters hung at her hip, there they would remain, she didn't want any trouble with the empire. Pushing her cloack back over the pistol butts she returned to her drink, a few moments later the squad burst into the cantina, her stomach flipping a little she waited, but the "Boys in white" seemed to be satisfied, and where apperently in a hurry for they where gone within the minute.

"Must have something to do with that explosion." she muttered to what she thought was her self.

"Yup, some nut job misted a squad a little bit ago, Thermal, in borad day light." Shaking his head he returned to his drink.

Flinching a bit Cyn grimaced. She had no love for Imperials, but she could htink of a better way to die then misted by a Thermal. Glanicng over her shoulder again she watched as Portly zabrak made it way to the squib in the booth, she didnt know what, its was that feeling again, like a buzzing in the back of her mind, but she knew somehting was about to happen, then movement caught her eye, two cream colored Bothans, began to move towards the booth, the squib and his Zabrak friend where oblivious to there danger. She was about to let it go, but couldnt for some reason, that nagging pressure was back, practially imploring her to do something, anyhting.

Standing she layed a few cred chips on the table and made her way for the rear door, the entrance the Bothans had used. Her minf racing, actions not wholly her own the world seemed to slow, she saw the Bothans raise the carbines, heard one mutter to the other in its native tounge, she saw there finger twitch and begin to tighten around the firing stud, the kicking out at a stool she watched the legs fold out of the one, currsing he let out a scream as hes knee, bending in a fashion that couldnt be healthy, fall he blaster rifle tracing red bolts up into the celing, nearly catching the zabrak, fast refelxes the only thing saving him from a third eye. The pressure was back this time she surrendered to it and soon found her self sprawled face first, three bolts occuping the space she had been in, well almost she noticed, for they caught the second bothan as he spun towards his attacker, two missed but the third caught the being in the groin, doubling it over it let out a cry of pain that made her flinch. She found her self crouching, looking over her shoulder to see who had fired the shots.
06-01-2003, 8:12 PM
OOC: I did not know you had such a following D_S.:)

Another Bothan was sitting down in a chair blaster drawn, he had fired upon the twi'lek. Vessen shot the bothan in the arm forcing him to drop his pistol. The bothan moaned in pain and Vessen put his pistol away. Suddenly Vessen heard a voice behind him,

"Drop the weapon zabrak scum!"

Behind Vessen was a squad of five troopers. Their commander had his weapon drawn and pressed into Vessen's back. Vessen put his hands up and turned around slowly.

"Take out your weapon slowly now. Easy does it."

The trooper said cooly. Vessen then took out his blaster pistol. A deadly smile crept across Vessen's face. He threw the blaster in the air. As the troopers watched it fall he kicked the commander in the chest. He fell over onto his squad while Vessen caught his pistol and shot the fallen troopers.

"Sloppy, sloppy, sloppy."
 Deft Aklin
06-02-2003, 1:28 PM
OOC: You're always welcome to enter Sckitzo. ;)
...and Vessen, my following is much larger than you would imagine. :D

Seeing his opportunity, Takebi slipped under the table and through the crowd. The scuffle and confusion gave perfect cover for a quite escape. Crawling mostly on his hands and knees, the tiny Squib made his way to the turbo-lift and quickly hit the first button he could reach, 'Any floor but here.', he muttered to himself.

As the turbo-lift doors closed, one of the Stormtroopers took notice of the bright blue fur, now loudly lit by the overhead lamps. A few stray shots were fired in his direction, but the doors had already shut.

It wouldn't be long before the Stormtroopers made their way up to his new location, but hopefully he had enough time.

"Heptela, rmember that escape plan we never used?", Takebi said into the headset as he ran up the stairs to the roof.

"I'm already on it boss. ETA Thirty seconds. ", she replied.

A quick glance back, and he saw the first to pop through. Raising his blaster for the first time in nearly a decade, he pulled the trigger. The first shot blasted by the Stormtroopers helmet, who obviously didn't expect it. The Stormtrooper dove behind a air circulation unit.

The Stormtrooper fired a couple random blaster shots, not showing the whole of his abilities, obviously shaken by the close call. Popping his head up, it was quickly met by Takebi's second blaster shot.

Two more Stormtroopers jump through the door. Openning fire on Takebi.

