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RSF is recruiting for x-wing alliance

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04-30-2006, 3:51 AM
u ever got bored of single player?
u think the computer is stupid?
u want to fly with the best pilots?
u want to meet new people?

if ur answers to the above qustions are yes then rsf clan invites u to join x-wing alliance red squadron forces. just enter the website, register and post in the red squdron forums

if u got qustions just post at rsf forums.

link to resf website:

good luck
01-21-2007, 6:16 PM
*S* all!
We are still recruiting the finest pilots (along anyone else with a joystick and a sense of humour) at

We run events- face offs and custom missions as a squadron.

However, should anyone wish to reach me for a casual game, competition, league or 12 year long tournament....
or just a chat about the Glory days, when NRN swarmed like herds of multiplayer cattle across the vast fertile field that was the msn gaming zone (seriously, they were the inspiration for the limitless troops in EpII.. there was no end to them)

Contact me on X-fire- I'm rsfangel .
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