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Video Quality

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08-19-2007, 2:42 PM
SWBF1 used to give my old laptop more lag than a million pop ups. So i built this gamming rig to play SWBF2, but with this i can see that there is a lot of people still in the stone age with there old PC's that want to play games. I love playing SWBF2 with the resolution and texture detail turned up to max. it makes gameplay more realistic. I also love being able to play with alot of other people. i think that with a less laggy game there will be a ton more buyers.

My solution to this is make a larger range of adjustments for the game. like super high and super low resolution and super low detail. like all the way down to black and white kind of low. then people who don't have a powerful PC can still play the game and not have to worry about their computer being laggy and freezing.

im cool
08-19-2007, 6:41 PM
Yea.. supposedly they built SWBF2 with this in mind. I remember the hype before it came out.. a person with a 64 MB graphics card could play it fine was the talk. But I'm sure that's with graphics turned down low and in single player mode. And I'm sure it's not integrated grahics memory with usage from the mobo.. it must be a seperate card. That's the only way I see it being able to work and you be able to still get good gameplay.

The real issues of lag happen for me in multiplayer. I can turn my graphics all the way up in single player mode. It looks incredible. But as soon as I get into multiplayer mode.. I have to start turning down the graphics to compensate for the lag. I didn't have that problem in SWBF1. Whatever they changed.. it sucks.
09-04-2007, 4:18 PM
Well, I never played Battlefront on the PC. Just the consoles, but one unhappy community is a bad thing.... so I think the changes to resolution should be made.
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