"ETA five seconds boss.", Heptela's voice was comforting.

Glancing up, quickly Takebi ran for the edge of the roof. Looking back to the Stormtroopers, he jumped off the edge, apparently to his death. A few stray blaster bolts flew by as he disappeared over the ledge.

With the silence, now that the blaster fire had stopped, a highly modified swoop could be heard fleeing the scene. As the Stormtroopers glanced of the building, they saw Takebi on the back of a Flare-S racing swoop.
 Jatari Bazrak
06-02-2003, 4:47 PM
ETA: 5...4...3...

Jatari had ran out of the cantina...

ETA: 2..1.
The cantina shreded as Jatari ducked behind a veichle. Jatari watched as the squib took off now he just had to watch his own back. Stormtroopers flooded around with some AT-ST's.
He runs down the alley, one of stormtroopers shouted "Hay, get him!" Jatari transported his armor from his ship and turned the corner...
06-03-2003, 12:04 AM
Vessen quietly slips out the cantina. The StormTroopers flooded the scene, as far as the eye could see was a white mass. The sound of AT-ST foot steps drew nearer and nearer every second. Vessen walked over to an alley way, where a Ikopi sat waiting. It danced about as its master returned to him. Suddenly a loud thud was heard, the Ikopi moaned and shuddered.

"Its okay, that's just an AT-ST." [i]Vessen said. He pet the Ikopi's short neck then jumped on. It sped off through the busy city streets, dodging pedestrians and other mounts alike. A wookie roared as he was almost hit by the mount and a twi'lek dodged the incoming Ikopi.
06-03-2003, 5:17 PM
OCC: Umm Jatari, do you mean transport, like the shifitng colours and bright lights from Star Trek? Or is there some new EU stuff I missed that Star Wars now does that sorta thing, I mean ive been away for a while but jesh :confused: Id feel kinda foolish missing somethign like that.

SNAP! A nearby table exploded, pelitng the Twi`lek in the face with red hot duraplast scraps. Ignoring the sting, Cyn stepped out onto the bench, red hot fire tracing her all the way, jumping clear of the back she landed one one knee, looking up at one of the Bothans who was struggling to stand, leaping forward she grabbed him around the waiste hauling him to his feet. A yelp of confusion and anger emmited from the creature, ignoring it she turned to face the remaing troops, unforunately they where already facing, and firign in her direction, crouching behind the Bothan, she heard the lethal shots of the Imperails Rifles turned the once Bounty Hunter into a Hydro Sprinkler. The stink of Burnt Ozone, and worse the stink of burned hair and flesh where quickly filling the room, giving the now dead Bothan a savage kick in there direction she was pleased to hear a few angry curses as the body tangeld its self with the troopers, about that time she noticed a small blue shape dart infront of her into the Turbo Lift, not waiting around as red bolts singed the door she burst open a side door leading to stairs, that if she remembered to the roof. Running up the flights of stairs she changed blaster packs in the one spent pistol, the end of the stair case loomed infornt of her, not lossing a step she aimed and fired, the bolt struck the door solidly in the middle, aimming again she fired,
Another burnt hole in the door this time above the handle

"Sith Spawn! Screw this" She muttered to her self, raising both pistols she let out a trio of fire from both, a few struck the lock, satisfied she watched as the door jarred slightly open. giving another burst of speed she dived towards the now partly open door, tucking into a ball she felt her shoulder crack as it smashed into the solid Durasteel door. Stifligna scream she continued with the roll, just in time to see a small blue furball leap over the side of the building, not wating to hear the inevtiable splat she turned towards a new problem, a squad of Stormies spilling out the turbo lift. Stanidng back up, deciding to take her chances with gravity she sprinted towards the edge, she felt the lasers balsting away at the roofing behind her, the hot sting of the pices striking her exposed legs.

3 Meters

Risking a look over he shoulder she quickly side stepped, two crimson bolts occuping the space her head had been moments before.

2 Meters
Not even looking back she let loose, with the good arm a quartet of fire from the matte black sporting pistol. The tell tale thunk of laser hitting armor could be heard.

1 Meter
Giving a quick look over the edge she saw the squib racing away on a Swoop, quickly wishing him luck she prepared her self.

0.5 meters
Kicking off the lip, tucking into a roll and spinning to face the Stormies, she could imagaine the look of surprise on there face as she let loose with another barage of fire, both good shoudler and bad, grimly satisfied she watched a few of the troopers drop, and the rest scatter, spinning back around she watched the ground rising very fast, then slow down to a near crawl, trying not to yelp with surprise, cloak fluttering behind her she laned in the dusty street, sprinign to her feet to avoid the mass of confusion in the streets, civilians, troopers and even a pair of Scout Walkers.

Yesh, who ever there after must have pissed some body off.
She thought to her self as he ducked down an alley. Holstring her pistols she continued to run in the vague direction of the docking platform, comming across two shapes in the alley way she slowed down. One a Rodian she could hear talking...
06-03-2003, 5:25 PM
OCC: Stupid 4000 character limit....
Heres the rest

Yesh, who ever there after must have pissed some body off.
She thought to her self as he ducked down an alley. Holstring her pistols she continued to run in the vague direction of the docking platform, comming across two shapes in the alley way she slowed down. One a Rodian she could hear talking...

Listen Punk, I want the Credits you owe me for that Glit, and whats worse my boss is asking why I dont have the money, that means he's gettin angry, you little glitbiter, and I dont want to deal with that.

The second voice spoke up, human she determined, but by the pitch and size of the bundle of rags she guessed its couldnt be more then 14 or 15 cycles old.

"I...I...Imm, ssoory Calla, I'll have your money, its just that..."

With a savage kick to the boy it broke in. "Just what?"

Coughing, then standing back up, he continued. "Just that, the Imps have been out hot and heavy and that stuffs getting hard to push.

Leveling his blaster at the boy." All right I've has enough of this, Im fed up with you lit...."

His words where cut off, by a gargleing sound, as the front of his throat turned into a red mist of blood and bone. Grassping at the new fist sized hole in his throat he frantically scratched and moaned, untill slumping agaisnt the wall, head down he quit moving, the kid, shocked, but not by the death, no, mostly likely by his good fortune took one look at the Twi`lek holding the blaster pistol, then another at the body reached over, ripped something from the inside of the Rodians shirt and took off into the street, soon lost in the mass of beings and vechicles.

Re holstering the pistol she grabbed her shoulder and walked past the body, a swoop, gang marking down the side sat running. "Well, he wont be needing this any more." she thought to her self with a amused grin. "Teach him to pick on somebody his own size." she thoguht grimly to her self, her thoughts goign back to her being abducted from her planet as a child and sold into slavery. Swinging her leg over the swoop she goosed the pedal and shot off into the busy street.


Her pulse back to normal she began to think of what she was going to do next, her ship was still on Corellia, in lock up, thinking she began to feel the warm feeing in her neck, coaxking her towards one of the bays, pulling into Bay 187 she noticed the blue little squib, frantically tinkering with something underneath. Pulling the swoop around, the noised must have caught his attention, pulling out the blaster hand shaking slightly he trained it on her. Slowing the swoop down she raised her good arm, showing that she was unarmed. Her hand brushing her left shoudler she notcied it came back bloodied, she must have done more then break the socket in that little escapade Cyn thoguht idly to her self.

"I was just going to ask If I could hitch a ride with you guys out of here, I..." Losing focus for a second, she started to slump over in her seat, struggling she picked her self back up again and continued."Ca...can pay you, I...I j..ust nee..." her words where cut off, as her body, adreanlin wearing off collapsed and her body fell hard to the dura plast decking, the world gogin black she knew no more.

DS, best way I could see to get the characters together.
06-04-2003, 12:43 AM
Out of the corner of his eye Vessen saw a twi'lek slumped over the handle bars of a swoop bike. "That's the twi'lek from the bar." Vessen thought to himself. He turned down the alley where he saw the twi'lek fall off the bike. A wound gaping out of her shoulder. Yanking on the reigns the Ikopi came to a hault.

"I overheard your're coversation. I could get you guys a ride out of here...For a price."
 Jatari Bazrak
06-04-2003, 4:11 PM
Occ:Hey its RP I made it up.

Ic: Soon Jatari had ran down the path heading for his ship...
When he saw a familiar or zabrak I should say.
"Hey, Vessen and well well well what's this do we have a party going on here? then the squib came up to the zabrak... "You know there's a platoon of stormtroopers heading this way."

Well where are you headed?
 Deft Aklin
06-06-2003, 12:26 PM
He rushed to the aid of the injured Twi'lek, assisting her in keeping her balance."I cannot leave at this time.", the Squib said with great emotion, "I need to know what the hell is going on here."

Stepping from the swoop, Heptela raised the helmet from her head. The female Duros was an accomplished pilot with any vehicle, but like most of her species, she preferred space travel.
"We have our own ship anyway, thank you.", she said with disdain. Takebi always seemed to find a way to make her job more difficult, it almost seemed as if that were his calling. She always rose to the occasion, but he had never gotten them in this thick before.

"Did that.....announcement...", hesitation in his voice, trying to hide the hefty price on his head, "....have any contact information Heptela?"

"Yes sir, I was just going to.....", she was cut off mid-sentence.

"Well we'd better get moving then.", his impatience got the better of him. He wanted this cleared up. Turning his attentions to the three gathered about him, "You obviously have no love for the Empire, you may join us if you wish.", he paused for a second, "I cannot reimburse you for your troubles, but it seems obvious that none of you have any love for the Empire." Looking to the Twi'lek he was keeping upright, "You especially, I think should come with us." His arm slowly pointed to the vessel, a YT-1200, "This is ours.", the ship markings declared it's name to be 'Endbringer'.
06-06-2003, 6:08 PM
Being propped up by the small Squib, Cyn listened to the conversation taking place, eventaully it was directed towards her.

Squib "You especially, I think should come with us." he said, rasining his arm gently towards a ship infront of them.

The Twi'elk made a small muttered sound, hopping he would take that for a yes she felt as her head once again got to heavy to hold and darkness invelped her.
06-06-2003, 6:28 PM
Vessen nodded, "I shall come to. You will need me to watch your backs. Plus I am an excelent doctor and it looks to me that this twi'lek needs some help. I just have one thing to ask...does you vessel have enough room to fit my ride?" [/i]Vessen hand extends outward towards the Ikopi.
 Jatari Bazrak
06-07-2003, 1:16 PM
Jatari looked at the mix of species and cleared his throat and said
"My ship Nemesis can previde backup fire power, so I'll come too. Where are you headed?" asked Jatari
Jatrai always prized his ship even though it was small he and the ship had gone through a lot together.
 Deft Aklin
06-09-2003, 11:34 AM
OOC: Sorry about the delay guys, long weekend, you know how it is.

"Your assistance is welcomed.", he says, with a mild amount of thanks in his tone.

He aided the Twi'lek off of the vehicle, and Heptela proceeded to place it in the cargo hold.

"We need to stay close, but away from prying eyes.", Takebi said. "Bespin I think. Very little Imperial presence, and plenty of supplies."

They loaded up the vessel, and within a few moments were ready to depart, Heptela at the controls. Takebi, enterred the coded frequency he had moments earlier given to Jatari, and opened a communications channel, quickly transferring the coordinates from his hyper-nav.
 Jatari Bazrak
06-09-2003, 1:50 PM
Jatari entered his ship opened a channel, locked in coordenance and headed for bespin. pressed the comm. link and said "Ok I'm hypersace tell me if any thing goes wrong."
06-10-2003, 2:42 AM
Vessen layed the wounded twi'lek on a bed. He went and got one of his many packs off of his Ikopi. It contained many medical aides and other such things. He opened the bag and took out a wooden box, inside was a pale red powder which he sprinkled into a glass of hydro (water). It bubbled and turned blue.

"Here, drink this..." He handed her the bubbling glass and she reluctantly drank it.

"Good, now you will fall asleep so I can do my work." He took some bandages and a dry cloth from his bag. Vessen then inspected the wounded shoulder, suddenly he gripped it and snapped it into its socket. The twi'lek quivered and went back into her slumber. He wiped the blood away and poured a black powder over the gash. He then wrapped the shoulder with a bandage and left her to rest.

"She should be fine...By the way, what is your name? Mine is Vessen Berak.
06-03-2007, 7:09 PM
Awwww it was a good story so far... :) to bad it died. :(
10-11-2007, 9:50 PM
Yeah... :(
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